Nick Burch

Nick is heavily involved in a number of Apache projects, such as Tika and POI, while having the fortune to know many of the people involved in the Apache Big Data and Search space! When not helping out with Apache things, Nick works as the Director of Engineering at FLEC, where he leads a team making heavy use of Open Source technologies. When not helping improve the logistics industry, he is often to be found attending or organising BarCamps, Geek Nights, or other such fun events dedicated to sharing what's great and new!


Nick Burch

Barcamps are informal sessions, a kind of "un-conference", with a schedule decided on the day. It is all driven by the interests and expertise of those who attend so each one is different, but ours are always great!

Although the barcamp doesn't have a strict schedule, it won't be completely devoid of structure! #bbuzz barcamps are dynamic events, focused on the overall Berlin Buzzwords topics, tackling the same challenges but in a different format. At the barcamp each session runs for 30 minutes giving enough time to get into the meat of a topic, but without a chance of anyone getting bored. These are participatory sessions and more inclusive than regular conference talks, with everyone taking part. You can help by leading the session, by giving some insights, by asking some great questions, or maybe just with your enthusiasm.

The barcamp will be coordinated and moderated by Nick Burch.

Registration starts from 2:30pm

Palais Atelier
Learning about AI/ML for Text, with Wordle!
Nick Burch

What can the hit game Wordle teach us about Information Retrieval, Search and AI/ML? As it turns out, quite a bit!

We'll use the Wordle game as our example "text problem" we want to solve, and run through many of the key concepts you need to get started with AI and ML for text. We'll see (with code!) how some common text-related statistics work, and how they can be used to solve (cheat...) Wordle. Then, we'll build ourselves an AI to do the same. Finally, we'll see how that compares to brute-forcing it with regular expressions!

We won't solve all your text-related problems, but hopefully you'll learn the key concepts you need for more advanced talks. And if nothing else, you'll understand the python code for an AI to help you win Wordle!

The Search track is presented by OpenSource Connections