Rick Fisher

Rick has been an entrepreneur in Medical Device manufacturing for 20 years. He went down the bitcoin rabbit hole in 2017 and never came back out. Currently, he is funding development of Lightning wallets and LN encrypted messaging applications.


Rick Fisher

WHO - Anyone who values private communication away from prying eyes. BLIP is a Bitcoin only, peer-to-peer, uncensorable, untraceable communication platform. Applications include text messaging, voice over messaging, video conference comms, document transfer, voting and more.

HOW - Using Lightning and The Hexsum Encryption protocol. An obfuscation method using multi layered encrypt - decrypt plus Lighting blockchain, compiled with both Android and iOS native languages.

WHY - We created BLIP because our freedoms are being eroded everyday, the right too protected speech and freedom to assemble is at a crossroads and a solution is needed.

ADOPTION - A need exists to help drive bitcoin adoption outside the traditional model where users are primarily focused on the price of bitcoin as an asset. One of the most undervalued and misunderstood applications of Bitcoin is the network. BLIP is an application that provides a means to focus on bitcoin and specifically the lightning network as a privacy tool. Using a small denomination of value encourages the user to try bitcoin for the first time in an effort to restore their right to free speech without focusing on the PRICE of bitcoin.

Solutions Stage
Solutions Stage