Packaging Your Favorite Open Source Project for Start9 embassyOS
11-16, 09:30–10:15 (America/El_Salvador), DIGTL Room
Language: English

Service Packaging Best Practices for the Start9 embassyOS

Are you tired of waiting for your favorite Bitcoin applications to show up on your Start9 Embassy? Have you ever wanted to use your own custom web-based application hosted on your own server?

This workshop will show you step-by-step how to package, install, and run your choice of software on Embassy.

Minimum development experience is needed, as this workshop will be just the beginning of your hero’s journey into service packaging for Embassy. Get ready to join the community of package developers building out the future of sovereign computing!

What will I get out of this workshop?

If you follow along on your own Embassy One, you will get your own custom app running on your embassyOS

International Bitcoin Advocate and Educator, and a former technology consultant based in Kingston, Jamaica. He hosts "One Love Bitcoin" a podcast that interviews Bitcoiners from every country on earth.
He currently builds sovereign computing services with Start9 Labs.