Identity is the problem
11-15, 09:20–09:45 (America/El_Salvador), Galoy Stage
Language: English

Keynote by Adam Gibson (Joinmarket)

A perspective on how onchain and offchain privacy have evolved over the last 10 years, and will continue to do so. In order to allow decentralized technologies to work, we need to constrain access to their resources, and this is traditionally resolved using static identities and central coordinators. In this talk I'll discuss the urgent issue of allowing distributed/p2p protocols (Tor; Lightning; Joinmarket as examples) to function in the presence of hostile actors, without resorting to static user identities.


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Adam Gibson aka waxwing is a Bitcoin privacy researcher and developer of Joinmarket, a CoinJoin implementation aimed at improving the privacy and fungibility of bitcoin transactions while giving users the option to earn yield on their bitcoin by providing coinjoin liquidity as a maker.