Specter Desktop (Multi-/Single-)signature Usage
11-16, 12:30–14:30 (America/El_Salvador), DIGTL Room
Language: English

Managing onchain funds needs a significant amount of knowledge. In this 2h session we'll cover everything you need from the ground up to manage significant funds. Where reasonable, we'll practice with a specter desktop wallet.

  • public & private key cryptography and transaction
  • the ledger, transaction-structure and understanding inputs & outputs
  • From the seed to your wallet - theory
  • From the mnemonic to your wallet - practice / pennytest
  • Creating a Multisignature wallet
  • Operational models



  • A Laptop (if you want to do stuff yourself), otherwise you can only mentally
  • optional: A specter installation
  • optional: A hardware wallet or multiple of them

More details:

Kim has been working in the software-industry since almost two decades. His last fiat employer was a huge international software-vendor in the enterprise market. Starting as a support-engineer for developers, he also worked as technical trainer and consultant in national and international projects with international brands. At Specter Labs, Kim is leading the technology efforts of Specter Labs. As such, he's currently the maintainer of the Specter Desktop Coordinator Wallet. https://github.com/cryptoadvance/specter-desktop

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