Mike Jarmuz "Muzz"

Mike Jarmuz… or Muzz as his friends say…  is a Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Lightning Ventures, whose focus is exclusively investing in Bitcoin companies. His goal is to evangelize and help demystify early-stage investing to plebs and whales alike. Mike is also passionate about educating founders and operators on strategies to fund their projects. Muzz believes everyone should invest in technology companies (not just the suits) and that investing in Bitcoin companies is the best thing you can do to complement a HODL position. What else? He also Co-Organizes the Unconfiscatable Conference and is an advisor to Azteco. Muzz has a serious angel investing addiction and has personally invested in over 1,500 companies. A longtime music business veteran, he’s done a lot of stuff.  If you want to learn more about funding your rad Bitcoin company or get started investing in awesome companies, chat him up.


Investing in Bitcoin Companies
Mike Jarmuz "Muzz"

Adventures in Bitcoin Venture Capital! From Plebs to Whales, anyone can invest in early-stage technology companies (not just the suits). Investing in Bitcoin companies is fun, and exciting, plus you can learn a lot. It can also be the best thing you can do to complement a HODL position. Learn about early-stage investing, and how to get involved. Tips on what to do, areas to avoid, and where to begin the journey. From equity crowdfunding to syndicates, angel investment groups to roll up vehicles. An overview of deal flow options for both accredited and non-accredited folks. Founders and operators may also find this relevant to learn more about how to fund their own projects. Let's have some fun and cover a lot ground!

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Investing in Lightning Network Companies
Chris Hunter, Max Webster, Mike Jarmuz "Muzz"

What do investors look for when investing in lightning companies?

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