Daniel Wingen

Daniel is co-initiator of the EINUNDZWANZIG movement, a decentralized content distribution network with podcasts, videos, music and events. He also co-founded the Value of Bitcoin organization, a Bitcoin business consultancy and conference organizer, with BayernLB in 2019. He wrote his thesis on alternative financial systems with a focus on circulation-guaranteed money and has since been actively researching the nature of money and advocating for the free choice of the monetary sign. Currently, he is developing business at Galoy.


How to build on Galoy - The Lightning Developer Platform
Daniel Wingen

Galoy is a Cloud Native Lightning Developer Platform for Bitcoin Companies and Financial Institutions. We are going to have look at the features and functions of the platform and how software engineers can leverage the platform to build amazing products on top.

If you always wanted to know what exactly Galoy is and how it works, you should attend this session!

Solutions Stage
Solutions Stage
Fractional Reserve with Bitcoin
Daniel Wingen, Eric Yakes, Sam Abbassi, Alex Leishman

How to avoid the same mistakes of legacy financial institutions?

Bitfinex Stage