Let's make earning bitcoin the dominant way of acquiring bitcoin
11-16, 16:45–17:25 (America/El_Salvador), Bitfinex Stage
Language: English

Exploring the opportunities to earn Bitcoin and making it the most dominant way to earn those valuable sats.


Bitcoin TV:

Obi Nwosu is the CEO of Fedi and an advocate for the mass adoption of Bitcoin in the “Global South”. A Bitcoin industry veteran, he founded Coinfloor Bitcoin exchange, and holds board positions at ₿trust and Gridless Compute

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Paul Itoi is channelling major creative energy into two projects that exemplify the revolution of the Lightning Network and genuinely empower digital workers and content creators – Sphinx & Stakwork. At one time his creative energy went into his Art major, oil painting or the violin but now it’s this zeitgeisty software development and time with his family.

Stephan Livera hosts one of Bitcoin’s leading podcasts (Stephan Livera Podcast), and he is also Managing Director at Swan Bitcoin International. Stephan is also a partner in Bitcoiner Ventures.

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