Fiona Weber

Fiona works as a senior network engineer for AS9136 (Wobcom GmbH).

She is a board member at Denog e.V. and a member of the reverse engineering collective Zerforschung.


Network Architecture In Practice
Fiona Weber, Vincentz Petzholtz

In network engineering there are a lot of rules and best practices, some written and some not. In this workshop we condense the most important knowledge we have accumulated over many years of running different service provider networks.

We'll take a look at fundamental architecture decisions, traffic engineering and routing security for data and control plane.

There will be lots of real world config examples and plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Who is this for?

It is intended for people who (want to) run small to medium sized ISP networks. A basic understanding of routing concepts is going to be helpful. If you've configured a bgp session before, this workshop is for you.

Content Overview

Session 1:

  • Interconnection

  • Network Design

  • (BGP) Traffic Engineering

15 min break

Session 2:

  • RIPE, RPKI & PeeringDB

  • Route Filtering - Building Blocks

  • Route Filtering - Policy Building

15 min break

Session 3:

  • Protecting the Control Plane

  • Forwarding Plane Filtering

  • BCP 38

  • uRPF Filtering

-> Q&A Session

Workshop 2
Why we need a DENOG working group for "routing"
Fiona Weber, Vincentz Petzholtz

Over the years many talks and workshops have been held to improve and spread the overall knowledge of BGP and it's knobs, configs and features. These days there are only a few up-to-date and vendor-agnostic references when it comes to design, control plane and forwarding filtering in modern carrier and/or ISP like networks.

We think that DENOG is the perfect organisation to form a group of people willing to contribute their knowledge to create documents containing best practice tips and configurations for the community.

We call the community to participate in the "DENOG Working Group Routing" (wg-routing).

Helmut Schmidt Auditorium
The state of RPKI ROAs on peering LANs
Fiona Weber

Route leaks containing more specific announcements of Internet Exchange Peering-LANs pose a risk to the reliability of Internet infrastructure.
RPKI validation and filtering can mitigate some of the dangers - if the IXP operator created proper ROAs.

In this lightning talk we will take a look at what can go wrong, how RPKI ROAs can save us and what the current state of the rollout is.

Helmut Schmidt Auditorium