BSides Toronto 2021

Augusto Barros

Augusto Barros is a cybersecurity evangelist at Securonix. Augusto is a former Gartner analyst with 20 years of experience in cybersecurity related roles and consulting for enterprises in finance, retail, manufacturing and healthcare. Augusto has worked on a variety of projects and initiatives on information security, from security awareness campaigns to penetration testing and security infrastructure design.

The challenges of threat detection and response are his main interest and focus of research. He has also ventured into the application of behavior economics concepts to the security space. Augusto has taught classes and presented at many security conferences, including Black Hat Europe, RSA Conference and Gartner security summits. Ah! And, of course, BSidesTO too :-)

  • The Language of Security: Why Our Fail To Communicate Makes Security Harder
Brian Contos

Brian Contos, VP & CISO, Mandiant Advantage

Brian is a seasoned executive, board advisor, and serial entrepreneur with 25+ years in the cybersecurity industry. After getting his start in security with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and later Bell Labs, he began the process of building security startups and taking multiple companies through successful IPOs and acquisitions, including Riptech, ArcSight, Imperva, McAfee, Solera Networks, Cylance, JASK, and Verodin. Brian has worked in over 50 countries across 6 continents. He has authored several books, his latest with the former Deputy Director of the NSA and speaks at events globally such as Black Hat, RSA, & Interop. Brian writes for Forbes Magazine and is often interviewed by the media. He was recently featured in a cyberwar documentary alongside General Michael Hayden, the former Director of the NSA and CIA.

  • Cybersecurity & The Board: Choosing success over the Sarlacc Pit
Kamran Mohsin

Kamran Mohsin is an efficient and seasoned information security researcher. He holds a Master degree in Information Security. His core interest lies in web, mobile, system exploitation. He has achieved industry certifications, the prominent of which are OSCE, OSWE and CEH. Apart from this he enjoys bug hunting for fun and profit.

  • Application Architecture From Hacker’s Perspective
Rodolpho Concurde

Brazilian, certified C|EH, having begun his studies about Information Security 13 years ago, and passed 11 years has realized projects of Application/Infrastructure Penetration Test, Security Analysis, Code Review and Hardening for industries such as: Telecommunications, Aviation, Financial Institutions, Information Technology and Mining.
In his free time like of research and practice news techniques of Attack and something of Reverse Engineering.
Speaker at many conferences as: Hack In The Box, Arab Security Conference, Red Team Village, Stackconf, MorterueloCON, BSides SATX, BSides Newcastle, BSides Athens, etc...
From SEH Overwrite to get a shell – Pentest Magazine
Covert Channel Technique Explained - Pentest Magazine
From Fuzzing to Get a Shell – Pentest Magazine
Stack Overflow - Hakin9 Magazine

  • From SEH Overwrite with Egg Hunter to Get a Shell!
Sherwyn Moodley

Lead Penetration Tester at Zyston
15 years of IT experience
7 years in Information Security

  • Hacking the Process - Business Process Compromise
Tuhin Bose

Cyber Security Researcher
Bug Bounty Hunter
Penetration Tester
Infosec Trainer
CISO at Damn Secure Pentesting Hub

  • Account Takeover via Exploiting Misconfigured Password Reset Feature
Venkata Hareesh Peddiraju

Venkata Hareesh Peddiraju is a Security Researcher. Venkat has extensively worked in performing PenTests / security evaluations on Web Applications, Mobile Applications, IT Infrastructure, Software applications, IoT products; Fuzzing and Binary/Firmware analysis. He finds IoT and Product security to be especially intriguing among other areas of security.

Love to talk about security of all kinds of compute nodes, connected tech and the software that drives them.

  • IoT from an Attacker’s Perspective