Dominik Süß

Dominik started his journey in technology as an SRE, working on projects ranging
from warehouse logistics and photobook designers to analyzing satellite imagery.
During this time, he discovered his passion for developer tooling and making
sure developers can focus on what they do best - build great software!

Now he is working as a Developer Experience Engineer at Grafana Labs, building
tools to see clearly in the ever-changing world of software.


Enabling Play - Leveling up your DevEx Game
Dominik Süß

Good job! You’ve successfully built a great piece of software. Now the hard part begins. Be it a developer tool, SaaS product, library or app, you will want people to use your new shiny thing. One of the key areas we’ve found exceptionally impactful is enabling people to “play” early on.

This talk focuses on an aspect of software development that is often overlooked: The Developer Experience. While user experience is targeting the end-user of the software, the developer experience targets the SREs, DevOps and Software Engineers tasked with evaluating, setting up and operating your software. Improving your developer experience will not only improve the odds of someone sticking with your solution, but will also make life much easier for people contributing - external and internal alike!

In this session, you'll gain useful insights into the world of developer experience and discover actionable ideas to enhance your own projects. Learn from real-world examples and understand how prioritizing developer experience can lead to more successful software adoption.

Application and Services Development
D0206 (capacity 154)