Prospera, Governance Innovation and Unleashing Technological Progress
11-16, 16:30–17:00 (America/El_Salvador), Auditorium
Language: English

Startup cities solve the legal base layer that holds back innovation - bad regulations. Niklas will talk from first-hand experience in Prospera.

It wasn't always hard to start a new city, but it's become a lost art. Instead of multi-level highways or flying cars, city governance means increasing taxes while lowering service quality.

Prospera Honduras and other charter cities seek to break this stagnation, and build platforms for private citizens and businesses to thrive, and unleash a new wave of technological progress.

These cities are naturally crypto-native and pro-progress. And they seek out bold new experiments to do governance on the blockchain, with Bitcoin as legal tender by default.

What is already happening in Prospera and other charter cities? What on-chain innovations are needed to improve governance? How can they accelerate the Bitcoinization of the world?

Niklas is the founder and General Partner of Infinita, the first Prospera-based VC fund focused on charter city innovation arbitrage.


Bitcoin TV:

Niklas is the founder and GP of Infinita, the first Prospera-based VC fund. Before Infinita, Niklas was an entrepreneur and early-stage startup operator (1x zero to series-B, 1x seed to series-B, 1x failed), management consultant and political analyst.