Fuji Money - Borrow bitcoin-backed stablecoins without intermediaries
11-16, 14:30–15:00 (America/El_Salvador), Solutions Stage
Language: English

Fuji is a Lightning-enabled non-custodial synthetic asset protocol on the Liquid Network. It exploits the power of Bitcoin & Elements opcodes, Taproot, and Lightning Network submarine swaps to enable the borrowing of synthetic assets against over-collateralized Bitcoin positions, such as stablecoins, and synthetic stocks, or bonds.


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See also: Fuji Slides (2.7 MB)

Marco co-founded Vulpem Ventures in 2017, working on Bitcoin custody solutions and developer tools, such as Nigiri, Liquid.Taxi and Marina Wallet. He sits on the Technology Board of the Liquid Network since January 2022, focusing on growing the developer ecosystem. Marco is currently working on Fuji Money, a Lightning-enabled bitcoin-backed stablecoin on the Liquid Network.

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