Alesh Slovak
  • Founder/main contributor of GamerOS
  • Linux user for nearly 20 years
  • Commercial development of Linux device drivers for a number of years
  • Currently working as a web developer
  • GamerOS: An Arch Linux based gaming OS
Allan McRae

Allan McRae has been contributing to the pacman project since 2007 and is the current lead developer. He has implemented many features in makepkg and pacman including VCS packaging support, addressing sync database fragmentation, optional dependencies, disk space checking, package and database signing, and many others.

  • What is next for Pacman? (Ideas that may never eventuate)
  • Arch Linux: Past, Present and Future
André Almeida

André Almeida is a Linux Kernel Developer at the open-source consultancy Collabora, where he's currently hacking syscalls. He is a free software and privacy advocate, often speaks about and promoting these topics at his local university and international conferences.

  • Bootstraping a minimal image for kernel development
Angad Sharma

Server side developer, solutions architect, DevOps SysAdmin, Course Instructor and an avid blogger.

Previously worked at Atlan as a Backend Developer intern in Golang, Cloudify Technologies as Backend Developer intern in node.js, FindMind Analytics as DevOps intern, and GryNow as Backend intern in node.js. Published courses on Udemy and Winuall.

Tech Lead at CodeChef-VIT chapter, Tech Core Committee member at DSC-VIT powered by Google Developers, Campus Ambassador at Hackerearth and RCPL, Core Committee Member at Facebook Developer Circles Vellore , currently in love with Golang and Domain Driven Design.

  • Custom Kernels on Edge Devices in 2020
Brendan Abolivier

I’m a French software engineer currently working at Element, the company created by the founders of Matrix. I'm also a member of the Foundation, and a core committer on Synapse, the reference Matrix homeserver implementation.

I’m a free software enthusiast and long-time GNU/Linux user (including Arch Linux, which I’ve been running daily as my main operating system for quite a few years now), and occasionally engage into liberties and freedom of the press (h)ac(k)tivism.

  • Enter the Matrix: Install your own Matrix server on Arch Linux
Chris Down

Chris Down is an engineer on Facebook's Kernel team, based in London. He works on memory management within the kernel, especially cgroups, and is also a maintainer of the systemd project. Inside Facebook, he is responsible for debugging and resolving major production issues and improving the reliability and efficiency of Facebook's systems at scale.

  • Linux memory management at scale
David Runge

I am a Trusted User and Developer for Arch Linux and currently maintain and develop archiso.
I also package a few things for the distribution.

  • Archiso - creating an installation medium
Jelle van der waa

Arch Linux Developer

  • pytest-pacman - generating test data for libalpm with Python
Jonas Witschel

I am an Arch Linux Trusted User and member of the tpm2-software organisation, where I maintain tpm2-totp.

  • Protecting secrets and securing the boot process using a Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
Levente 'anthraxx' Polyak

Levente Polyak joined the Arch Linux team in 2014 when he founded the Arch Security Team, which he continues to lead until today. During his journey he gave the initial push towards reproducible packaging. Today, his main focus is development and security from top to bottom. Levente was elected as Arch Linux Project Leader in 2020.

  • Arch Linux: Past, Present and Future
  • Rolling your own security team for fun and no profit at all
Michael Stapelberg

  • distri: researching fast Linux package management
Morten Linderud

I'm an Arch Linux contributor packaging the go compiler, your favorite i3-gaps and get angry emails whenever docker breaks. I also help out in the security team publishing advisories and keeping tabs on security issues in the distribution along with Reproducible Builds tooling for users.

  • Closing Talk: Arch Linux Conf in review
  • The State of Reproducible Builds
Orhun Parmaksız

FOSS Enthusiast

  • Packaging Rust Applications for Arch Linux
Sven-Hendrik Haase

I'm an Arch Linux DevOps, Developer, and Trusted User and I take care of many things around Arch Linux.

Professionally, I'm a DevOps consultant and in my spare time I do a fair bit of Rust and gamedev.

  • Infrastructure at Arch - Making servers go brrrrr
The Arch Linux Team

Arch Linux is a Linux distribution for computers with x86-64 processors. Arch Linux adheres to five principles: simplicity, modernity, pragmatism, user centrality, and versatility. In practice, this means the project attempts to have minimal distribution-specific changes, minimal breakage with updates, pragmatic over ideological design choices and user-friendliness.... or something.

  • Arch Linux Team Q&A
Zvezdin Besarabov

I have been working on different research projects for the last four years, including a handwriting machine, integrated in the manufacturing pipeline of Wacom, cryptocurrency forecasts, accepted for publication in the Journal of Algorithmic Finance, and automated creation of AI solutions, integrated in the startup ScyNet and submitted for peer-review at IEEE. These projects were awarded at events such as ICYS 2018, Intel ISEF 2018 and 2019, and EUCYS 2019. This led me to be a twofold receiver of the annual distinction "John Atanasoff" by the Bulgarian president.

This experience also allowed me to become one of the youngest lecturers at my country's Software University, where I organized the first Blockchain class. Of the 200 graduates, some even formed startups such as Hack bg.

  • How to organise your digital life in a privacy-preserving, machine-agnostic, and practical manner