Getting started with meta-selinux - enhancing system security on QEMU
12-02, 12:20–12:50 (UTC), Room A

SELinux is a security enhancement to Linux which allows users and administrators
more control over access control. By default it is enabled in Red Hat Enterprise
Linux and Fedora distributions but can be added on others like Debian or Ubuntu.
Thanks to the meta-selinux layer it can be also integrated into Yocto build. In
my presentation, I would like to provide an overview of the exsisting layer and
show simple step-by-step instruction to run base core-image-selinux.

The theoretical part of the presentation will consist of a description of
SELinux, types of SELinux policies, the ability to add own rules and the content
of the discussed layer. As part of the verification, core-image-selinux running
on QEMU will be presented. The presentation will contain step-by-step
instructions that will allow to run the basic image, choose other policies, add
own personalized access rules and introduce additional improvements. The main
focus of this lecture will be a kind of getting started presentation to
facilitate the use of meta-selinux.

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