Adam Gibson

Adam Gibson aka waxwing is a Bitcoin privacy researcher and developer of Joinmarket, a CoinJoin implementation aimed at improving the privacy and fungibility of bitcoin transactions while giving users the option to earn yield on their bitcoin by providing coinjoin liquidity as a maker.

  • Identity is the problem
Adam Soltys

Adam is a full stack web developer working on coinos wallet and Raretoshi.

  • A serious talk about NFTs
  • Coinos and Bitcoin Adoption in Vancouver
Akin Fernandez

Akin is the founder of Azteco - a service to buy bitcoin with a top up voucher in exchange for cash. Not only are bitcoin purchases fairly private this way, but the voucher system leverages learned behavior from phone and app store credits that almost anyone can intuitively navigate.

  • Bitcoin is Speech
  • Azteco
  • Narrative Wars - El Salvador's bitcoin endeavor in the media
Alan Jackson

Alan is an international corporate pilot, prolific orange piller and Bitcoin evangelist. Father of four, avid promoter of Bitcoin adoption from the ground up through strong grass-roots involvement in the local Meet Up group. He has orange pilled friends in multiple countries and is looking for opportunities to foster the adoption of Bitcoin everywhere he travels. A close Bitcoin Podcaster friend told him once: "We only need 500 Alans around the world and bitcoin would be the standard in a year."

  • Orange Pilling the World's Masses
Alexandra Moxin

Alexandra founded Advance Tech Media home of the Advance Tech Podcast where she interviews founders, leaders and developers in the emerging tech space. Over the last decade she has built a solid understanding of emerging technologies including Bitcoin, artificial intelligence/machine learning and has a background in product, business development, and digital transformation. She attended Stanford Open University and graduated from the University of British Columbia.

  • How To Hold Bitcoin Privately Using Wasabi Wallet
Alexandre Bussutil

Alexandre Bussutil is the head of business development at, a bitcoin-native startup providing monitoring and management tools for lightning node operators. He is also a mentor and visiting professor at IE Business School where he lectures on Bitcoin and digital assets. Before this, Alexandre worked with Fulgur Ventures to conduct research on hyperbitcoinization.

  • Time to shed light on a thriving ecosystem
  • State of the Lightning Network
Alex Leishman

Alex Leishman is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at River Financial. Based in San Francisco, River Financial is a client-first financial institution dedicated to providing financial products and services that enable their clients to harness the transformative possibilities of Bitcoin. Prior to co-founding River Financial, Alexander most recently served on the investment and engineering teams at Polychain Capital and Polychain Labs focusing on Bitcoin-related venture investments. Mr. Leishman has previously served as an engineer at Airbnb's security team, a management consultant for Deloitte, and first got deeply involved in the Bitcoin industry as an early engineer at Maicoin, Taiwan's largest digital asset exchange. Mr. Leishman holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland and a Master's in Computer Science from Stanford University where he helped teach the first Bitcoin class under Professor Dan Boneh.

  • Fractional Reserve with Bitcoin
  • Recap: Year 1 Chivo Wallet
Aljaz Ceru

Aljaz Ceru is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of, a bitcoin-native startup providing monitoring and management tools for lightning node operators. He has years of experience in system operations and security, building large-scale infrastructure in various industries (finance, energy, tech). Before co-founding he worked as a Head of Platform at Bitstamp. He also co-founded Bitcoin Ljubljana, a community of Bitcoin enthusiasts in his country’s capital.

  • Lightning Network Observability
Andrew Begin

Andrew is a marketer, educator and UX strategist focused on organizational bitcoin adoption. As Director of Marketing at Galoy, he produces content and participates in community-building initiatives aimed at unlocking the potential of bitcoin-native banking. Andrew is co-host of the Adopting Bitcoin: A Convo with Galoy podcast and can frequently be found dropping into Bitcoin Design calls and conversations.

  • Let a thousand Bitcoin Beaches bloom
Andrew Mackenzie

Team Principal of Bitcoin Racing

  • How can motorsports be used to increase bitcoin adoption and tourism in El Salvador
Andy Schoonover

Andy is CEO of CrowdHealth, a peer to peer health crowdfunding company that utilizes decentralized BTC holdings in users accounts to offset the communities large healthcare expenses. He was formerly CEO of VRI, a remote patient monitoring company that quadrupled revenue over the 6 year holding period and sold for 10x return on capital. He has a BS in Commerce from the University of Virginia and and MBA from Stanford University.

  • Crowdhealth
Anthony Park

Anthony is a professional executor and author of “How Probate Works” and ”How to Hire an Executor.”

 He runs a full node, solo miner, and is building his lightning node channels.

  • How to Leave Your Bitcoin Inheritance
Anthony Potdevin

Anthony is a web developer specializing in creating user interfaces and applications for the Lightning Network. Anthony is the lead developer and creator of Thunderhub, a popular open-source Lightning Node Manager as well as the co-founder of Amboss Technologies.

At Amboss, Anthony provides technical leadership and drives focused development on Amboss Space, a social lightning network explorer. He gets to realize his passion for making lightning network tools with a great user experience. As an innovative new tech, Anthony believes bitcoin will disrupt the current financial sector at a global scale thus finds it extremely important to start building solutions on top of it.

Anthony is originally from Bogotá, Colombia and is currently living in the beautiful city of Munich, Germany.

  • Lightning routing and the price of anarchy
Arun Nedun

Arun is a tech builder and co-founder of PaySea & Starbackr.

PaySea is a El Salvador startup regulated by BCR (financial regulator in El Salvador) to provide Bitcoin payment processing solution to merchants in El Salvador. Started in Jan 2022, we are serving 100+ merchant retail locations in San Salvador and El Tunco area.

Starbackr - At Starbackr we build the platform of choice for digital content creators with instant payments, low friction, and free of moral censorship. Building on the Bitcoin Lightning network allows us to deliver a content monetization platform that is dramatically less expensive, faster, and more creator-friendly.

He is part of growing the ecosystem in El Salvador. Part of Bitcoin/lightning community from 2017.

  • Paysea

Arvin has been working with Bitcoin in various capacities for a number of years. Most recently, he has been part of the backend engineering effort at Galoy working generally on their API and application-level code.

  • You can do "what" with stablesats?
Austin Mitchell

Austin Mitchell is the CEO of Synota and has spent his career in the energy industry. He started in academia where his research informed energy and environmental policy at state and federal levels. He has also been at the forefront of innovation at multiple energy companies, and most recently led the integration of strategy and risk at one of the US’ largest regulated public utilities.

Austin holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton, and a PhD in Engineering & Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University.

When Austin is not learning everything he can about the Bitcoin ecosystem, he coaches his kids in sports and loves to travel with his wife.

  • Synota
Ben Arc

From Wales, Ben Arc advocates and educates about Free Open Source Software (FOSS). Since around 2014, he has been building hardware and software for Bitcoin and LN. In this space, Ben encourages people to build their own things and in this way, gain more autonomy while interacting with Bitcoin and Bitcoin devices. LNbits is one of his projects, a free and open-source lightning wallet.

  • The Lightning Law - El Salvador's boost for Lightning
  • LNBits
  • General Assembly of the Unconference
Bernard Parah

Bernard is the CEO of Bitnob, a technology and financial services company for the African continent built on top of Bitcoin. They offer automated Bitcoin savings and purchases, Bitcoin collateralized loans, remittance services, OTC and business applications that make it easier for people in Africa to transition into the Bitcoin economy.

  • Africa: Independence through bitcoin
Bill Hill

Lead on the ground for the Bitcoin Island, Philippines and VP of

  • The mechanics of on-boarding 200+ businesses on Bitcoin Island
Bitcoin Dad

Bitcoin Dad is a bitcoiner from the class of 2017 that loves computers, self hosting, thinking about economic and political structures, and the subversive qualities of bitcoin. He's lived around the world and observed how political structures are based on social control, a large part of which is exerted through the financial system. This year, he started a podcast because he felt like the existing voices in the bitcoin space began to feel stale. His goal is to foster debate and nuanced thought about a path for bitcoin that preserves its decentralization and political properties while simultaneously being a technology that works for people. Another goal is to build up his credibility in the community and then, if a contentious soft fork emerges, throw his name behind what looks like the best technical/long term path.

  • Tokenized sovereign debt as an alternative to IMF loans
  • Wallets and Backups
  • Sidechains & layers - what's the right way to extend bitcoin functionality
  • Bitcoin and Malign Adoption: The Double Edge of Massive User Growth
Bitcoin Shooter

A Bitcoiner, storyteller and filmmaker. Inspired by the people and beauty of El Salvador, Bitcoin Shooter produced the 11 minute short film He personally interviewed, filmed, edited, funded and distributed the film to inspire people to visit El Salvador.

  • Why Film is the Best Educator + How to Make an Inspiring Bitcoin Film
  • Comeback Country - Movie Screening and Q&A
Bob the Coder

Bob is a backend engineer at Voltage which offers enterprise-grade infrastructure services for Bitcoin. As a self identified pleb, Bob is a Bitcoin evangelist helping to spread adoption through his code, guides, and memes.

  • Know Your Node with Surge
Burak Keceli

Burak started in Bitcoin in 2017, exploring and building around mining, payments, wallets, developer tools and most recently, Bitcoin-style smart contracts. Burak is currently working on Bitmatrix, a trustless exchange protocol on the Liquid Network that allows direct asset swaps without giving up the custody of funds.

  • Script and Simplicity
  • Onboarding billions to Lightning

Calle is a shadowy bitcoin and Lightning developer and contributing to open source projects, most notably LNBits and the Chaumian e-cash wallet & mint Cashu.

  • Blinding custodians with Cashu
Carol Souza

Carol is the founder of one of the biggest bitcoin educational platforms in Brazil.

  • Historical high inflation problems and bitcoin adoption in Brazil
  • From Crypto to Bitcoin
Charlie Mackenzie

Deputy Team Principal of Bitcoin racing

  • How can motorsports be used to increase bitcoin adoption and tourism in El Salvador
Chris Hunter

Chris Hunter is Co-Founder of Galoy and Bitcoin Beach Wallet, and co-organizer of the Adopting Bitcoin Lightning Summit. Galoy builds open source Bitcoin banking infrastructure and developed the Bitcoin Beach Wallet, the world’s largest community-owned Bitcoin bank. Hunter is an active investor (Angel, Seed and Series A rounds) in the Bitcoin, fintech, psychedelic and renewable energy sectors. Prior to founding Galoy, he served as a Global executive who founded, led and successfully exited venture-backed companies in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver and Vancouver.

  • Welcome to Bitcoin Country
  • Investing in Lightning Network Companies
  • Bitcoin Country: Competitive advantage through bitcoin-friendly regulation
  • Bitcoin Beach Wallet
Christopher David

Christopher David is founder & CEO of Arcade Labs, a venture production studio building the next generation of applications and infrastructure for the Bitcoinized world.

  • Building a Lightning mobile app with React Native
Daniel Leiva Fortín

Daniel is the Fintech associate in El Salvador of Consortium Legal, the largest law firm in Central America with over 200 lawyers in the region and 8 offices strategically located in the five countries of the region and a multi-generational team.

  • How to create Salvadoran legal corporate structures to operate from El Salvador worldwide
  • Bitcoin Country: Competitive advantage through bitcoin-friendly regulation
Daniel Trujillo

Co-founder and Developer at Tatacoa Bitcoin. Bitcoiner since 2014.

  • Tatacoa BTM
Daniel Wingen

Daniel is co-initiator of the EINUNDZWANZIG movement, a decentralized content distribution network with podcasts, videos, music and events. He also co-founded the Value of Bitcoin organization, a Bitcoin business consultancy and conference organizer, with BayernLB in 2019. He wrote his thesis on alternative financial systems with a focus on circulation-guaranteed money and has since been actively researching the nature of money and advocating for the free choice of the monetary sign. Currently, he is developing business at Galoy.

  • Fractional Reserve with Bitcoin
  • How to build on Galoy - The Lightning Developer Platform
  • Packaging Your Favorite Open Source Project for Start9 embassyOS
David Oren

David Oren is a Bitcoin activist, interested in giving financial freedom to the ones that most need it, he contributed to reducing the gap between urban and rural energy acces during years and now want to do the same with Bitcoin

  • How to avoid the same problems that occurred in the development of energy access between cities and remote areas to ensure the most inclusive adoption of bitcoin including users, miners and node
Desiree Dickerson

Desiree Dickerson is CEO and Co-Founder of THNDR, the most popular mobile gaming company built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. THNDR is gamifying the world with Bitcoin, offering world-class mobile games and Bitcoin tools for developers and businesses. Desiree served as VP of Business Operations at Lightning Labs after a career in management consulting. Desiree graduated from Georgetown (M.S.) and the University of Chicago (B.A.).

  • The Lightning Law - El Salvador's boost for Lightning
  • Reaching new demographics and markets
DJ Valerie B Love

DJ Valerie B Love - The Vibe Goddess is on a mission to multiply peace, love and prosperity for ALL by fusing the power of Bitcoin, the medicine of music, and unity of community. She teaches people how to develop a consistent daily peace & prosperity practice using meditation, movement, music, and writing using the 11x LOVE Practice she developed. Her big hairy audacious goal is to co-create a value for value, personal development community of 1 million mission-driven, heart-centered humans who rock their full potential daily and donate 11% of prosperity to charity.

  • DJ Valerie B Love rocking the Crowne's terrace

International Bitcoin Advocate and Educator, and a former technology consultant based in Kingston, Jamaica. He hosts "One Love Bitcoin" a podcast that interviews Bitcoiners from every country on earth.
He currently builds sovereign computing services with Start9 Labs.

  • Packaging Your Favorite Open Source Project for Start9 embassyOS
Dulce Villarreal

Dulce is the founder of Librería Satoshi -Library of Satoshi- and Director of Products, Lightning Network at Bakkt. Her passion is learning and sharing knowledge about Bitcoin & LN and building products for financial freedom. She has studied economics and is self-taught in programming and English.
She 🧡 loves 🫓,🤗,🌎 🇲🇽, 🌉,🛼& 🏄‍♀️.

  • Bitcoin Product Management. Bitcoin Pre-mortem@2141
  • Bitcoin developer education
Dusan Matuska

Dusan is a Bitcoin educator and miner from Slovakia. A former mathematics tutor and an international trainer. He helps people understand Bitcoin, so they can protect their wealth from inflation, or from the decisions of banks and governments. He is currently developing the first Bitcoin Education Center in Honduras on Roatan island. Teaching locals and kids about benefits of Bitcoin and helping businesses to accept it. His company AmityAge is on a mission to educate 100 million people about Bitcoin by 2030 by raising up more Bitcoin educators and providing them with tools and knowhow. Dusan is mining Bitcoin in Paraguay to finance his education activities on Roatan and soon in other countries of central and south America. He loves sailing and latin dancing.

  • Bitcoinization of Roatan island
Dusty Daemon

Dusty is a Core Lightning developer, working on the splicing project

  • Splicing

Ed is bitcoin and lightning focused designer/PM at Peak Shift, plus co-founder of popular maker platform BOLT🔩FUN. When he's not focusing on bitcoin UX and running online hackathons like #ShockTheWeb and #LegendsOfLightning, he's usually found exploring the wave ridden corners of the British Isles.

  • BOLT🔩FUN & #LegendsOfLightning 👊⚡️
Edgar Borja

Edgar is the founder of K1, the Salvadoran bitcoin ATM.

  • K1 - Inventing the El Salvador of the Future
  • Bitfinex Mobile - Bitcoin adoption in a dollar economy

Egge is the co-founder of Starbackr, a content monetization platform with Lightning integration.

  • STARBACKR - Empowering Digital Content Creators
Erick Chacon

Erick is an expert in digital financial transactions, he has participated in digital banking projects, electronic money, digital wallets, digital international remittances, digital credit, several insurtech projects, and one of the most recent has been the implementation of a Bitcoin payment processor.

He is a technology development consultant for companies in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Central America and the Caribbean. He is also Co-Founder of two fintech startups. He is also a founding member and president of the Salvadoran Association of Financial Technology ASAFINTECH.

  • Bitcoin Country: Competitive advantage through bitcoin-friendly regulation
Eric Sirion

Elsirion is a Crypto-Anarchist and aspiring Cypherpunk developing mostly on Rust and researching cryptography and distributed systems with the goal of making Bitcoin more private and accessible at the same time. He is interested in everything that enhances personal freedom.

  • Empowering communities with federations
  • How to set up your own federation
Eric Yakes

Eric Yakes graduated with a double major in finance & economics from Creighton University and 3 years later earned the CFA charter. He began his career at FTI Consulting in their Corporate Finance and Restructuring group and then moved to Lion Equity Partners, a distressed buyout private equity fund. All the while he intently followed Bitcoin, and its development eventually led him to author the book: The 7th Property: Bitcoin and the Monetary Revolution. He is currently an independent writer focused on thoughtful content that enables the industry to consider the future prospects of bitcoin. Eric is in the process of forming a bitcoin focused investment firm. If you're a founder or interested investor please reach out to him on twitter @ericyakes.

  • Fractional Reserve with Bitcoin
  • The Theory of Bitcoin Intermediaries
Ethan Rose

Ethan has a background in UX focused software engineering in big tech. His family ties to the Philippines got him to realize how valuable bitcoin was for the remittance use case. He would have to use various apps and pay high fees to get around sending limits to unbanked relatives. So he founded Pouch to help make bitcoin easy to use for senders and recipients alike, and ultimately to make the concept of "remittances" disappear entirely.

  • Lightning for Remittances: Asia Edition
Federico Tenga

Federico is an R&D Strategist at Bitfinex, currently leading a team working to promote the growth of the RGB Protocol for assets on Bitcoin and LN by contributing to the protocol itself, creating tools for developers and building an open source RGB walleting software.

  • RGB Protocol
Fernando Motolese

Founder of Praia Bitcoin Brasil, musician and developer.

  • Bitcoin Beach Brazil – Tools for local bitcoin adoption
  • Let a thousand Bitcoin Beaches bloom
Francisco Chavarria

Francisco is Founder and CEO of YOPAKI, a Start Up focused on introducing bitcoin to the unbanked and determined to bring bitcoin tools to LatAm plebs, educational institutions, and organizations of all sizes. Prior to becoming a bitcoin maximalist, Francisco served as VP of Sales & Business Operations for multiple Tech Companies in the Digital Marketing & Social Media Analytics industries. Loves bitcoiners and the ultimate hack to Never stop learning!

  • Happiness Within Bitcoin
Francis Pouliot

The CEO and Founder of Bull Bitcoin Francis Pouliot is a full-time Bitcoin entrepreneur, researcher and industry spokesperson since 2013. He is a builder of financial software and services for Bitcoin. Francis defines himself as Cypherpunk Bitcoin Maximalist, formerly free-market economist.

  • Meatspace merchant adoption - Learnings from Bitcoin Jungle in Costa Rica
  • Bitcoin is Financial Inclusion Technology
  • Bitcoin Country: Competitive advantage through bitcoin-friendly regulation
  • Integrating Lightning Network payments in a non-custodial Bitcoin exchange
Fran Finney
  • A message from Fran Finney

Andrés is Co-Founder of Tatacoa Bitcoin and Lightning network advocate, with expertise in leading startup development efforts, operational strategies, and improvement initiatives to achieve defined goals.

  • Reducing friction when acquiring bitcoin
Gerson Martinez

Gerson is the founder and president of New Equity Group LLC, a bitcoin mining and early stage investment company based in Easton, MD. New Equity Group has a wholly-owned subsidiary in El Salvador named Brand New Equity Group El Salvador, S.A. de C V through which he plans to mine bitcoin and invest in Salvadoran businesses that support the bitcoin ecosystem. Gerson began his career as a LatAm equity derivatives trader for Morgan Stanley in New York where he was a market-maker, helping to develop and execute hedging strategies for institutional clients such as hedge funds, pension funds, and mutual funds. Following his time at Morgan Stanley, he served for eight years in the education and non-profit spaces as CFO of a NYC public charter school and subsequently as Chief Executive of Talbot Mentors, a youth mentoring organization in his hometown of Easton, Maryland. His professional experience combined with his core formal education in Economics, Statistical Analysis, and Game Theory led him to explore and become a student of the Bitcoin monetary network. His exposure to and understanding of the value of bitcoin’s incorruptible nature and perfect supply inelasticity led him to become a bitcoin miner and investor in bitcoin companies.

  • Looking back to move forward
  • Everything you always wanted to learn about bitcoin mining (but never knew who to ask)
  • Bitcoin mining in El Salvador
Giacomo Zucco

Giacomo is a Bitcoin protocol and Lightning Network protocol consultant/teacher. He spends his time supporting projects that he feels might be relevant for the future of Bitcoin, be it as educator, consultant, entrepreneur, maximalist or troll. Previously he was involved in GreenAddress, AssoBIT, BlockchainLab, Bitcoin Magazine. Currently he's advancing Bitcoin via BHB Network, BTCTimes, Relai, BCademy, Notarify.

  • Sidechains & layers - what's the right way to extend bitcoin functionality
  • Keynote
Graham Rittener
  • Dare to Dream: A Story From El Salvador (Documentary film)
Greg Foss

Greg has been active as a credit risk trader for 35 years and is currently an executive at Validus Power with focus on Bitcoin Strategy.

  • Tokenized sovereign debt as an alternative to IMF loans
Guillermo Contreras

Mimo is a Software architect and entrepreneur and the CEO of DitoBanx - a bitcoin neo-bank for the unbanked in Latin America. He started his first company 20 years ago and has been managing high performance dev teams for the last 11 years. Currently, he is serving as president for the Official Salvadorian Bitcoin & Blockchain cluster that brings together 40+ companies that are operating in El Salvador and also President of Tech committee of Salvadorian Chamber of Commerce that represents 2500+ SMBs. He is also a Fintech advocate and very experienced in regulatory frameworks in Latin America. His vision is to create a new financial system built on top of bitcoin.

  • Adoption Progress In El Salvador
Herbert Esmahan

Representative and advisor of BitcoinRacing in El Salvador

  • How can motorsports be used to increase bitcoin adoption and tourism in El Salvador
Hermann Buhr Vivier

Hermann Vivier is the co-founder of The Surfer Kids (est. 2010) and founder of Bitcoin Ekasi (est. 2021). Hermann first became interested in Bitcoin in late 2013 as a result of the banking crisis and subsequent bank bailouts in Cyprus. In May 2015 he and his wife adopted Bitcoin as a form of payment. They operate a South African tourism business, catering for the Eastern European and Russian markets, and the first Russian-Ukrainian conflict meant that Bitcoin was (in certain cases) the only form of payment available to receive money from their clients. Following the global covid lockdowns and the resulting slump in their tourism business they started looking for ways to become more active in the Bitcoin space. Hermann started writing for Bitcoin Magazine in January 2021 and a series of events followed that led to the creation of Bitcoin Ekasi in August 2021. Inspired by Bitcoin Beach, the founding mission of Bitcoin Ekasi is simple:

Transition The Surfer Kids away from using fiat, and towards using Bitcoin donations.
Pay The Surfer Kids Coaches’ salaries in Bitcoin.
On-board local merchants in the township to accept Bitcoin as payment.
Provide the community with relevant Bitcoin education.

  • Africa: Independence through bitcoin
  • Building a Bitcoin Economy in a South African Township
  • Let a thousand Bitcoin Beaches bloom
Jacob Hamilton

In 2015, Jacob was pursuing grad school in philosophy when he took a seminar on "Bitcoin and Philosophy" that convinced him the critical path of 'doing philosophy' in our time leads through Bitcoin and the revolution it unleashes, not academia. He changed course, learned to code, and started in the industry as a web developer. In 2019, he discovered Urbit, a project to reinvent and restore sovereignty in personal computing and networking whose uncompromising and long-termist approach reminded him of Bitcoin, and he's been passionate about the potential for these complementary technologies to change the world together ever since. This year he's finally made the leap to work full-time on bringing Lightning to Urbit, starting with an Urbit-native BOLT implementation and adding submarine swaps, integrations with Urbit's app ecosystem, and soon a Taro implementation. Simultaneously, he's made the "real life" leap out of the US, joining other Urbiters and Bitcoiners in El Salvador, Mexico, and Honduras to make the word of network states and sovereign individuals a reality.

  • Volt: Lightning on Urbit
James Wallace
  • Digital Security Offerings, Listings and Trading

Host & Chief Signal Officer at Nodesignal Podcast

  • Nodesignal's Bitcoin Bounty Program

JayDeLux is a repented actor of the traditional financial system in Luxembourg. He started his Bitcoin contribution journey by running the tech/innovation stream of LëtzBlock, the Luxembourg DLT association for a few years, he then realised that operating from Luxembourg would not be an option given the regulation constraints still existing in the country so he moved his operations to El Salvador with the Salva’bourg (contraction of “El Salvador” and “Luxembourg”) initiative. Salva’bourg is the bridge between the heart of Europe (Luxembourg) and the heart of the Americas that El Salvador has become. Salva’bourg unlocks the innovation and bilateral exchanges between Europe and Central America using bitcoin as corner stone. JayDeLux advocates and educates about online privacy and Free Open Source Software (FOSS).

  • Building LN-based IoT
Jeff Gallas

Jeff is the co-founder of Fulmo, the Berlin based Bitcoin and Lightning Network company, host of the well-known Lightning Hackdays and organizer of the first Lightning Conference in the world. Building the community around development of the Lightning Network is one of Fulmo's key focus areas.

Check out for more information. ⚡

  • The Lightning Law - El Salvador's boost for Lightning
  • General Assembly of the Unconference
  • State of the Lightning Network

Jeremy is an advisor to Escape to El Salvador, a community of professionals brought together for a single mission: to help you apply for legal residency and citizenship in El Salvador. Prior to that, he volunteered at a Bitcoin Help Desk, where he offered free support installing and running nodes, and hosted several 'hackdays' including for the Blockstream Satellite. He is also an open source contributor to the Raspiblitz, and other Bitcoin-related projects.

  • Escape to El Salvador
Jesse Shrader - Amboss Technologies

Jesse is the Co-Founder of Amboss Technologies, where he interfaces between community desires and technical direction to create social lightning products that users love. Amboss provides a platform to gather insights about the lightning network and the operators that help keep the decentralized network coordinated. Jesse has a background in Environmental Engineering and Legal Services, which he applies to create technical solutions for a better decentralized banking experience.

  • Time Value of Lightning
Joe Hall

Joe Hall is a nomadic interview journalist with a penchant for adventure. A polyglot with a microphone, he's on the road to Bitcoin redemption. Pre-2021, he reported FUD for mainstream media outlets. He writes, reports and shoots videos of Bitcoin-related content for Cointelegraph as well as independent productions.

  • Narrative Wars - El Salvador's bitcoin endeavor in the media
  • How to get your Grandma into bitcoin
Joe Mayo

Joe is a developer and contributor to SeedSigner, an airgapped DIY Bitcoin signing device. The goal of SeedSigner is to lower the cost and complexity of Bitcoin multi-signature wallet use. To accomplish this goal, SeedSigner offers anyone the opportunity to build a verifiably air-gapped, stateless Bitcoin signing device using inexpensive, publicly available hardware components (usually < $50).

  • Bringing low cost cold storage to the world
  • SeedSigner Basics: Single Signature Mobile Wallet Cold Storage with a SeedSigner
Johannes Grill

Johannes is a software engineer and founder of Bitcoin Austria, dedicated to spreading the word about bitcoin for more than a decade.

  • Gentle orange-pilling with Lightning Tip Cards
John Carvalho

CEO at Synonym, creating an ecosystem of software and protocols to accelerate and facilitate hyperbitcoinization and an alternative new economy. John has been focused on Bitcoin and Bitcoin products for 10 years.

  • Sidechains & layers - what's the right way to extend bitcoin functionality
  • Slashtags Fixes This
John Dennehy

John is a writer and activist. Born in New York he often works at the UN and otherwise lives abroad working as a journalist. He is a best-selling author and has written about Bitcoin in Latin America for places such as the Guardian, Al-Jazeera, and the BBC. He is obsessed with decentralization and self-sovereignty. In a world at the crossroads, he sees Bitcoin as humanity’s best chance to build something better. Currently based in El Salvador.

  • Mi Primer Bitcoin
Johns Beharry

Johns is a hybrid product designer and software engineer from a tiny island in the Caribbean, researching user experience of bitcoin payments and privacy, whose presence within the Bitcoin Design Slack is as ubiquitous as bitcoin itself. Johns is also a co-organizer of the popular BOLT.FUN and "Shock the Web" hackathons where Lightning developers come together regularly to tackle existing challenges in Lightning.

  • Time to shed light on a thriving ecosystem
  • General Assembly of the Unconference
  • State of the Lightning Network
Jon Atack

Jon has been contributing to Bitcoin Core development since March 2019 with decentralization, censorship resistance, robustness, and privacy being his highest priorities.

  • Using alternative p2p networks (I2P, CJDNS) with your Bitcoin Core node for improved connectivity and robustness (and more!)
  • Live Bitcoin Core review and interactive chat
  • How to get started contributing sustainably to Bitcoin Core
Jose I. Rojas Echenique

Bitcoiner and data scientist at Galoy.

  • Pricing liquidity for Lightning wallets
Josue Lopez

Josue is an experienced investment manager developing Private Equity opportunities in disruptive technologies focusing on Emerging Markets. Through his companies, partners and affiliates, they have deployed capital over several developing economies, developing utility-scale renewable solar, hydro and geothermal plants, and building the largest Bitcoin Mine in Latin America. Moreover, Josue has developed a diversified and high yielding portoflio of private companies in the technology environment. As the head of 3 investment entities, they have promoted FDI in El Salvador, and developed sustainable financial infrastructure, benefiting the wide majority of the population.

Josue was recently confirmed as Honorary Consul for the Salvadoran chamber of commerce in Lugano, Switzerland.

  • Everything you always wanted to learn about bitcoin mining (but never knew who to ask)
Juan Fonseca

Juan is an ex-banking executive from Guatemala. His search for a technology and a model to achieve financial inclusion led him to the Bitcoin rabbit hole. He is the host of the Dinero Digital Podcast, Founder of Bitcoin Beach Guatemala, and Business Development Director for the Americas for Galoy.

  • How Bitcoin Banks Help Hyperbitcoinization
Justin Carter

Justin is a former artist and high stakes poker player who found interest in streamlining the operations of large scale distributed systems and working on on-demand HA databases, automation of lifecycle management and multi-cloud PaaS installations. He is also the founder of and built the misthos-wallet, a multisig wallet with UX optimised for collaboration. He has been a long-term OSS contributor and active in the bitcoin eco-system since 2017, where he dedicates his most of his time to moving the world towards a Bitcoin Standard and fair-share economy.

  • Is bitcoin cloud-ready?
Keith Mukai

Keith is an Open-Source developer focused on Bitcoin-only projects. Building SeedSigner, contributing to Specter Desktop.

  • Hands-on SeedSigner workshop
Kenichi Kurimoto

Kenichi is the CEO of Nayuta inc, a Japanese company that develops Lightning Network related products, from protocol to application. Kenichi is member of Lightning Dev Summit at Adeleide 2018. In early days, Nayuta was one of the contributors of Lightning Network protocol, and currently concentrate developing LN wallet and Application.

  • Trade-offs in mobile wallets architecture design with LApps connection
Ken Kruger

Ken Kruger is the founder and CEO of Moon (, the most private way to spend bitcoin. Prior to starting Moon, Ken ran a software consulting company that helped venture backed startups build tech products. Ken worked at Lockheed Martin as a software engineer and product manager on classified military projects. Ken studied financial engineering at Columbia University where he received an M.S in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. He received his B.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University.

  • Recap: Year 1 Chivo Wallet
Kgothatso Ngako

Kgothatso Ngako is a software developer born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. Working on projects that make Bitcoin more accessible in his community.

  • Africa: Independence through bitcoin
  • Machankura: Bitcoin via USSD across Africa (without internet access)
  • How to avoid the same problems that occurred in the development of energy access between cities and remote areas to ensure the most inclusive adoption of bitcoin including users, miners and node
Kim Neunert

Kim has been working in the software-industry since almost two decades. His last fiat employer was a huge international software-vendor in the enterprise market. Starting as a support-engineer for developers, he also worked as technical trainer and consultant in national and international projects with international brands. At Specter Labs, Kim is leading the technology efforts of Specter Labs. As such, he's currently the maintainer of the Specter Desktop Coordinator Wallet.

  • Specter Desktop Installation
  • Specter Desktop (Multi-/Single-)signature Usage
Kwinten DeBacker
  • How to build your Lightning web app
Kyle Fry

Kyle Fry joined the digital asset space in 2018, after 15 years in finance with ten as an investment banker at a large Wall Street investment bank. Kyle believes bitcoin is the foundation of the new financial infrastructure and DIGTL will lead hyperbitcoinization through the capital markets. Significant experience in all things securities including investment banking, law, exchange listings, IPOs, secondary trading. Columbia MBA with Honors. University degree in Computer Information Systems.

  • Bitcoin Capital Markets
  • Digital Security Offerings, Listings and Trading
Kyle Murphy

Pleb guy doing pleb tings with my pleb frens. We build, we learn, we grow, and we build. Kyle is the CEO and co founder of PlebLab.

  • PlebLab_ an accelerator for the Bitcoin Era
  • Let a thousand Bitcoin Beaches bloom
Lee Salminen

Lee is a software engineer and entrepreneur with nearly 15 years of experience. He started his career building websites and apps for local businesses in 2008. After moving to Boulder, Colorado in 2012 he worked as a software engineer for the nation’s largest Disaster Response Management System (, used by the American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and United Way Worldwide. In 2014, he founded Gingr (, a Pet Care Management System used by 2,000+ dog kennels, daycares, groomers and trainers all over the world. By 2020, Gingr achieved $20 million in Annual Recurring Revenue and processed $1 billion in payments. Gingr was acquired by GI Partners in San Francisco ( after which Lee moved to Costa Rica with his wife and son. Today, Lee is passionate about empowering local people and businesses to become early adopters in the greatest technology mankind has ever devised.

  • Meatspace merchant adoption - Learnings from Bitcoin Jungle in Costa Rica

Co-founder and Developer at Tatacoa Bitcoin

  • Lightning API Tatacoa Bitcoin
Leo Wandersleb

Leo is a Mathematician from Munich, Germany, currently living in Chile who's been dabbling in Bitcoin for a long time. For five years as a wallet developer and release manager he saw problems with most wallets out there and started his project to raise awareness for those. After a generous donation he turned his focus to WalletScrutiny full time last year.

  • The Wallets we use - What could possibly go wrong?
Leo Weese

Leo is a co-founder of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, where he has been organizing Bitcoin meetups since 2012. He writes about the Lightning Network for Lightning Labs as well as about Bitcoin, information security and online privacy and aims to make Bitcoin accessible to the masses.

  • Taro

Lightrider is a Web Developer who is in love with the Lightning network. He is an expert when it comes to routing nodes, integrating Lightning into your project or building services around Lightning. His special talent is to troll other “crypto” YouTubers. He works around several hard- and software projects as well as events to bring Lightning to the masses.

  • Get a VPN via Lightning and LNAuth
  • Issue NFC cards with your own node
  • General Assembly of the Unconference
Lucas Ferreira
  • Lightning Labs
  • Bitcoin developer education
Luis Esparragoza

Luis is a venezuelan Bitcoin journalist covering the bitcoin ecosystem for BeInCrypto.

  • Bitcoin para periodistas
Luis Pinedo

Luis Pinedo is the Head of Product of Bitfinex Pay, building the crypto payment gateway of the future. Bitfinex Pay provides a gateway for users to make crypto payments and a Dashboard for Merchants to manage their gateway and auto-convert their balances among many other features. Luis is an advocate of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. As a passionate crypto enthusiast, his focus is on mass adoption of crypto in the world.

  • Bitfinex Pay
  • A serious talk about NFTs
Marco Argentieri

Marco co-founded Vulpem Ventures in 2017, working on Bitcoin custody solutions and developer tools, such as Nigiri, Liquid.Taxi and Marina Wallet. He sits on the Technology Board of the Liquid Network since January 2022, focusing on growing the developer ecosystem. Marco is currently working on Fuji Money, a Lightning-enabled bitcoin-backed stablecoin on the Liquid Network.

  • Bitcoin Covenants
  • Fuji Money - Borrow bitcoin-backed stablecoins without intermediaries
  • Liquid: Smart contract layer for Lightning applications
Marina Spindler

Marina Spindler is the founder of SPINDLER EDGE, a business development and communications firm working on the future of money and tech. While collaborating with Chaincode Labs, she helped launch, a developer training program based in El Salvador that aims to give local programmers the opportunity to opt for better job opportunities and have the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute value in the development of Bitcoin & Lightning. In 2021, Marina wrote a global report on women and financial freedom that helped inform Spiral’s “How Women Across the World View Bitcoin” and catapulted her to the board of ACJR. Bilingual and multicultural, she lives in the U.S. and grew up in Latin America.

  • Bitcoin developer education
Mark Stevenson

Serial Bitcoiner on a mission with Bitfinex.
The end justifies the memes.

  • Bitfinex Mobile - Bitcoin adoption in a dollar economy
Mathias Linkerhand

Mathias is a theoretical physicist, STEM enthusiast and developer.

  • Building a Lightning ⚡ Jukebox
Matthew Sigel

Matthew is head of digital assets research at VanEck - an $80B asset manager - and portfolio manager of VanEck Smart Contract Leaders fund.

  • Sovereign Adoption of Bitcoin: a probability based approach
Mauricio Latinodos

Mauricio is a Lightning Network fan. Along with the LatiNodos community, he focuses on sharing ideas and knowledge about the developments related to the Lightning Network in Spanish. Latinodos are a Spanish-speaking community of Lightning node operators and enthusiasts aiming to promote the development and adoption of the Lightining Network technology.

  • What can nontechnical people do to foster Lightning Network development
Max Keiser

Max Keiser is one of the earliest Bitcoin advocates. He has been preaching about Satoshi's peer to peer electronic cash system to his audiences since 2010. He has supporters all over the world and especially in LATAM where his show was broadcasted in Spanish language. Max is also the main driver of Bitcoin Derangement Syndrome - a psychological disorder found among Bitcoin deniers who cannot overcome the pain of not having listened to Max. Together with his partner Stacy Herbert, Max is hosting the "Max and Stacy Report", broadcast from El Salvador, which he has chosen as his new home.

  • Tokenized sovereign debt as an alternative to IMF loans
  • Conquering Time and Space
Max Webster

Max is the founder at Hivemind Ventures, investing in seed stage startups building the future of decentralized finance, communications, and energy on Bitcoin/Lightning. Previously, he was focused on increasing access to Bitcoin in Latin America via Entiende Bitcoin, a consultancy that helps leading Bitcoin companies develop and distribute products in the region. He also helped found Bright, the leading residential solar company in Mexico backed by investors like Y Combinator and First Round Capital.

  • Investing in Lightning Network Companies

Cofounder and CEO of, Mick is passionate about bringing Bitcoin to the world through real-world applications that showcase the superior properties of Bitcoin/Lightning. He decided to build Geyser to help Bitcoin creators to launch their ideas, and to connect the world through Bitcoin culture.

  • Geyser Fund
Michael Atwood

Michael is a bitcoiner and founder of Oshi, a mobile app helping small businesses, consumers, and local bitcoiners leverage the lightning network to empower their community. He is committed to exploring the intersection of bitcoin and local commerce, providing the tools needed to facilitate grassroots bitcoin economies across the globe.

  • Confessions of a Bitcoin Evangelist
  • Oshi
Michael Bumann

Michael is an open web enthusiast from planet Earth currently working on bringing Lightning to the web with Alby

  • How to build your Lightning web app
  • Value 4 Value streams
  • Bitcoin on the Web - the potential of the Lightning Network
Michel Khazzaka

Michel is the founder of Valuechain, a consulting startup specialized in payments and cryptopayments consulting. He recently published a paper analyzing the energy efficiency of bitcoin payments and comparing them to payments with the traditional financial system.

  • Bitcoin Energy Efficiency compared to banking & payment industries
Mike Jarmuz "Muzz"

Mike Jarmuz… or Muzz as his friends say…  is a Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Lightning Ventures, whose focus is exclusively investing in Bitcoin companies. His goal is to evangelize and help demystify early-stage investing to plebs and whales alike. Mike is also passionate about educating founders and operators on strategies to fund their projects. Muzz believes everyone should invest in technology companies (not just the suits) and that investing in Bitcoin companies is the best thing you can do to complement a HODL position. What else? He also Co-Organizes the Unconfiscatable Conference and is an advisor to Azteco. Muzz has a serious angel investing addiction and has personally invested in over 1,500 companies. A longtime music business veteran, he’s done a lot of stuff.  If you want to learn more about funding your rad Bitcoin company or get started investing in awesome companies, chat him up.

  • Investing in Lightning Network Companies
  • Investing in Bitcoin Companies
Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson is the Director at Bitcoin Beach, a non-profit located in El Zonte / El Salvador that helped bootstrap the circular Bitcoin economy that eventually inspired the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador.

  • Narrative Wars - El Salvador's bitcoin endeavor in the media
  • The Bitcoin Beach Whitepaper
MIlena Mayorga


  • Bitcoin is Financial Inclusion Technology
Moritz Kaminski

Moritz is a core contributor at Alby, an open source project that brings bitcoin payments to the web with in-browser payments and identity.

  • How to build your Lightning web app
  • Bitcoin on the Web - the potential of the Lightning Network

Murch is a Research Engineer at Chaincode Labs. He contributes to Bitcoin Stack Exchange, Bitcoin Core, the Bitcoin Optech Newsletter, and co-hosts the NY Bitdevs meetup as well as the Chaincode Podcast.

  • How transactions work under the hood and how that changed with Segwit
Nicolas Burtey

Nicolas Burtey is the CEO of Galoy, developers of the open source bitcoin banking platform that powers the Bitcoin Beach Wallet.

  • The Sovereign Organization
  • Stablecoins - Danger, distraction or intermediate step to embracing bitcoin the asset
  • Adoption technologies: benefits and trade-offs
Niklas Anzinger

Niklas is the founder and GP of Infinita, the first Prospera-based VC fund. Before Infinita, Niklas was an entrepreneur and early-stage startup operator (1x zero to series-B, 1x seed to series-B, 1x failed), management consultant and political analyst.

  • Prospera, Governance Innovation and Unleashing Technological Progress
  • Shuttle Transfer to San Salvador (via El Tunco)
  • Day at Bitcoin Beach with music, drinks and food
  • Shuttle Transfer to Bitcoin Beach
Nozomi Hayase

Nozomi Hayase, Ph.D., is a prolific writer in the Bitcoin space with a background in psychology and human development. She is a contributing writer to the Bitcoin Magazine. She focuses on Bitcoin’s incentives and its psychological and philosophical implications. In her independent publishing platform, “The Way of the Heart”, she explores the Bitcoin rabbit hole experience as a cultural phenomenon that fosters profound individual transformations.

  • Bitcoin, Currency of Love that Inspires Action for Peace
  • Bitcoin Renaissance 2.0: Humanistic Alternative to Technological Salvation
Obi Nwosu

Obi Nwosu is the CEO of Fedi and an advocate for the mass adoption of Bitcoin in the “Global South”. A Bitcoin industry veteran, he founded Coinfloor Bitcoin exchange, and holds board positions at ₿trust and Gridless Compute

  • Let's make earning bitcoin the dominant way of acquiring bitcoin
  • Adoption technologies: benefits and trade-offs

Openoms is a Lightning Network researcher and a strong advocate for privacy, as well as using your own full node to interact with the Bitcoin Network. He is contributing to various FOSS Bitcoin projects, most notably Galoy, Raspiblitz and the Joinmarket interface JoinInBox, that enables users to improve their on-chain footprint while earning yield on their Bitcoin.

  • Lightning native privacy tools
  • Trading bitcoin peer-to-peer with Robosats
  • Current hardware recommendations to scale up a lightning node
Oscar Lafarga

Oscar is a self-employed software solutions engineer operating on a #bitcoin standard. He is Founder & CTO of and is focused on solving problems involving technology education, technical skills training, and FOSS development. Other interests include information theory, thermoeconomics, and construction.

  • Running a bitcoin node
  • Coordinating human resources with BTC

Paco is travelling 40 countries using bitcoin and vlogging the journey of adoption and mass awareness, ultimately to show humans are kind.

  • Orange Pilling the World's Masses
Paolo Ardoino

Paolo Ardoino serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Bitfinex. Paolo seemed destined to fill this role from his earliest interaction with computers, quickly becoming obsessed with hardware, networks, and cryptography. After his graduation from Genoa’s Computer Science University in 2008, Paolo started working as a researcher for a military project focused on high availability, self-recovering networks, cryptography. Throughout this role, Paolo refined his knowledge of distributed systems and experimented extensively with cryptography. Interested in finance, Paolo began developing financial related applications in 2010 and founded his first startup as CTO in late 2013. Backed by two financing investment rounds, his company developed a comprehensive, cloud-based financial application for advisors, fund managers & institutions, and served numerous small and medium sized companies throughout London, Milan and Lugano. Paolo eventually joined Bitfinex as Senior Software Developer in 2014, tasked with trading engine development, platform scalability and high-availability. Later in 2016, Paolo transitioned to the role of CTO during which time he further refined his genuine passion for distributed systems, high-performance computing, and extreme-resilient platforms. As CTO of Bitfinex, Paolo’s role is to manage the development team, evaluate new technologies, design and develop the Bitfinex backend platform. In addition to this, Paolo also serves as Lead Backend Developer and Lead Matching Engine Developer at Bitfinex.

  • Tokenized sovereign debt as an alternative to IMF loans
  • Stablecoins - Danger, distraction or intermediate step to embracing bitcoin the asset
  • Financial Freedom
  • Keet
Patrick Hiebert

Patrick Hiebert is the founder of MavenNFT Marketplace, a hard asset NFT marketplace, and Co-Founder of EcoVillages, a freedom oriented, eco-sensible and sustainability focused community design and development company.

He is also the Founder of Vida Verde Agroforestry, a company focused on the sustainable combining of agriculture with forestry.

Patrick has been designing eco-sensible and sustainable communities for several decades. After founding several high tech software companies and selling them, Patrick and his son Spencer, lived on a boat and sailed the ocean. It was here that they honed their craft of minimalist living, generating and conserving power and fresh water, and focusing on sustainable living. Always breaking new ground in freedom oriented community design, Patrick used his deep understanding of technology to envision using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for property purchases, sustainable farm production harvest rights, Bitcoin based communities benefitting the locals and much more!

  • Investing in Tropical Real Estate with Bitcoin and owning it as an NFT
  • A serious talk about NFTs
Patrick Melder

Patrick is a medical doctor, Pleb in Charge and one of the initiators of the nascent circular economy in Bitcoin Lake Guatemala. He is also the author of "The Christian Case for Bitcoin & The Philosophy of Bitcoin and Religion"

  • Bitcoin Lake in Guatemala
  • Let a thousand Bitcoin Beaches bloom
Paul Itoi

Paul Itoi is channelling major creative energy into two projects that exemplify the revolution of the Lightning Network and genuinely empower digital workers and content creators – Sphinx & Stakwork. At one time his creative energy went into his Art major, oil painting or the violin but now it’s this zeitgeisty software development and time with his family.

  • Let's make earning bitcoin the dominant way of acquiring bitcoin
Paul Miller
  • How to Build an App with Lightning
Pedro Solimano

Pedro is the Co-founder and CEO of Porta, the first Bitcoin only onboarding platform for Latin America, currently under construction. He is also the founder of La Cadena, a bitcoin content outlet based in Chile, through which he has published hundreds of articles, interviewed some of the biggest names in the industry and runs monthly workshops.

  • Porta
Peter Todd

Peter Todd has been one of the most prolific contributors to free software and Bitcoin in general, and is known widely for his work on OpenTimestamps and Bitcoin Core.

  • Sidechains & layers - what's the right way to extend bitcoin functionality
  • Short history of double-spend protection
Peter Young

Peter is managing director of the Free Cities Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that promotes the development of autonomous cities aligned to libertarian principles. He sees financial infrastructure based on Bitcoin as key to making the foundation’s vision for Free Private Cities a reality. Peter is interested in the Austrian School of Economics and Bitcoin, and has partnerships with businesses operating in these fields. These include Austrian wealth management firm Incrementum AG, online Austrian Economics learning platform and bitcoin technology company Blockstream. Peter’s work at Blockstream has included producing content explaining how Liquid and Lightning serve as complementary layer-2 scaling solutions for Bitcoin. Prior to taking on his role at the Free Private Cities Foundation, Peter lived in China and worked in roles at the Connected Places Catapult and British Embassy in Beijing.

  • Bitcoin is Changing Governance
  • Adoption Progress In El Salvador
  • Bitcoin Country: Competitive advantage through bitcoin-friendly regulation
Philipp Horwath

Philipp Horwath is coder, trainer and a creative mind. As founding member of Satoshi Engineering he entered the bitcoin space a year ago. Since then he wants to bring Bitcoin to the people as simple as possible and tear down the walls of misunderstanding.

  • Gentle orange-pilling with Lightning Tip Cards
Piero Coen

Piero is the co-founder and CEO of Osmo; a LATAM company focused on facilitating payments and remittances through Bitcoin. Piero and his team believe that Bitcoin is the best monetary instrument in history and that is why they set to create a company that allows you to use Bitcoin easier than ever.

  • Is Guatemala next to adopt Bitcoin?
Pierre Berthet

Bitcoiner and data scientist at Galoy.

  • Pricing optionality in cross-asset lightning network payments
Pierre Corbin

Previously a Management Consultant in the tech industry, Pierre is now a full-time Bitcoiner. After leaving his corporate job, Pierre decided to focus on the development of the Bitcoin network. His first attempt in doing so is by producing and directing The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin documentary and is working on more bitcoin research and documentaries. His newest project is the documentary called The Great Reset and the Fight for the US Dollar

  • Narrative Wars - El Salvador's bitcoin endeavor in the media
Prince Philip of Serbia and Yugoslavia
  • Bitcoin is Financial Inclusion Technology
Renata Rodrigues

Renata Rodrigues is the Head of Marketing and Community of Fedi and has as main mission promote the massive adoption of Bitcoin in the “Global South”. Her academic background combines Marketing, Journalism, and Programming and she has extensive experience as a Growth Hacker in emerging countries. Renata has over 15 years of experience in global markets, where she has worked for multinational companies such as Tyco Security Products, startups, and in the public sector in Brazil. Prior to Fedi, she led a global team in Paxful on the implementation of educational and strategic marketing initiatives for Bitcoin across key markets.

  • Africa: Independence through bitcoin
Riccardo Giorgio Frega

Riccardo is the host of the Bitcoin Italia podcast.

  • Orange Pilling the World's Masses
Rich Scotford

Richard has been a serial entrepreneur since his early twenties. In Hong Kong he was instrumental in the adoption of Automated External Defibrillators into the wider community. He created Emergency first aid teams for adventure races, and worked on many of Hong Kong’s trail races. On top of this he was a pioneering trekking guide in Western China. Richard began investing in crypto currencies in 2017 and has now created Jungle Academy, a school in Costa Rica that runs on a Bitcoin standard and was the catalyst for the Bitcoin Jungle Project. Richard has a degree in Philosophy and a Master’s Degree in Chinese Studies.

  • Meatspace merchant adoption - Learnings from Bitcoin Jungle in Costa Rica
Rick Fisher

Rick has been an entrepreneur in Medical Device manufacturing for 20 years. He went down the bitcoin rabbit hole in 2017 and never came back out. Currently, he is funding development of Lightning wallets and LN encrypted messaging applications.

  • BLIP
Rob Valdez

Rob Valdez, CPA is the Director of Daszkal Bolton’s Digital Advisory, a consultancy helping businesses build value and manage risk with technology. He helps technology-driven organizations meet compliance requirements such as SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA, SOX, FINRA, NIST frameworks, and compliance requirements for anti-money laundering. Clients frequently include fintechs, healthcare service providers, software-as-a-service businesses and professional service organizations. Rob currently supports multiple companies that deliver software and services for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Rob is an adjunct professor with Florida Atlantic University, and he has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, TechRepublic, and the South Florida Business Journal. He is bilingual in English and Spanish.

  • Launching a bitcoin business - all the admin stuff you didnt know you need to take care of
Rodrigo Gomez

Rodrigo has a background in International Relations, where he as a Diplomat for El Salvador founded the “Swedish Central American Chamber of Commerce” and was awarded “Best Diplomat in the Russian Federation 2020” and as International Strategy Consultant, before joining Bitrefill as Country Manager for El Salvador 2021.

He has taken a prominent role in his native country of El Salvador promoting Bitcoin as a tool for financial inclusion and creating a circular economy, being part of building a growing Bitcoin community, hosting events on- and offline, as well as giving lectures at Universities and private organizations about Bitcoin.
Rodrigo is also a part of the organizing team of Adopting Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin is Financial Inclusion Technology
Roger 9000

London based musician Roger 9000 is drawing on Mythology, Bitcoin, and his musical heritage.

  • Bitcoin Dedication

Rogzy is a Bitcoin educator who fell down the bitcoin rabbit hole in 2017 but instantly knew he would spend his life fighting for this cause. He was already obsessed with the banking system, our fiat economy, privacy and why our world was so made. Since then he has decided to help promote this industry and bring back balance to our word through education. Now he is helping to spawn bitcoin education projects and communities around the world and supporting them with free bitcoin education ressources.

  • The bitcoin educational layer
Roman Martinez

Chimbera is a native of El Zonte and is one of the community leaders of Bitcoin Beach. When talking about the success of Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador, it is impossible not to talk about Chimbera. His work as an evangelist and educator was crucial in bringing the circular economy to life that eventually lead to the adoption of Bitcoin in the country of El Salvador.

  • Let a thousand Bitcoin Beaches bloom
Roy Sheinfeld

Roy is the co-founder & CEO of Breez, building an interface for the P2P Lightning economy, where users can buy, sell, and pay for goods, services, and streaming content with a non-custodial, seamless, and open mobile platform, turning bitcoin into the currency it was always meant to be.

  • The Lightning Law - El Salvador's boost for Lightning
  • State of the Lightning Network
Ryan MacLeod

Ryan is an advocate for bitcoin mining with nuclear power - a pleb on a mission to advance the idea of Small Modular Reactor Bitcoin mining.

  • Everything you always wanted to learn about bitcoin mining (but never knew who to ask)
  • Bitcoin mining with Small Modular Reactors
Sam Abbassi

Sam is Founder and CEO of Hoseki, a proof of assets bitcoin platform. Prior to Hoseki, Sam worked on bitcoin products at Fidelity focusing on open source self custody solutions and proof of reserves.

  • Fractional Reserve with Bitcoin
  • Stablecoins - Danger, distraction or intermediate step to embracing bitcoin the asset
  • Hoseki
Samantha de Waal

Ben is Samantha’s Dad - he first discovered Bitcoin in 2010 and after mostly ignoring it for a year, stumbled across it again around a year later and was shocked enough that it still existed to finally start spending some time understanding it. Ben has had several roles in the Bitcoin space and currently works as the Vice President of Engineering at Swan Bitcoin. Nearly 25 years in software development and engineering management, focused primarily on system architecture. Discovered Bitcoin in 2010; rediscovered it in 2011; more actively involved socially/professionally since 2013; living on Bitcoin since 2017; working in the Bitcoin space full time since 2018 (after spending around 3 years struggling to get Bitcoin projects going in his previous company). Aside from his "day job" as VP of Engineering at Swan Bitcoin, he also does consultancy primarily focused on Bitcoin adoption in business operations for medium to large enterprises. Previous "day jobs" in the Bitcoin space have included:

Head of Technology Development at CoinBau (now bankrupt mining hardware manufacturer from Germany)
Head of Software Development at Northern Bitcoin (now renamed Northern Data)
Senior Engineering Manager Lightning Labs

  • Orange Pilling the World's Masses
  • Politics in the Bitcoin space
  • Growing up in a bitcoin world
Samson Mow

Samson Mow is the CEO of JAN3, a Bitcoin technology company focused on accelerating hyperbitcoinization. Samson is best known for his work with El Salvador’s Bitcoin initiatives, and his efforts in nation-state Bitcoin adoption around the world. As of the top executives in the Bitcoin ecosystem, his expertise spans from running one of the largest exchanges and mining pools when he was the COO of BTCC, to guiding the development and deployment of Bitcoin infrastructure as the CSO of Blockstream. Samson is also the CEO of Pixelmatic, a game development studio working on the Infinite Fleet MMO (massively multiplayer online) game.

  • Tokenized sovereign debt as an alternative to IMF loans
  • A serious talk about NFTs

A self-taught Web Developer, secondl1ght dove head first down the bitcoin rabbit hole and left his fiat job to focus on bitcoin development full-time. He contributes to open source projects, is a privacy advocate, and freedom lover.


SeedSigner is an airgapped DIY Bitcoin signing device. The goal of SeedSigner is to lower the cost and complexity of Bitcoin multi-signature wallet use. To accomplish this goal, SeedSigner offers anyone the opportunity to build a verifiably air-gapped, stateless Bitcoin signing device using inexpensive, publicly available hardware components (usually < $50).

  • Seedsigner
Sergi Delgado Segura

Sergi is the lead developer and maintainer of The Eye of Satoshi, a Lightning watchtower. His FOSS work is currently sponsored by Spiral. Prior to that, he was a Bitcoin researcher and educator.

  • Deploying Watchtowers

A random guy who spends way too much time obsessing over Bitcoin

  • Stablecoins - Danger, distraction or intermediate step to embracing bitcoin the asset
  • Adoption technologies: benefits and trade-offs
  • Composability of Lightning
  • Stablecoins
Stacy Herbert

Stacy is a OG Bitcoiner and has been evangalizing Bitcoin to her audiences since 2011. Together with her partner Max Keiser, she hosts the Orange Pill Podcast and is an outspoken supporter of El Salvador's Bitcoin adoption.

  • Narrative Wars - El Salvador's bitcoin endeavor in the media
  • From Crypto to Bitcoin
Stelio Rammos

Cofounder and CTO of Geyser, Stelios brings a deep curiosity for understanding Bitcoin and Lightning from a technical level and a desire to connect to the community. He studied Computer Science and Data Science, and built several lightning applications including Spark on Lightning.

  • Geyser Fund
Stephan Livera

Stephan Livera hosts one of Bitcoin’s leading podcasts (Stephan Livera Podcast), and he is also Managing Director at Swan Bitcoin International. Stephan is also a partner in Bitcoiner Ventures.

  • Let's make earning bitcoin the dominant way of acquiring bitcoin
  • Bitcoin developer education
  • How to get started contributing sustainably to Bitcoin Core
Stephen DeLorme

Stephen is a designer at Bitcoin Design and a Spiral grantee.

  • Introduction to the Bitcoin Design Community
  • Bitcoin UI Kit and Bitcoin Icons to move faster with developing Lightning products and services
Stina Liland

Stina Liland is COO at Bitrefill, the largest crypto e-commerce platform in the world. Stina was a co-founder of Startup Norway/Startup Extreme and former Nordic Program Manager for Venture Capital firm 500 Startups and has an extensive track record in the startup and venture capital scene. She was orange-pilled by Bitrefills inspiring mission to create a bitcoin circular economy. Managing the company’s global operations, she has been following and contributing to the exciting national bitcoin adoption process from the frontline as an important part of the team responsible for the expansion and investment of Bitrefills continuing focused efforts in El Salvador.

  • Adoption Progress In El Salvador
Timothy Allen

Timothy Allen is an award winning photographer and filmmaker. During his 25 year career he has worked with BBC Earth, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and the Independent. Tim is also an ambassador to the Free Cities Foundation.

  • Bitcoin is Changing Governance
Tristan Thoma

Tristan Thoma is AlphaPoint’s Director of Product, Government & Payments. His work leading El Salvador's Chivo project focuses on improving wallet stability, uptime, scalability and overall social impact, with an end-goal of accelerating the country's Bitcoin adoption.

  • Adoption Progress In El Salvador
  • Recap: Year 1 Chivo Wallet
Ulf Heyden

Ulf is a media dinosaur with 20 years in internet business and 5 years in bitcoin.

  • Orange Pilling the World's Masses
Will Hernandez

Will Hernandez is a NC graduate in Business and Financial Economics from Methodist University and passionate about the solutions Bitcoin brings to the world. He's doing his part at Paxful as Business Development and Growth Manager by providing support in financial inclusion and helping to create more solutions based on Bitcoin for the 100%. When he's not opening the eyes of people of all ages, showing them how Bitcoin can help fix many problems, he likes to play football, and even played NCAA soccer.

  • Adoption Progress In El Salvador
Yamb Ntimba
  • Africa: Independence through bitcoin
Yves Bennaim

Yves fell into the Bitcoin rabbit hole in 2011. Soon after, he became increasingly involved in educational content and evangelisation. He is the founder of 2B4CH, a Swiss not-for-profit think tank studying the social impact of Bitcoin and its Proof-of-Work chain.

On Twitter: @ZLOK

  • PAX BITCOINICA - Bitcoin & Geopolitics, Redefining the Maps
  • There is no universal truth