BSides Cape Town

Welcome to the BSides Cape Town 2023 CFE (Call for Papers and Workshops)


Event: 2 December 2023
Venue: UCT GSB Convention Centre
5 Session Types (Talks and Workshops)
Theme: Dystopia Now
CFP Close: 23:59 30 September 2023

We once again want to give a big shout to our 2022 Speakers and Workshoppers below. Be sure to follow them.

2022 Talks

Haroon Meer: Keynote: Made in SA - For the World
Dale Nunns: Smart Watch Lobotomy
Roelof Temmingh: XXX astroturfing campaign
Dev Dua, Tyron Kemp, Denver Abrey: Home Alone isn’t scary, it’s inspiration
Jared Naude: The Russia-Ukraine War: A retrospective
Jason Spencer: An IOT War Story
Ntando Mngomezulu: Securing a cloud native open source microservice based core banking system
Jason Kessel: Abusing AWS Permissions - Teach an old dog new tricks
Robert Len: An Investigation into the State of Web Based Crypto-Mining
Ashiq Amien: Permanently bricking smart contracts for fun and profit
Jayson E Street: Final Keynote: Deception via Perception

2022 Workshops

Roelof Temmingh: OSINT and Vortimo
Iosiro: Smart Contract Auditing

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