Intensive Wikidata usage in Wikivoyage - problems, experiences, wishes
08-17, 03:55–04:15 (UTC), Room 309
Language: English

Every article in Wikivoyage uses Wikidata - not only in Infoboxes. Complexity and quality of data and missing constraints can cause problems. This is a report about our experiences.

We use it intensively (up to 350 accesses per article) and we have much experience with that. So I would like to give a session about it and report about experiences/problems/wishes, focused on
- Data quality in Wikidata
- Complexity of data and what problems it causes when using it in the wiki
- Lack of constraints in Wikidata which causes many problems.

If I can make it to Singapore, I'll be available at the Wikivoyage desk at EXPO most time.

What is the experience level needed for the audience for your session?

Everyone can participate in this session

How will you deliver this session?

In-person, live: The speaker or speakers will all be onsite in Singapore

How does your session relate to the event themes: Diversity, Collaboration, Future?

Wikidata is essentail in future collaboration between the seister projects and especially between the different language versions. By taking information from wikidata we can share our information easily. So in a special way Wikimedians can edit some of our information at the same time in all langauge versions.

See also: Presentation

I started Wikivoyage with some other guys in 2006 and was chairman of the Wikivoyage association for some years. In 2012 the assosciationhanded the project over to the Wikimedia foundation. I often work on modules and created modules an templates which uses Wikidata on our project.