Everything you always wanted to learn about bitcoin mining (but never knew who to ask)
11-15, 17:45–18:25 (America/El_Salvador), Galoy Stage
Language: English

From home mining to nuclear mining with small modular reactors, everything you always wanted to learn about bitcoin mining.


Bitcoin TV:

Gerson is the founder and president of New Equity Group LLC, a bitcoin mining and early stage investment company based in Easton, MD. New Equity Group has a wholly-owned subsidiary in El Salvador named Brand New Equity Group El Salvador, S.A. de C V through which he plans to mine bitcoin and invest in Salvadoran businesses that support the bitcoin ecosystem. Gerson began his career as a LatAm equity derivatives trader for Morgan Stanley in New York where he was a market-maker, helping to develop and execute hedging strategies for institutional clients such as hedge funds, pension funds, and mutual funds. Following his time at Morgan Stanley, he served for eight years in the education and non-profit spaces as CFO of a NYC public charter school and subsequently as Chief Executive of Talbot Mentors, a youth mentoring organization in his hometown of Easton, Maryland. His professional experience combined with his core formal education in Economics, Statistical Analysis, and Game Theory led him to explore and become a student of the Bitcoin monetary network. His exposure to and understanding of the value of bitcoin’s incorruptible nature and perfect supply inelasticity led him to become a bitcoin miner and investor in bitcoin companies.

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Ryan is an advocate for bitcoin mining with nuclear power - a pleb on a mission to advance the idea of Small Modular Reactor Bitcoin mining.

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Josue is an experienced investment manager developing Private Equity opportunities in disruptive technologies focusing on Emerging Markets. Through his companies, partners and affiliates, they have deployed capital over several developing economies, developing utility-scale renewable solar, hydro and geothermal plants, and building the largest Bitcoin Mine in Latin America. Moreover, Josue has developed a diversified and high yielding portoflio of private companies in the technology environment. As the head of 3 investment entities, they have promoted FDI in El Salvador, and developed sustainable financial infrastructure, benefiting the wide majority of the population.

Josue was recently confirmed as Honorary Consul for the Salvadoran chamber of commerce in Lugano, Switzerland.