Geyser Fund
11-16, 16:30–17:00 (America/El_Salvador), Solutions Stage
Language: English

Lightning-native crowdfunding platform. is a lightning-native reward-based crowdfunding platform that enables campaign creators to reach & engage their communities through borderless & viral crowdfunding

The Problem: It’s hard for Bitcoin creators to reach, connect with and engage their communities. This makes campaigns static and platform-dependent.

The Landscape:
- Traditional crowdfunding platforms operate in only 30 western countries - thereby excluding 80% of the world. They also charge exorbitant 8% fees, freeze funds, isolate campaigns from other platforms, and have barely innovated in over 10 years.
- Bitcoin crowdfunding platforms are few and remain detached from the use cases enabled by the lightning network, require technical know-how to setup campaigns, and exclude fiat users.
- All crowdfunding platforms rely on an old model of crowdfunding that limits campaign engagement to one post and lack access to larger pools of funds.
- Ethereum crowdfunding platforms like Mirror or Gitcoin have been instrumental in creating a vibrant builder and creator culture in that space.

The Solution
- Enabling creators to succeed my making campaigns viral, engaging and borderless:
- Creators can:
- Launch projects from anywhere in the world.
- Launch projects easily using lightning addresses.
- Release multiple posts linked to their campaign
- Apply to grants that align with campaign causes.
- Contributors can:
- Contribute from anywhere on the internet that’s lightning-integrated.
- Subscribe to projects and be notified of updates.
- Chat, discuss ask questions in the project page.
- Anyone can join community conversations focused around creators and themes (#films, #culture, #education)


Bitcoin TV:

Cofounder and CEO of, Mick is passionate about bringing Bitcoin to the world through real-world applications that showcase the superior properties of Bitcoin/Lightning. He decided to build Geyser to help Bitcoin creators to launch their ideas, and to connect the world through Bitcoin culture.

Cofounder and CTO of Geyser, Stelios brings a deep curiosity for understanding Bitcoin and Lightning from a technical level and a desire to connect to the community. He studied Computer Science and Data Science, and built several lightning applications including Spark on Lightning.