Peering Automation using OpenConfig and Public APIs
11-09, 13:50–14:20 (Europe/Berlin), Main Stage

This presentation will demonstrate on how to leverage open standards like OpenConfig to provision BGP sessions in a vendor-agnostic approach. In addition the speaker will use the well-known PeeringDB API to obtain the peers information and present it in an OpenConfig-compatible format.

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Florian joined Arista in 2017 and is leading the Systems Engineering team in Germany since 2021. Before his time at Arista he held technical and management positions at SPs and IXPs over the past 17 years, so his knowledge stretches from Engineering over Architecture and Strategic topics. Since the very beginning he has been engaged with the global internet community. In addition to his day job Florian also has been elected as the Deputy Chairman of the Board for DENOG e.V.

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