Mentoring new editors on Wikipedia
08-16, 06:15–07:15 (UTC), Room 326
Language: English

The majority of first time editors never return to edit again. Learn how Mentorship can help newcomers on your wiki, then brainstorm further improvements to Mentorship with the WMF Growth team.

A WMF Growth team representative will provide a brief introduction to Mentorship features, to ensure all workshop participants have the same basic understanding.

Workshop attendees will then break into small groups to help brainstorm ideas around some predefined questions about Mentorship. After discussion, each group returns and shares a summary of ideas discussed.

This workshop aims to plan next steps for Mentorship features collaboratively with attendees.

What is the experience level needed for the audience for your session?

Everyone can participate in this session

How will you deliver this session?

Hybrid, live: Some speakers will be onsite in Singapore and some will dial in

How does your session relate to the event themes: Diversity, Collaboration, Future?

Diversity: Mentorship, especially the new Positive reinforcement features, are meant to engage new types of editors that might need more extrinsic motivation when initially starting their editing journey.

Collaboration: Mentorship is all about creating a sense of community and collaboration early on for newcomers. Wikipedia seems less daunting and isolating when you are matched with a helpful and welcoming mentor.

Future: Growth team features revolve around the future of the wikis; a sustainable future requires new editors and new voices interested and involved in editing.

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Kirsten Stoller is a Senior Product Manager at the Wikimedia Foundation, working with the Growth team.
As a former reference librarian, with a unique background in product management for crowdsourced information products, she is passionate about supporting readers and editors on mobile devices and engaging younger generations in the movement.

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Martin Urbanec is a Senior Software Engineer, working with the Growth team, mostly focused on the area of mentorship. He cares about how newcomers feel on the Wikimedia projects when they join. Outside of his Growth role, Martin volunteers as a Wikimedia Steward, serving all Wikimedia projects.