Network Architecture In Practice
11-13, 11:00–15:00 (Europe/Berlin), Workshop 2
Language: English

In network engineering there are a lot of rules and best practices, some written and some not. In this workshop we condense the most important knowledge we have accumulated over many years of running different service provider networks.

We'll take a look at fundamental architecture decisions, traffic engineering and routing security for data and control plane.

There will be lots of real world config examples and plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Who is this for?

It is intended for people who (want to) run small to medium sized ISP networks. A basic understanding of routing concepts is going to be helpful. If you've configured a bgp session before, this workshop is for you.

Content Overview

Session 1:

  • Interconnection

  • Network Design

  • (BGP) Traffic Engineering

15 min break

Session 2:

  • RIPE, RPKI & PeeringDB

  • Route Filtering - Building Blocks

  • Route Filtering - Policy Building

15 min break

Session 3:

  • Protecting the Control Plane

  • Forwarding Plane Filtering

  • BCP 38

  • uRPF Filtering

-> Q&A Session

See also: slides (4.5 MB)

Fiona works as a senior network engineer for AS9136 (Wobcom GmbH).

She is a board member at Denog e.V. and a member of the reverse engineering collective Zerforschung.

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My name is Vincentz Petzholtz and I am working in the Network Industry since 2006. I always have been a Network Engineer and Architect through different positions and companies (Interoute/GTT/SysEleven/ Main area’s of expertise have been BGP (Routing, Policies etc.), MPLS/Traffic Engineering, Network Security (especially DDoS Detection and Mitigation) and overall network design and architecture (Backbone and DataCenter fabrics).

Since 2017 I moved on to be the Head of Network at SysEleven (now Since 2020, I also spend more time contributing to the Berlin Internet Community for the BCIX (Berlin Internet Exchange) as member of the advisory board.

The community needs and is based on participation from its members. I’ve benefited and enjoyed community driven and organized events and services. I want to give as much time as I can to contribute back to the community.

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