Bitcoin and Malign Adoption: The Double Edge of Massive User Growth
11-16, 14:30–15:00 (America/El_Salvador), Auditorium
Language: English

Greater bitcoin adoption means more interaction with regulated financial institutions and more custodial bitcoin users. Will bitcoin buck the numerous centralizing forces of greater financial system integration or succumb to regulation and become just another financial asset?


Bitcoin TV:

Bitcoin Dad is a bitcoiner from the class of 2017 that loves computers, self hosting, thinking about economic and political structures, and the subversive qualities of bitcoin. He's lived around the world and observed how political structures are based on social control, a large part of which is exerted through the financial system. This year, he started a podcast because he felt like the existing voices in the bitcoin space began to feel stale. His goal is to foster debate and nuanced thought about a path for bitcoin that preserves its decentralization and political properties while simultaneously being a technology that works for people. Another goal is to build up his credibility in the community and then, if a contentious soft fork emerges, throw his name behind what looks like the best technical/long term path.

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