Marina Spindler

Marina Spindler is the founder of SPINDLER EDGE, a business development and communications firm working on the future of money and tech. While collaborating with Chaincode Labs, she helped launch, a developer training program based in El Salvador that aims to give local programmers the opportunity to opt for better job opportunities and have the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute value in the development of Bitcoin & Lightning. In 2021, Marina wrote a global report on women and financial freedom that helped inform Spiral’s “How Women Across the World View Bitcoin” and catapulted her to the board of ACJR. Bilingual and multicultural, she lives in the U.S. and grew up in Latin America.


Bitcoin developer education
Stephan Livera, Dulce Villarreal, Marina Spindler, Lucas Ferreira

The bitcoin ecosystem is steadily growing and needs constant reinforcements by new developers. This panel dives into the different avenues that talent can take to contribute and make a living with bitcoin development.

Galoy Stage