Zvezdin Besarabov

I have been working on different research projects for the last four years, including a handwriting machine, integrated in the manufacturing pipeline of Wacom, cryptocurrency forecasts, accepted for publication in the Journal of Algorithmic Finance, and automated creation of AI solutions, integrated in the startup ScyNet and submitted for peer-review at IEEE. These projects were awarded at events such as ICYS 2018, Intel ISEF 2018 and 2019, and EUCYS 2019. This led me to be a twofold receiver of the annual distinction "John Atanasoff" by the Bulgarian president.

This experience also allowed me to become one of the youngest lecturers at my country's Software University, where I organized the first Blockchain class. Of the 200 graduates, some even formed startups such as Hack bg.


How to organise your digital life in a privacy-preserving, machine-agnostic, and practical manner
Zvezdin Besarabov

For a few years now I have been looking into how I can organise my digital workflow to be privacy-preserving yet practical enough that still allows me to integrate with society. I am looking for standard-compliant technologies which are cloud-first and end-to-end encrypted. That is, if I lose a device of mine, I do not lose any piece of valuable data, and neither can anyone else access it. I have been experimenting with many FOSS alternatives to traditionally centralised systems, such as timetabling, tasks, personal archiving, emails, password managers.

In this talk I will present my top picks for FOSS projects which get the job done. I will put a particular focus on personal file management - efficient folder structures, cloud syncing, encryption, and cached access. Lastly, I will direct attention to killer features which you can contribute to and advance this field massively :)

Arch Conf