Aakanksha Duggal

Aakanksha Duggal is a Senior Data Scientist in the Emerging Technologies Group at Red Hat. She is a part of the Data Science team and works on developing open source software that uses AI and machine learning applications to solve engineering problems.

  • AI: Open source will save us!
Achilleas Koutsou

Engineer at Red Hat working on Image Builder (osbuild.org).

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, which image building tool is the fairest of them all?
Adam Piasecki

Red Hat developer working on Fedora and RHEL Core OS

  • Maintenance-free self-hosting : deploy your cool apps on FCOS
Akshay Ghodake

Passionate Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat | Innovating with Linux, Python, and Data Science | Crafting Seamless Full Stack Solutions | Navigating the OpenShift Universe | Committed to the Power of Open Source

  • Sustainable Coding: Green Practices for Future-Friendly Software Development
Alasdair Kergon

Alasdair Kergon is a Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat.

  • Preserving Anonymity in Data Collection - or The Story of Differential Privacy
Alberto Falossi

Alberto works at Red Hat as a member of the OpenShift Observability team. In his role, he has contributed new features to Red Hat Insights Advisor for OpenShift, which includes highly distributed infrastructure for remote health data stream processing, storage, visualization, and analytics.

With more than 20 years of experience in software development and IT, Alberto has worked in a range of environments, from startups to multinational corporations. He has led the design of AI algorithms, implemented high-performance FinTech systems, and scaled web services globally.

  • Rapid Prototyping with Open Source AI Models
Alberto Jesus Gutierrez juanes

Alberto is Principal Software Engineer in RedHat working on open source projects. He is currently working on Kiali, a observability tool for Istio Service Mesh. He was working in BBVA for almost 4 years, working in cloud environments and BigData, he is certificated on Hadoop and OpenStack. He is a Google Developer Expert in google Cloud and organizer of Google Developers Groups.

  • Kiali Beyond the Graph – Troubleshooting Istio
Ales Musil

Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat currently working on OVN project.

  • From Kubernetes objects to network packet pipelines (and back)
  • Road to testing applications on RISC-V with QEMU and Fedora
Alessandro Di Stefano (Aleskandro)

Alessandro Di Stefano is a FOSS enthusiast and a Ph.D. in distributed computing. He's all about the cutting edge, diving into distributed workloads scheduling, observability, software-defined networking, AIOps, and SLA management for PaaS clouds—all in the open.

Beyond tech, Alessandro's downtime is filled with outdoor adventures like hiking and climbing. He also enjoys immersing himself in art and live music, adding a touch of variety to his tech-centric world.

  • Kubernetes & OKD Meetup
Alessandro Rossi

Alessandro Rossi is an EMEA Senior Specialist Solution Architect for Red Hat Enterprise Linux with a passion for cloud platforms and automation.

Alessandro joined Red Hat in 2021, but he's been working in the Linux and open source ecosystem since 2012. He's done instructing and consulting for Red Hat and delivered training on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and Red Hat OpenShift, and has supported companies during solutions implementation.

  • A series of unfortunate (Ansible) events
Alexey "Kitsune" Rusakov

Known as Kitsune Ral in the Matrix community (nickname invented for the project), Alexey joined it in 2016, shortly after the public federation of homeservers was launched. He leads the projects under the Quotient umbrella: libQuotient, the Qt-based library for Matrix clients, and Quaternion, the reference implementation of a client on top of it. He's a community representative in the Spec Core Team, and a technical advisor to startups that want to use Matrix as a part of their technology. When not messing with Matrix, Qt or startups, Alexey works for Red Hat as a telco IT technologist, and plays competitive table tennis. He's based in Amsterdam.

  • Matrix.org meetup
Alex Guidi


I am Alex Guidi and I have been working as a software engineer since 2013. Learning is one of my passions and that is why I already worked with several programming languages and domains.

Currently I am working at Red Hat. Open source projects are something I really love. I believe in the power of the open source community to build amazing software to the entire technology sector.

As a software engineer I want to build software easy to understand and useful for the open source community.

  • Working With Multi-Platform Container Images (OCI Index/ Manifest List)
Alexon Oliveira

Alexon has been working as a Principal Technical Account Manager at Red Hat since 2018, working in the Services organization focusing on Infrastructure and Management, Integration and Automation, Cloud Computing, and Storage Solutions. He is a part of the TAM Practices LATAM team based in São Paulo, Brazil, where his job is partnering with, advocating, trust-advising, and supporting customers in their success goals while making use of the complete portfolio. He also contributes to produce and enhance documentation, knowledge-base articles, blog posts, presentations, webinars, and workshops. He is a member of numerous communities, like Red Hat Academy, Red Hat Accelerators, OpenInfra Foundation and others. When he’s not at work, he enjoys spending quality time with his family (wife, daughter, and cat) and participating in several volunteer jobs.

  • Testing Ansible code with Ansible Molecule

Pragmatic Software Engineer on Cloud-Native Solutions
As a Software Engineer, my proficiency extends beyond traditional boundaries, encompassing key aspects of platform engineering and DevOps practices. This unique blend allows me to design and implement sophisticated, scalable, resilient, cloud-native architectures that are adaptable to evolving business needs.

I’m a coffee junkie, always ready for my next caffeine fix. In a lighter vein, I often muse that had I not ventured into software engineering, an alternative career path might have led me down the road to becoming a super villain – superpowers or not.

Currently, my focus is deeply invested in innovating within the Kubernetes ecosystem. My goal is to leverage my skills and experience to make meaningful contributions to the open-source world, continually pushing for improvements in technology and approaches within this dynamic field.

  • Rethinking CI/CD: A Leap Beyond Bash and YAML
Alka Nixon

My name is Alka Nixon, Associate Research Software Engineer at Red Hat in Ireland. I've had the opportunity to be part of the CODECO project, a Horizon Europe open-source research collaboration, where I gained insights into cutting-edge technologies like edge cloud, AI, and IoT.

My professional journey started as an Assistant System Engineer at TCS, focusing on full-stack web development for two years. I completed my master's degree in Computing from the South East Technological University, Ireland, in 2023.

I'm a lifelong learner who takes pleasure in applying my skills to contribute to the ongoing technological advancements in my company.

  • Cognitive Decentralized Edge to Cloud Orchestration (CODECO) - a Horizon Europe open source research collaboration project
Allison King

Senior Technical Project Manager within the Core Agile Systems Engineering (CASE) Team, directly supporting the development of Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System.

Team Builder | Agile Enthusiast | Jira Nerd | Technical Enabler

  • From Old School to New Age: Streamlining Red Hat’s Development Process and Paving the Way for Agile Innovation
Andrea Bozzoni

Enthusiast of Application architecture and delivery, Cloud, DevOps and Kubernetes/OpenShift. Currently I am working as a Senior Cloud Services Black Belt at Red Hat, focused in OpenShift Cloud Services, DevSecOps, CI/CD and Service Mesh, helping the customers to achieve their goals and objectives with cloud and containers in public and private environments. In my free time, I like to spend time with my family and when I can I like swimming, skiing and cycling.

  • Navigating Challenges and Opportunities in Cloud-to-Edge Delivery
Andrea Fickova

I am an Agile Practitioner in Red Hat!

  • Unleash Your Inner Artist: Tapping into the Power of Creativity
Andreas Wachter

Automate all the things!

  • Gickup - Keep your repositories safe
Andrea Waltlova

At Red Hat, I'm a Senior Software Engineer involved in RHEL upgrade and conversion projects, specializing in Python, React, and Go. Outside of work I volunteer as a Python instructor at Czechitas, promoting tech careers for women. In my free time, I explore AI and enjoy anything related to science fiction.

  • Unveiling the Mysteries of Digitally Storing the Human Mind
Andrzej Szczepaniak

Software engineer in the CKI Team at RedHat. In my free time I play around with hardware engineering.

  • RLBot: Custom opensource AI for Rocket League.
Aneela Kaplan

I am a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat working on the Platform team of insights console specializing in React and Go. In my free time I enjoy creating art and exploring various artistic media. I enjoy researching and having conversations on open ended philosophical questions.

  • Unveiling the Mysteries of Digitally Storing the Human Mind
Anuradha Kumari

Anuradha is a senior front-end developer, working on making the web more accessible, one website at a time. She is passionate about exploring new technologies and sharing knowledge through tech articles and talks. She has been recognized as GDE, MVP, and WTM Ambassador. As an accessibility advocate, she aims to spread awareness and empower the community toward achieving the common goal of inclusion through technology. When she is not coding, she loves traveling, exploring museums, reading books, and sketching.

  • Unleashing the Power of Developer Tools for Web Accessibility Testing

I am the Fedora Operations Architect and love being part of such a vibrant, dynamic and inclusive community. I am employed by Red Hat and live in Waterford, Ireland.
I also have one son (who is now much taller than me) and too many horses to list, and my free time is mostly spent as the groom, and travelling around Ireland with my son and extended family to horse shows. I also love a good fantasy adventure epic to relax and lose myself in too.

  • Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!
  • Managing is hard when you're not a 'manager'
Arjay Hinek

Arjay Hinek has been in project management since the '90s, helping teams, companies, and even individuals apply agile as a culture rather than a process. While coaching teams, product owners, and management within small startups as well as large enterprises, he has delivered workshops, training sessions, and talks on all aspects of agile and team development. As the Agile Leadership Team Transformation Agilist at Red Hat and a Certified Team Coach, Arjay is always looking for ways to help teams and organizations learn as they improve.

  • Everyone else is just wrong
Arjun Shankar

I'm a glibc developer based in Brno and working for Red Hat.

  • Coffee enthusiasts Meetup
  • glibc Dev Clinic: Write Your First Patch With Us
Arnav Bhati

Hello All,I am Arnav Bhati and I am a DevSecOps enthusiast with experience in digital transformation projects for customers. I am a firm believer that everything can be learned, we just need to practice the technology and play with it on a daily basis.We all often have read this quote "Learning is a Continuous Process" but according to me it is incomplete.If given an opportunity, I would like to modify it to "Practicing your learnings is a Continuous Process" !!

  • Ansible code Bot - The ultimate bot for your git repo
  • Event Driven Ansible Overview and Usecases
Barbora Holusova

Manager, Quality Engineering, Red Hat
She / Her / Hers

  • Leadership: Where people skills meet programmers
Ben Capper

Associate Research Software Engineer at Red Hat in the Waterford Research Interest Group.

Working on two Horizon EU Research Projects: AC3 and GREEN.DAT.AI

  • AC3 - A collaborative, open-source Horizon Europe research project focused on an AI-driven, sustainable, cloud-edge infrastructure.
Beniamino Galvani

Beniamino is a software engineer at Red Hat working on NetworkManager.

  • NetworkManager community meetup
  • nm-cloud-setup: automatic network configuration for cloud VMs
Ben Nemec

Ben has worked in cloud for over 10 years, first as a member of the OpenStack common libraries and deployment teams, and most recently as part of the on-prem networking team for OpenShift.

  • Declarative Networking in Declarative World
Bogomil Shopov - Бого

Human. Artist. Hacker. I care about free and open-source software(F/LOSS), cybersecurity, ethical design, privacy, and technology. 20+ experience in technology. 40+ in being human. I encourage people to become better humans with heavy metal and technologies. I also promote technologies to be considerate of humans. Let's see how it goes!

I am contributing to Thunderbird as a Council member (mandate 2024) and a few other projects in the Fedora and Mozilla universe.

My daytime work is on Digital Trust with Gen.

Located in Prague, I was born and raised in Bulgaria.

matrix: @bogomil:fedora.im | fediverse: @bogo@hapyyr.org

Rock on!

  • We are doing it wrong: Threat Modeling

I graduated from Computer Engineering in 2015 and later jumped into the bustling tech scene of Istanbul. For four years there, I worked as an SWE and DevOps Engineer in the Banking, Media, and E-commerce industries. Since 2019, I've been a proud member of RedHat's Platform team, serving as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer. My focus? Ensuring the seamless progression of our Managed OpenShift Offering as day-2 operations, navigating the complexities of system reliability with precision and passion.

  • Securing Cloud Native Resources with Open Policy Agent
Brian Cook

Brian Cook is a product manager at Red Hat responsible for secure product delivery and having 20 years of experience in the Enterprise Technology scene. As a founder of the Konflux-CI project, Brian believes that because software now runs the world, secure software technologies need to be available to and deployable by anyone.

  • Introducing Konflux CI!
Brian Stinson

Brian is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. He started his career in Academia doing sysadmin work, joined the CentOS Project in 2014, and is most recently working on RHEL as the RHEL 10 Development Lead.

  • RHEL 11 (no that's not a typo) - Keeping the flywheel turning
Carmelo Sarta

OpenShift Technical Account Manager at Red Hat.

  • Supply Chain Security in Kubernetes
Cedric Clyburn

Cedric Clyburn (@cedricclyburn), Developer Advocate at Red Hat, is an enthusiastic software technologist with a background in Kubernetes, DevOps, and container tools. He has experience speaking at conferences and events including DevNexus, WeAreDevelopers, Linux Foundation, and more. Cedric loves all things open-source, and works to make developer's lives easier! Based out of New York.

  • Containers and Kubernetes Made Easy: A 15-minute dive into Podman Desktop
  • Going from containers, to pods, to Kubernetes – help for your developer environments!

I'm a Python developer for over 10 years, with a wide range of experiences in GIS (Geographic Information System), web development and software development in general. I'm also an expert in all aspects of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), TDD (Test-Driven Development) and Clean Code.

  • The Merge Queue, the missing piece in CI/CD pipelines!
Christian Heimes

Christian is a principal software engineer at Red Hat.

  • AI: Open source will save us!
Christian Stark
  • Environment as a Service: Efficiently provision Environments as a key-factor for Platform Engineering
Christoph Görn

Christoph Görn has 25+ years of experience in Open Source business and development. He co-founded a Linux service company in 1998, worked as an IT-Architect at IBM and a consultant for a 25 head company. After he researches the topic of AI Stacks with the Office of the CTO at Red Hat, he is now a Product Manager for Red Hat OpenShift AI. But first and foremost, he is a hacker for the #B4mad Network!

  • Guardrails for Trustworthy AI: Balancing Innovation and Responsibility
  • Keynote: From General AI to the Edge: Navigating the Future of Technology
Clément Verna

Clément Verna is an accomplished Engineering Manager at Red Hat with a deep-rooted passion for Agile and DevOps methodologies. He is a driving force behind the successful implementation of these practices at his company, where he spearheads the Agile and DevOps Community of Practice. Clément's commitment to open-source software and fostering a culture of growth and learning has made him a respected leader in his field.

As a trained Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) coach and experienced mentor, Clément has honed his skills in influencing others to achieve what they once considered impossible. He is dedicated to empowering his team members to reach their full potential and excel in their roles. With a strong emphasis on collaboration and continuous improvement, Clément's leadership style fosters an environment where innovative ideas can thrive and individuals can grow.

In his free time, Clément actively contributes to open-source projects and practices Sanda, a Chinese martial art, which helps him maintain balance and focus in both his personal and professional life. He also seeks opportunities to mentor and coach aspiring professionals.

  • Unleashing Impact: Transforming Your Software Development Team with Outcome Driven Delivery
Clodagh Walsh

Associate Research Software Engineer at Red Hat

  • INCODE: A collaborative, open-source Horizon Europe research project, creating a programming platform for deployments on edge and IoT environments
Colin Walters

Colin Walters has been having a lot of fun working on Free Software with the global community for over 25 years, contributing to Debian, GNOME, Fedora and RHEL, Cockpit, OpenShift 4 and more. He is the creator and maintainer of ostree and more recently bootc, and is excited about empowering Linux users to manage their systems as bootable container images.

  • Keynote: What if you could boot a container?
Colm Dunphy

People manager - Red Hat Waterford Research team. 4 EU projects: AC3, INCODE, CODECO, and Green.Dat. Previously, computing and digital media lecturer at SETU (WIT)-30 years. Course leader project management, industrial liaison, interns, research. Facilitator!

Open Projects TutorStack, tutors.dev

  • Tutors Simulator - A foundation for live social presence, on a successful open learning experience platform
Daan De Meyer

mkosi/systemd maintainer. Linux Userspace team @ Meta.

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, which image building tool is the fairest of them all?
Dan Čermák

Dan is building container images, creating developer tools and sometimes works on QA at SUSE, which he joined after working as an embedded firmware developer. Originally he started out as a theoretical astrophysicist, but after becoming a contributor to various Open Source projects, he finally made this his full time job at SUSE.

In his free time Dan contributes to various upstream Projects, maintains packages in Linux distributions and enjoys a game of Satisfactory. When he's not sitting in front of his computer, he can be found either on his bike or in the kitchen testing out another recipe.

  • Creating a Language Server for RPM Spec Files
  • Fedora Hatch Meetup @DevConf.cz
Daniel Mellado

Daniel is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. He’s been involved in several networking projects, such as Kuryr-Kubernetes (a CNI plugin which enables native Neutron-based networking in Kubernetes), MetalLB and recently he’s been tackling Edge, Telco NFV and Observability use cases. He’s been a PTL (Project Team Lead) at some projects in OpenStack, a member of the Kubernetes SIG Group and part of the panel for the Leveraging Containers and OpenStack.

  • Orchestrating eBPF programs in Kubernetes
Daniel Riek

Daniel is a Technologist with more than 25 years of experience in the Open Source business, global product management, engineering management, and product strategy for a world leading enterprise product, solid experience in a global leadership role at a S&P 500 company, sales and solution architect positions, IT consulting, management of software development teams, different management position in SMB, VC financed, and publicly traded companies, 23 years Linux administration and programming as a hobby. Also exposure to the end-user side of IT in the financial industry and to proprietary software business.
He currently works at a small stealth-mode startup. His previous roles include creating Red Hat's AI Center of Excellence, running cross-product integration, as well as RHEL Product Management.
His is especially interested in the intersection of Open Source, Decentralization, Web3, and AI.

  • Why Open Source, Decentralization, and Web3 need to find (back) together.
Dan Walsh

Daniel Walsh has worked in the computer security field for over 40 years. Dan is
a Senior Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat. He joined Red Hat in August 2001.
Dan is a lead architect of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Edge team concentration on In Vehicle Operation System. Prior he led the Container Runtime Engineering team. Dan has been working on container technologies for 17 years. Dan focusess on the CRI-O Container Runtime for Kubernets, Buildah for building container images, Podman for running and managing containers, containers/storage and containers/image. Authored the Podman in Action book. Formerly he led the SELinux project, concentrating on the application space and policy development. Dan helped developed sVirt, Secure Virtualization as well as the SELinux Sandbox. Previously, Dan worked Netect/Bindview's on Vulnerability Assessment Products and at Digital Equipment Corporation working on the Athena Project, AltaVista Firewall/Tunnel (VPN) Products. Dan has a BA in Mathematics from the College of the Holy Cross and a MS in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
Twitter: rhatdan Blog: danwalsh.livejournal.com Email: dwalsh@redhat.com

  • Keynote: What if you could boot a container?
  • Containers BOF
Dasa Kusnirakova


  • Ensuring fair behavior among Autonomous Vehicles
David Abdurachmanov
  • Fedora RISC-V
David Chocholatý

Student of the master's degree with Machine Learning specialization at the Faculty of Information Technology at the Brno University of Technology. Open-source enthusiast. Tone Mapping Studio developer and Google Summer of Code 2022 participant in the Mixxx organization.

  • Why Is Rust the Rising Star?
David Duncan

David Duncan Manages a Partner Solutions Architecture Team at Amazon Web Services. David has been a Red Hat and Fedora Project participant for more than 15 years. David works on the Fedora Cloud Edition as a member of the Fedora Project.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Users Meetup
  • Building Fedora Cloud Images with Kiwi Image Builder: A Comprehensive Guide
David Halasz

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat by day, with 10+ years experience in Ruby. Researcher at Masaryk University by night, working on his PhD thesis about Trust, Safety and Autonomous Ecosystems. Currently living in Brno, Czech Republic.

  • Ensuring fair behavior among Autonomous Vehicles
David Kirwan

Senior Software Engineer @ Red Hat, Community Platform Engineering.
Interests: art, animals, amateur radio, blacksmithing, electronics, sustainable living, travel.

  • CommuniShift Available!
David Kornel

Principal software quality engineer working in Red Hat. Focusing on kubernetes/openshift, testing kubernetes operators and automating testing process with Jenkins pipelines, tekton and ArgoCD.

  • Kubernetes DevOps and GitOps in Action: An Autonomous System Approach
David Simansky

David works at Red Hat as a Senior Software Engineer. He is member of Knative's technical oversight committee and working group lead for the Knative client. He started his open source journey in the realm of Java middleware frameworks, e.g. Apache Camel. Followed by an exploratory and transition period on how to use and support such frameworks in the Kubernetes environment. Asking the question; 'isn't there a better way to support software development on top of Kubernetes?'... While having discovered Knative as a great project to settle in on, David is still exploring and getting more familiar with an ever growing number of CNCF projects.

  • Knative and Kafka - the superheroes in event driven architecture
Debarshi Ray

I work in the Red Hat Desktop Team on Fedora Silverblue and Workstation, and GNOME. I am the author and current maintainer of Toolbx.

  • Toolbx: Recent updates
Deep Yogeshbhai Gandhi

With over ten years of experience in the industry, I am passionate about technology and software architectures and have planned, developed, and implemented complex software solutions.

  • Legacy Modernisation Simplified: The Strangler Fig Pattern for Micro services Migration
Dennis Gilmore

Dennis Gilmore is a seasoned technologist with a long journey spanning key roles in the open-source arena. As the former Fedora Release Engineer, Dennis orchestrated the release cycles of one of the most prominent Linux distributions, ensuring the seamless delivery of cutting-edge updates to users worldwide. Leveraging his extensive experience, Dennis now serves as the Engineering Manager for OpenShift, Red Hat's flagship Kubernetes platform. In this capacity, he spearheads the development of innovative solutions in container orchestration and cloud-native computing, driving forward the evolution of enterprise-grade platforms in today's dynamic technological landscape.

With a passion for innovation and a track record of excellence, Dennis Gilmore brings a wealth of expertise to the table. His insights into software engineering, release management, and cloud-native technologies enable him to offer invaluable perspectives within the open-source community and beyond.

  • Kubernetes & OKD Meetup
Dmitry Belyavskiy

Red Hat Principal Software Engineer

  • Deep Dive into PQ Transition
Dmitry Levin

Dmitry is a long time contributor to free software projects, including strace, Linux kernel, the GNU libc, Linux-PAM, systemd, and many others.
Being the maintainer of strace since 2009, Dmitry gives talks about this tool for various audiences.

  • Evolution of ptrace from strace's perspective
Dominic Delabruere

Dominic Delabruere is a software engineer who works on internal tools at Red Hat. In their spare time they use free software on NixOS to make dark ambient electronic music.

  • Music Production on Linux Desktops
  • Packaging an application for Nix
Dominika Borges

Technical writer

  • Documentation and AI: A match made in heaven or hell?
Dominika Regéciová

Dominika Regéciová received a bachelor's degree in information technology and a master's degree in information technology security from Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology, in 2016 and 2018, respectively. Since 2018, she has been a Ph.D. student and a Formal Model Research Group member at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology. Her research includes formal models and compilers and their use in computer security. She currently works as a Senior Researcher at Gen Digital.

  • Gen: Open-source projects in the field of cyber security
Dominik Jelinek

I am a Senior Software Quality Engineer at Red Hat. I've been working here for 7+ years already. In my current role as a contributor to the Camel Tooling team and lead of Tooling QE group, my focus revolves around ensuring top-notch quality and advancing VS Code extensions for Apache Camel developed by Red Hat. These extensions play a role in enhancing the experience for Apache Camel developers. I am also writing blog posts about mentioned tooling on the Apache Camel Blog and posting videos on YouTube with Apache Camel experience in VS Code content.

  • Managing the Camel development lifecycle within VS Code
Dominik Süß

Dominik started his journey in technology as an SRE, working on projects ranging
from warehouse logistics and photobook designers to analyzing satellite imagery.
During this time, he discovered his passion for developer tooling and making
sure developers can focus on what they do best - build great software!

Now he is working as a Developer Experience Engineer at Grafana Labs, building
tools to see clearly in the ever-changing world of software.

  • Enabling Play - Leveling up your DevEx Game
Don Naro

Ansible community team at Red Hat

  • Introduction to creating automation with Ansible Development Tools
  • Ansible for fun and profit meetup
Dorinda Bassey

Dorinda works in the Automotive team at RedHat as a Software Engineer. Dorinda collaborates closely with RedHat developers and other experienced open source developers to design, write and test software applications. She enjoys taking on new challenges, expanding and sharing her knowledge. In her spare time she makes art.

  • Building VirtIO sound device in rust-vmm project
Dorka Volavkova

Event Marketing Manager, Red Hat.

  • Welcome!
  • Wrap up and win win win
Doug Smith

Doug Smith is a Principal Software Engineer for OpenShift Engineering at Red Hat. Focusing on Network Function Virtualization and container technologies, Doug integrates new networking technologies with container systems like Kubernetes and OpenShift. He is a member of the Network Plumbing Working Group and a contributor to OpenShift, Multus, and NFV-related projects.

  • Teaching an old (CNI) dog new (STATUS and GARBAGE COLLECT) tricks
  • Panel on Infrastructure for communities
Dumitru Ceara

Core OVN engineer @ Red Hat.

  • From Kubernetes objects to network packet pipelines (and back)
Edward Haas

Edward Haas is a principle SW engineer in the OpenShift Virtualization group @RedHat, specializing in the network domain.

  • Coding with (my) Kids
Elad Tabak

With over 17 years of experience in the dynamic tech industry, I've honed my expertise in enterprise-grade software development across a spectrum of environments, ranging from tech giants to nimble startups. My passion for innovation led me to specialize in cloud-related services, with a keen focus on crafting robust solutions using cutting-edge technologies like Golang. I've been working in Red Hat in the last 5 years, building a service that helps customers create and manage their Openshift clusters.

  • Proactive Engineering: from Fixing Bugs to Preventing Incidents
Eric Hadley

Eric Hadley is a Senior Technical Project Manager at Red Hat currently supporting Core Platforms with a focus on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Eric has been described as the "Grand Poobah" of RHEL process and lives in New Hampshire, USA somewhere out in the middle of the woods.

  • From Old School to New Age: Streamlining Red Hat’s Development Process and Paving the Way for Agile Innovation
Evan Goode

Free software developer from Atlanta, USA. Currently working on DNF 5 (professionally) and Drasl (unprofessionally).

  • Learning from Nix: how other package managers can do better
Fabio Alessandro "Fale" Locati

Fabio Alessandro Locati - commonly known as Fale - is an EMEA Associate Principal Solutions Architect at Red Hat, public speaker, published author, and Open Source contributor. His main areas of expertise are Linux, containers (ie: Kubernetes), automation (ie: Ansible), security, cloud (mainly AWS and GCP), cloud technologies, databases, and networking.

With more than 15 years of working experience in the field, he has experienced different IT roles, technologies, and languages. Fale has consulted for many different companies, starting from a one-man company to Fortune 500 companies. This has allowed him to consider various technologies from different points of view, helping him develop critical thinking and understand very quickly whether a particular technology is the right one for a specific project or not.

Since he is always looking for better technologies, he also tries new technologies to see their advantages over the old ones and their maturity status. Some of the things Fale evaluates about every technology are the security, the ethical, and functional consequences of it.

Over the years he gave more than 50 talks about his work, the projects he helps in his spare time, IT ethics, and his vision of IT and security worlds.

He is the author of Practical Ansible, Practical Ansible 2, Learning Ansible 2, Learning Ansible 2.7, and OpenStack Cloud Security. In the spare time he helps in the Kubernetes, Fedora Project, Ansible, Wikimedia, Open Street Map communities as well as in many smaller projects on GitHub and similar platforms.

  • Derisk the choice of vendors and projects by understanding IT companies' business models
Faisal Al-Rayes

A 25 years old Software Engineer at Red Hat, with a passion for automation. Completed his studies at Czech Technical University of Prague in Mechanical Engineering and the specialisation of Information and Automation Technology. Exploring optimisations and disciplined programming paints the gradient of his career path.

  • A __new__ way to __init_subclass__ for python automation.
Fernando Fernandez Mancera

Fernando is a Software Engineer focused on networking tools for Linux. Currently working on NetworkManager and Nmstate at Red Hat.

Graphic design is clearly not his passion but he likes hiking, videogames..

"Isn't it very strange to write about yourself in the third person?" - Fernando F. Mancera

  • NetworkManager community meetup
Fernando Hoyos

Fernando is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, working on the Kiali project, an open source console for Istio service mesh. Specializing in frontend architectures, he enjoys creating modern and user-friendly interfaces.

  • Kiali Beyond the Graph – Troubleshooting Istio
Filip Janus

Software engineer

  • The new era of packaging parallel streams in Fedora
Florian Festi

RPM upstream developer

  • RPM developers Meetup
František Lachman

Principal Software Engineer and Packit Product Owner at Red Hat.

Occasional teacher at Masaryk University, Brno CZ. Member and instructor of scout leaders. Python and non-formal education enthusiast.

  • Do you like your changelogs?
  • Let the users speak! (Packit & Testing Farm & tmt Success Stories)
Ganesh Hanumant Kadam

Currently working as a Senior Technical Support Engineer at Red Hat, with a focus on Red Hat OpenStack services, troubleshooting, and customer engagements. I've developed a deep understanding of the functionalities of Red Hat OpenStack components, containers, and Virtualization issues.

Throughout my career, I've tackled a myriad of challenges, honing my skills in problem-solving and customer satisfaction. From diagnosing critical issues to architecting robust solutions, I've navigated the dynamic landscape of technology with precision and expertise.

My passion lies in sharing knowledge and insights gained from hands-on experience. At Dev Conf, I aim to inspire and educate fellow enthusiasts through engaging discussions and practical demonstrations. Whether it's unravelling the intricacies of OpenStack deployments or delving into the nuances of customer interactions, I'm dedicated to empowering audiences with actionable insights and strategies.

Join me at Dev Conf as we explore the ever-evolving world of technology together, forging connections and igniting innovation along the way. Let's embark on a journey of discovery, where collaboration and learning pave the path to success.

  • Openstack Director Operator walkthrough and usecase meetup
Gerd Oberlechner

Red Hat Service Delivery SRE

  • Automatically keeping your OpenShift cluster fleets up to date with confidence
German Maglione

I'm part of the virtualization and storage team at Red Hat

  • Streamlining bootable container workflows with podman-bootc
Giuseppe Magnotta

Technology enthusiast with experience in many fields of the IT landscape and passionate about Integration, Unix environments, mobile, embedded, web platforms, blockchain, Linux Containers, Kubernetes and distributed computing.

Always interested in discovery new technologies and new challenges.

  • Navigating Challenges and Opportunities in Cloud-to-Edge Delivery
Greg Sutcliffe

Greg Sutcliffe has been participating in open source communities for almost two decades, and is currently a Community Architect for Ansible. He's interested in the structure of communities, how people interact, and how communities achieve their aims. He's also interested in community data, and how we can use that to understand communities through a different view. He also wishes people wouldn't take averages of things they shouldn't.

  • "Build it and they will come" and other myths
Hangbin Liu

Software Engineer

  • Modern Linux Bridge introduction
Hank Lee

Hank is a contributor at the Fedora Project, looking after documentation and helping out new comers at the Fedora Matrix Chat

Pagure/FAS ID: hankuoffroad

  • FOSS Action: Engaging Communities with Open Source Software entirely
Hayk Hovsepyan

My name is Hayk Hovsepyan and I am a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat with eighteen years of overall experience in IT. I am an open source programmer, former QE and a father of four kids with a Master's Degree graduated from State Engineering University of Armenia. I like a good whisky, hiking, and spending my time in the garden.

  • Kiali Beyond the Graph – Troubleshooting Istio
Huijuan Zhao

Huijuan Zhao is Senior Quality Engineer in Red Hat. She focus on RHEL guest image tests on multiple clouds and hypervisors. She has rich experiences in test design, including test strategy, test plan, test case, CI/Automation and so on.
She attended DevConf.cz 2023 as audience, and benefit a lot from it. Now she would like to do some share in this conference to contribute for the open source community.

  • Good practice to balance test matrices
Íñigo Huguet

Studied electronics engineering and worked as embedded software engineer for 7 years.

In 2021 I joined Red Hat at the network drivers team, and currently I'm part of the network manager team, working on projects like NetworkManager and nmstate.

  • NetworkManager community meetup
Israel Blancas

Software Engineer at Red Hat. Observability. From Spain.
Google Developer Expert in Google Cloud. GDG Organizer, AWS Community Builder.

  • Observe and troubleshoot applications with Kiali and Jaeger
Itamar Holder

Computer Scientist graduate at Technion, Israel.
Senior Software Engineer @ Red Hat.

Kubevirt maintainer and Kubernetes developer.

  • What the swap?! Swap on k8s: current status and future plans
Jack Henschel

Jack Henschel is a Cloud Computing Engineer at CERN where he develops and administrates several Kubernetes cluster, ensuring all components integrate smoothly with the rest of CERN's computing environment. His special areas of interest are systems performance, observability and efficiency. In his free time he likes exploring the French and Swiss Alps by foot and bike.

  • Scalable and multi-tenant Kubernetes ingress infrastructure
Jakub Čecháček

Software Engineer and programming language enthusiast, currently working on the Debezium project.

  • Effortless Change Data Capture with Debezium and Kubernetes
Jakub Guzik

I'm a Software Engineer with a decade of experience. Presently, I lead the Test Platform team within the OpenShift organization. We develop, maintain and operate CI/CD and development process automation tools and services for OpenShift as well as manage multi-cluster environment.

  • Effective Cost Attribution in Multi-User OpenShift Environment
Jakub Scholz

Jakub works at Red Hat as a Senior Principal Software Engineer. He has long-term experience with messaging and currently focuses mainly on Apache Kafka and its integration with Kubernetes. He is one of the founders and maintainers of the Strimzi project which is part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and provides tooling for running Apache Kafka on Kubernetes. Before joining Red Hat he worked as a messaging and solution architect in the financial industry.

  • Released from the cage: Apache Kafka without its ZooKeeper
Jakub Stejskal

Experienced Quality Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Test Automation, Apache Kafka, Jenkins, and Java. Interested in CI/CD tools and one of the Strimzi project maintainers.

  • Kubernetes DevOps and GitOps in Action: An Autonomous System Approach
James Wong

Developed a file-based storage system with snapshot functionality, facilitating instantaneous point-in-time virtualization of servers within seconds. Ventured into the Ad-tech domain to join the development of a Real-Time Bidding (RTB) platform. Presently collaborating with a talented and energetic engineering team to develop Ansible Lightspeed, using Generative AI to offer code completion and suggestions for authors of Ansible Playbooks.

  • Open-sourcing Ansible Lightspeed - Automating your automation code
Jan Martiška

I work as a software engineer at Red Hat, focusing on Quarkus. Nowadays I fiddle mostly with its MicroProfile capabilities and the Langchain4j extension. I love designing open-source frameworks, libraries, tools and APIs that will make developers happy. I am also a co-author of the hands-on book called Quarkus in Action.

  • Quarkus meets AI: Developing AI applications in Java with Quarkus and Langchain4j
Jan Šafránek

Jan is a Software Engineer at Red Hat working on storage aspects of Kubernetes. He started developing Kubernetes more than 8 years ago, and still maintains the storage foundation of Kubernetes and OpenShift.

  • Choose the right OpenShift size
  • SELinux in the containerized world
Jan Wozniak

Jan is a software engineer at Kedify and spends most of his time with open-source technologies. He contributed to and helped to maintain various parts of the Kubernetes ecosystem.

  • KEDA Meets GatewayAPI
Jared Sprague

Jared Sprague is a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. He is the Product Owner of the Offline Red Hat Customer Portal (aka Mimir). In the past he lead the Red Hat Customer Portal DevOps and Site Reliability team. Outside of Rat Hat, he is a Co-Creator of arcade.redhat.com and co-author of many games. He also cuts gemstones as a hobby. He lives in Raleigh NC.

  • Content is King Under The Mountain - bringing enterprise knowledge content to offline environments
  • No Quarters Needed - Red Hat Open Source Arcade
Jaroslav Mráček

RPM Software Management/DNF developer
Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat

  • Managing micro-containers without DNF or microdnf
Jaroslav Řezník

Jaroslav Řezník is a Principal Program Manager responsible for Red Hat’s government certifications under the Product Security Compliance team. In his 16 years at Red Hat, he has touched many different areas from very different angles, from the community work on Fedora that is still his passion to compliance with government standards like Common Criteria and FIPS.

  • sec-certs.org - Security Certification Insights You Won't Find Anywhere Else
Jason Brooks
  • Panel on Infrastructure for communities
Jean-Baptiste Trystram

Red Hat developper working on Fedora CoreOS and Red Hat Core OS (the underlying OS for Openshift Container Platform)

  • Maintenance-free self-hosting : deploy your cool apps on FCOS
  • Customize your operating system like a container or start a new project without building a new distribution
Jelle van der Waa

Works at Red Hat on Cockpit and is an Arch Linux as developer.

  • How we integrated Btrfs into Cockpit
Jerry Becker

Jerry Becker is a Principal Transformation Manager in Red Hat's Agility & Continuous Improvement Organization. He also has experience as a Product Manager & Innovation Engagement Lead with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, helping companies bring ideas to life the open source way. Prior to joining Red Hat, he was helping the U.S. Intelligence Community transform how they build digital solutions through Agile delivery as a Lead Product Strategist and Product Manager. He also served in the Navy for 9 years.

Skilled in modern product practices such as Innovation Management, Human-centered Design, Design Thinking, and Agile Development, Jerry has a strong passion for inspiring and harnessing creativity to design useful, easy-to-use, and enjoyable products and experiences.

  • Lego Lab: Experience the Möbius Loop Rhythm of Working...with Lego!
Jimmy Sjölund

Jimmy Sjölund is an organisational transformation expert with extensive experience sparking change at large, multinational companies. As Principal Agile Practitioner at Red Hat, he’s focused on creating organisational improvements and improving team excellence through agile and lean workflows. He’s published articles and book chapters on topics like work visualization techniques, asynchronous collaboration, and leading through open principles and behaviors. He serves as an Ambassador for the Open Organization project and community.

  • Co-creating a vision in the open with 5000+ people
Jiří Herrmann

Technical writer at Red Hat, language enthusiast, standard nerd.

  • Documentation and AI: A match made in heaven or hell?
Jiri Olsa

Jiri works for Isovalent as upstream Linux Kernel and Cilium/Tetragon developer.

  • Tetragon observability and security tool
Jiri Podivin

Software engineer working at Red Hat, with interest in AI, obscure trivia, and technologies that never quite made it.

  • FarmAI: Open Resources for Autonomous farming
jiri vanek

I'm an principal QA engineer in Red Hat OpenJDK team.

  • Runtime patching game with java-runtime-(de)compiler
  • Rise of Temurin JDK
Joao Pedro Poloni Ponce

My name is João Pedro, but you can call me as JP, I'm Software Engineer who likes to solve problems and passionate about science and technology and how they can make peoples' life better. I’m currently working as Software Engineer at Red Hat Inc and I am enrolled in master program researching about deep learning applied for semantic segmentation for medical images.

  • Overview of image segmentation with AI
Johan Janssen

Johan is working as software architect at ASML. He has been working for various demanding companies where rapidly delivering high-quality software was very important. Johan regularly writes articles for InfoQ and Java magazines, mainly around Java. He presented more than 90 conference sessions in 24 countries at conferences such as JavaOne, GOTO, Devoxx, JavaZone, J-Fall, J-Spring, Jfokus and JavaLand. Johan received the JavaOne Rock Star, Oracle Code One Star and Oracle ACE Pro awards.

  • How sand and Java are used to create the world’s most powerful chips
Johan Robinson

Johan Robinson has +25 years of experience from the IT Industry working as a consultant on UNIX/Linux, storage expertise, backup & recovery expertise, disaster recovery, risk assessments, organization & team building. He moved into pre-sales, datacenter architect, and product owner. Together with some friends he had his own business specializing in building and selling virtualized datacenter solutions with a focus on high performance storage and products and strategies for companies to protect themselves from disasters or logical failures. For the last 8 years he's working for Red Hat, first by running teams of distributed storage specialists and private cloud specialists and now being the AI & Cloud Services Leader in EMEA, focusing on making customers enjoy Red Hat's OpenShift AI and Managed OpenShift platforms.

  • Keynote: From General AI to the Edge: Navigating the Future of Technology
Jörg Behrmann

I'm a sysadmin.

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, which image building tool is the fairest of them all?
Jorge Morales Pou

Jorge has been in technology for over 25 years doing things like Development and Developer advocacy for some time at companies like Red Hat and VMware. He's now spending his time working on Educates, an open source project for hands-on workshops that he and Graham Dumpleton, his buddy, have created.
When he's not working, he like spending the time in the mountains or with the family traveling around.

  • Show and wow: Easy way to share your cool stuff
Jose Angel Morena Simon

Software Engineer specializing in containers, automation, and open-source technologies. A firm believer in the power of simplicity, I aim to design solutions that are as straightforward as possible, without compromising on efficiency, scalability or usability.

Customer-focused, I'm committed to continuous learning and professional development, and I make every effort to stay at the forefront of the dynamic IT industry. My areas of expertise include:

  • Managing and working with container orchestration systems/platforms like Kubernetes and OpenShift Container Platform.
  • Building custom operators in OpenShift using the Operator-SDK and managing serverless workloads using Knative Eventing.
  • Using container runtimes like Podman and Docker.
  • Automating infrastructure and workflow processes using Ansible Automation Platform and Terraform.
  • Implementing CI/CD pipelines using GitLab, Tekton, and ensuring code quality with testing tools such as Molecule and Pytest.
  • Logging, monitoring, and analyzing system data with Elastic Stack, Splunk, and SignalFx.
  • Understanding cloud and virtual environments on AWS, VMware vSphere, and Kubevirt.
  • Managing systems and networks with Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Managing DNS with Infoblox and BIND.
  • Coding with Python3, Golang, Bash scripting, Java, and C, with a strong command of version control using Git.

With a focus on simplicity, detail, and customer needs, I strive to deliver efficient, scalable, and reliable solutions for technological challenges. I understand that every detail matters in the work I do, aiming to produce top-quality outcomes for both immediate needs and long-term operational success.

  • Cloud-Native Security Simplified: Automating OpenShift VM Compliance with Knative, Tekton and Ansible
Josef Reidinger

I am coming to the conference from Hradec Kralove. I am a proud father of three children. I graduated from Charles University many years ago, started working for SUSE during my studies and have been working on open source software all the time. I can code fluently in C, C++, perl and ruby, but I can also make code work in python, js or rust.

  • Agama: Next Generation of Linux Installer
Jose Gomez-Selles

Senior Product Manager in Observability and Sustainability at Red Hat. In a previous life, he did a PhD for nanothings. Keys, metal and virtual racing.

  • Is Serverless Powerfully Powerless?
Jose Manuel Marquez Alhambra

I have been using Linux for more than 14 years using different flavors and running in several environments.
I joined Red Hat on January, 2022 as a Senior Technical Account manager and currently I work with OpenShift and related technologies.

  • Multicluster Application Deployment with Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes and GitOps Principles
  • Enhancing Resilience in your OpenShift clusters with Ansible Event Driven Automation
  • Backup and Chill: Mastering Kubernetes Data Resilience with Velero
Josh Gwosdz
  • Quirky parts of go
Juarez Barbosa Junior

Juarez Barbosa Junior is a Senior Principal Java Developer Evangelist at Oracle. Previously, an Azure Developer Relations Lead at Microsoft, and a Thought Leader and Technical Evangelist at IBM.
He has 20+ years of professional experience, having held senior leadership roles in DevRel, software engineering, and startup-related initiatives. His knowledge comprises Java, Python, Cloud Computing (Oracle OCI, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, and AWS), DevOps, IaC, CI/CD, and Cloud Native.

  • Blazingly Fast GenAI App Development Java and Spring AI
Juliana Fajardini Reichow

Juliana Fajardini (she/her) graduated in 2014 in Information Systems in Brazil and has a diverse background in technology and entrepreneurship. Her experience includes working with Robot Soccer in Mixed Reality environments, Customer Development, mentoring young women in tech, and technical support. She started working with OISF through an internship with Outreachy. She strongly believes in the power of diversity and inclusion, communities, knowledge sharing, and giving back.

  • Suricata in Action: A Practical Workshop on Network Threat Detection
Julie Tydlackova

Intern working at Rad Had in a team specializing in chaos engineering.

Cyber security student at BUT FEEC.

  • What is Kraken? Tool for Chaos Engineering
Juraj Martiček
  • Design and development of autonomous racecar
Justin W. Flory

Justin W. Flory is a creative maker. He is best known as an Open Source contributor and Free Culture advocate originally from the United States. Justin has participated in numerous Open Source communities and led different initiatives to build sustainable software and communities for over ten years.

In October 2022, Justin joined Red Hat as the fourth Fedora Community Architect (FCA). He works closely between the Fedora Project community and Red Hat to lead initiatives that grow the Fedora user and developer communities. He also helps make Red Hat and Fedora interactions more transparent and open.

Justin is also a contributor to the Fedora Project since 2015. In Fedora, he volunteered as the team leader of the Community Operations team for four years and was a founding member of the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Team. He continues to represent and advocate for Fedora Linux internationally at events and conferences, including OS Community Africa Festival, CHAOSScon (Africa & Europe editions), FOSDEM, DevConf CZ, All Things Open, OSCAL, and others.

  • Building an Operating System: Choose your own adventure in Open Source contribution!
Kalyani Desai

Hello! I am Kalyani, your friendly Red Hatter during the day and a devoted writer whenever the stars come out to play. Based on the vibrant embrace of India Kindness fuels my spirit, and I believe in sprinkling a little extra of it wherever I go. So, whether I'm unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos or unraveling the tales of our lives. Let's explore the constellations of creativity, kindness, and connection together.

  • Educating Technical Writers: From Classroom to Community
Katya Gordeeva

Katya is a software engineer at Red Hat, who shifted her focus to AI/ML 5 years ago and now works as part of OpenShift Observability team. Passionate about data and problem-solving, she employs a variety of tools from analytics and machine learning to currently trendiest LLMs. When not immersed in the world of software, Katya is a robotics enthusiast. Beyond teaching machines how to think, she is equally passionate about making machines move, exploring the synergy of AI and robotics.

  • Smells like AI FOMO
Kirill Gaevskii

Senior Software Engineer at Ansible Lightspeed, Red Hat

  • Open-sourcing Ansible Lightspeed - Automating your automation code
Kirill Satarin

Kirill Satarin working as senior software engineer with focus on SAP automation with Ansible.

  • Enhancing Ansible Development with SOLID Principles
Konstantin Maksimov

Konstantin has 15+ years' experience in software development. His main areas of expertise are IBM s390x systems, cloud platforms (OpenShift) and storage software. He has also contributed to Open Source projects. Currently Konstantin is working on Software-Defined storage development on IBM Linux on Z platform.

  • Shared Memory Communications in Software-defined storage
Laura Barcziova

Senior software engineer at Red Hat, Packit team lead

  • A journey of iteration and role rotation for better collaboration
  • Do you like your changelogs?
Lee Yarwood

Principal Software Engineer @ Red Hat.

  • Streamlining VM creation in KubeVirt - Where are we now?
Lenka Bocincova

I am a community architect at Red Hat, where I work with open source projects related to Red Hat cloud native technologies and help them grow their communities. I enjoy a good cup of coffee and exploring cities on a bicycle :)

  • Coffee enthusiasts Meetup
  • Panel on Infrastructure for communities
  • Upstream maintainers meetup
Lenka Segura

Community Platform Engineering, former Outreachy intern

  • CommuniShift Available!
Leos Stejskal

Developer and team leader @ Rocket Team in Red Hat.
Working on Foreman / Satellite, mainly on provisioning.

  • Foreman provisioning open forum meetup
  • From developer to team leader, lessons learned
Lokesh Mandvekar
  • Shifting Left in Podman with Copr, Packit and TMT
Luděk Šmíd

I am Linux enthusiastic since I installed my first Slackware Linux distribution in the 90's. Since then I enjoy using Open Source as much as I can, especially for home automation, hardware hacking, and game development these days. My professional career started with software engineering jobs in the Telco area and then I moved to Linux. I continued as program manager for RHEL and I currently drive development of cryo electron microscopes.

  • When software and hardware projects need to sing together
  • Home [Automation|Assistant] Crash Course
Luigi Mario Zuccarelli

I have over 25 years experience in software development. I enjoy coding in golang and just recently in rust. I'm also passionate about hardware development and in my free time work on IoT embedded controllers and sensors.

  • Working With Multi-Platform Container Images (OCI Index/ Manifest List)
Luigi Pellecchia

Luigi Pellecchia is a Senior Sw Quality Engineer at Red Hat. He is a Mechanical Engineer with a solid background in sw development. He gained a strong experience as automotive sw tester reaching the role of Sw Validation Project Leader working on ECUs ISO 26262 compliant that are actually in production.

  • Leveraging RHEL’s strengths for Testing and Continuous Improvement
Lukáš Kotek

Senior Software Quality Engineer at Red Hat focused on KVM. Fedora Linux and Python enthusiast.

  • FreeDOS and... QEMU
Lukáš Šišmiš

Lukáš Šišmiš is a core team member of the open-source Suricata IDS project where he focuses on the acceleration of network packet processing through the optimized datapath library - DPDK. He is also a Ph.D. student at BUT FIT and a researcher at Cesnet.

  • Suricata in Action: A Practical Workshop on Network Threat Detection
Lukáš Tyrychtr

A visually impaired Red Hat employee working on accessibility of Gnome, GTK, and on anything else which time permits.

  • Enhancing Linux Accessibility: A Unified Approach

With 10+ years in engineering, tech has been my passion from the start. Graduating in computer networks, I thrive on Go, Kubernetes, and an OpenSource approach. As an SRE practitioner, it's all about owning what you touch. No cloud preference, just adaptability. My motto? "Learn daily, no sleep without new knowledge."

Off-screen, catch me enjoying 🚲 🏍️ 🎿 🚶‍♂️ 🏕️.

  • Why Kubernetes Is Inappropriate for Platforms, and how to make it better!
Manrique García

Red Hat Technical Account Manager

More than 15 years experience in design, deployment, administration, migration and monitoring of complex IT infrastructures hosted in Cloud and Virtual Environments, with extensive focus on Open Sources projects.
More than 15 years working in IT infrastructures with a special focus on open source technologies.

I am passionate about Linux, fantasy books and Formula 1.

  • Multicluster Application Deployment with Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes and GitOps Principles
  • Backup and Chill: Mastering Kubernetes Data Resilience with Velero
Manuel Dewald

Principal Site Reliability Engineer, Red Hat OpenShift

Manuel completed his studies in applied computer science with a Master's degree in 2013 in Heidelberg and started working for SAP shortly thereafter. He was involved in projects using the Cloud Foundry platform of SAP and in his role contributed to the Cloud Foundry lifecycle manager, BOSH. In 2019, he decided to broaden his open source contributions and joined Red Hat as Site Reliability Engineer for Red Hat Openshift. He is interested in working with and combining all kinds of technology to build new cool things, striving to make peoples life easier.

  • Making Sense of Metrics: Crafting and Leveraging Prometheus Metrics for Infrastructure Intelligence
Maor Friedman

SRE at Red Hat

  • Automatically keeping your OpenShift cluster fleets up to date with confidence
Marcel Hild

Marcel Hild has 25+ years of experience in open-source development and the IT industry. He co-founded a Linux consulting company, worked as a Solution Architect for Red Hat, and was a core Developer for ManageIQ, a Hybrid Cloud Management tool. In addition, he researched AIOps and Open Services in the Office of CTO at Red Hat and built a community of SRE practitioners around operate-first.cloud and practiced the fine art of managed-OpenShift-Black-Belt-Do.
He’s now the Architect for Red Hat Developer Hub, a Developer Portal based on Backstage

  • A Relationship Therapy Session for Platform Engineering and Developer Portals
Marcel Plch

Public Speaking

One of my favorite semi-IT tasks is giving talks about topics I find useful
and/or interesting. I often used to give talks at some conferences and local Python meetups. I
attended some Toastmasters sessions, so I could get better at public speaking.

Unfortunately, before I could utilize these new skills, the COVID crisis terminated my public speaking for a while.

Conference Attendance

• Linux Days 2016
• PyCon CZ 2018
• PyCon CZ 2019
• EuroPython 2019
• Flock (Fedora Linux distribution conference)

  • Versioning software with git
Marcus Schäfer

I am passionate about Linux and open source technology. I am convinced that an open collaboration between people and groups and the respectful dealings with contributions from everyone leads to better solutions, good quality software and resilient teams with people who actually love what they do.

I'm into appliance building (kiwi), public clouds and embedded OS+tools


  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, which image building tool is the fairest of them all?
Marek Aufart

Engineer at Red Hat working on OpenShift migrations with previous experience on OpenStack, CloudForms/ManageIQ.

  • Modernize Legacy Applications to Kubernetes with Konveyor
Maria Leonova

Interaction designer, UXD.

  • Shaping Products users love by leveraging Continuous Discovery
Mário Harvan
  • Design and development of autonomous racecar
Mark Kemel

I'm a Software Engineer at Red Hat, currently focused on feature development for Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System

  • Managing services in multi-node edge environments with Eclipse BlueChi
Marta Añón

I'm a Senior Software Engineer working in Software Production organization at Red Hat.

I am part of the KubeArchive and CPaaS (Continuous Productization as a Service) Teams.

  • KubeArchive: A Kubernetes Resource Archiver
Marta Lewandowska

I am a quality engineer at Red Hat, focused on bootloaders. In my previous life, I did research on axons and helped to build one of the detectors at the LHC.

  • No more boot loader: Please use the kernel instead
Martin Hradil

UI dev, Ansible Galaxy.

  • How to onboard students on your project and find a perfect intern
Martin Kolman

Martin Kolman is part of the Anaconda installer team at Red Hat in Brno. He is a Python developer and maintainer of various installer-related packages such as Initial Setup or python-meh.

He is also interested in Japanese culture, space technology, 3D printing and is a member of the unofficial Red Hat Brno office open hardware lab.

  • Migrating the Fedora & RHEL installer to Wayland
Martin Pitt
  • Cockpit developer @ RedHat since 2017
  • Debian/Ubuntu developer
  • CI addict
  • Upstream cross-project testing: Never break your API consumers
Martin Schimandl

Server wrangler and bug hunter by day. Dance floor roamer and applause giver by night.

  • 9 magic rules to make you a debugging wizard
Martin Štefanko

Principal software engineer at Red Hat, Brno JUG leader, MicroProfile committer, working on Red Hat middleware technologies like Quarkus, SmallRye, Wildfly, JBoss middleware (RESTEasy, Weld, ...), programming and microservices enthusiast.

  • Avoiding career pitfalls — A well-grounded software engineer
  • Is Loom really the future of enterprise Java?
Martin Zelený

Software Engineer at Red Hat, Python lecturer and coach at Czechitas and PyLadies

  • My experience with teaching beginners
Matej Matuška

A computer science and cyber security student at BUT Faculty of Information Technology and a software engineer at Red Hat working on RHEL In-place upgrades.

  • sec-certs.org - Security Certification Insights You Won't Find Anywhere Else
Mateusz Kowalski

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, where he is currently working at the OpenShift Bare Metal Networking team. He is creating solutions that enable distributed computing in environments where cloud providers are not enough, demands are tough and direct access to the hardware is a must.

In the past worked at CERN on cloud and bare metal projects that were powering the Large Hadron Collider, and afterwards at ETH Zurich as part of the team doing research in the network security and internet protocols area.

  • Declarative Networking in Declarative World
Matheus Boy

Python Enthusiast and Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat

  • Should your CI be aware of your CD?
  • Step up your Python dict game: dict comprehensions
Matias Vara Larsen

A person with an interest in OS and virtualization.

  • Building VirtIO sound device in rust-vmm project
Matthew Heon

Matt Heon has been an engineer on Red Hat's Containers team for 9 years, and has been one of the core Podman maintainers since its introduction.

  • What's New in Podman 5
Matthias Goerens

Senior Software Engineer @ Red Hat

  • Developing your Level 5 Operator in 75 Minutes
Matthias Kirschner

Matthias Kirschner is President of FSFE. In 1999 he started using GNU/Linux and realised that software is deeply involved in all aspects of our lives. Matthias is convinced that this technology has to empower society not restrict it. While studying Political and Administrative Science he joined FSFE in 2004.

He helps other organisations, companies and governments to understand how they can benefit from Free Software -- which gives everybody the rights to use, understand, adapt, and share software -- and how those rights help to support freedom of speech, freedom of press or privacy.

Recently, in his spare time, he has written the book "Ada & Zangemann - A Tale of Software, Skateboards, and Raspberry Ice Cream", which is available at publishers in English, German, French, and Italian, and translated into Arabic, Valencian, Danish, and Ukrainian.

  • Engaging with the next generation: A Tale of Software, Skateboards, and Raspberry Ice Cream
Mayur Deshmukh

Professionally Javascript Developer @RedHat;
And an Illustrator and Artist in my free time.

  • Getting Familiar with building Backstage Dynamic Plugins for Red Hat Developer Hub.
Meirav Dean

With more than 20 years in the Tech world, Meirav Dean is a passionate and curious leader who constantly stays up-to-date with the latest technology. Through her various management roles, she has developed a strong background in networking, cybersecurity, virtualization, and confidential computing.
As a Senior Manager at Red Hat, Meirav leads a talented engineering group, fostering innovation and driving success. Her expertise, leadership skills, and commitment to continuous learning make her an influential speaker and thought leader in the tech community.

  • Its Confidential! (Clusters)
Michael Engel

I am a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat working on features for Red Hats In-Vehicle Operating System

  • Eclipse BlueChi - A deterministic multi-node service controller for automotive and edge
  • Managing services in multi-node edge environments with Eclipse BlueChi
Michael McCune

Michael McCune is a software developer creating open source infrastructure and applications for cloud platforms. He has a passion for problem solving and team building, and a lifelong love of music, food, and culture.

  • Autoscaling Everything in Kubernetes Meetup
  • How to Build Collaboration and Influence Open Source Projects
Michael Scherer

  • Panel on Infrastructure for communities
Michal Konečný

Senior software engineer at Red Hat
Fedora Infrastructure & Releng Team Leader

  • Panel on Infrastructure for communities
Michal Štefaňák

A versatile problem-solver with 15+ years across software, web, game development, and manufacturing. Driven by innovation, I excel in complex projects, from low-level graph drivers to production automation. Thriving in dynamic environments, I bring a strategic mind and collaborative spirit to tackle any challenge.

  • cypherGUI - ease the transition for graph databases administration
Michel Lind

Michel Lind (né Salim) has been a contributor to Fedora and related projects since almost its inception (circa 2004), and is currently active in the EPEL, Golang, Python, and Rust SIG, as well as incubating a Lua Packaging SIG.

In his day job he is a Production Engineer in Meta's Linux Userspace team, working on integrating Meta-developed open source projects in Linux distributions in general, and Fedora and CentOS Stream in particular.

  • Applying Production Engineering mindset to RPM Packaging for fun and profit
Miguel Angel Ajo

I'm just a guy who loves computers, Edge, and Electronics. I worked on embedded system design before joining Red Hat; then I worked on Networking stuff (Openstack/Neutron, Submariner, ..) then Microshift, and other projects :-)

On my free time I make electronic music as Patch Funk :-)

  • Jumpstarter: Enabling Open hardware in the loop
Miguel Duarte

Miguel is a Principal Software Engineer for OpenShift Virtualization, working at Red Hat since 2018.

His main interests are SDN / NFV, functional programming, containers and virtualization.

Miguel is a member of the Network Plumbing Working Group, a maintainer of several CNI plugins (whereabouts, macvtap), and a contributor to some others (ovn-kubernetes, multus).

  • Teaching an old (CNI) dog new (STATUS and GARBAGE COLLECT) tricks
  • Stairway to developer heaven - AKA how to advertise a feature
Miroslav Jaroš

DeepLearning, Pytorch, Neural Network Model Training, Dataset Creation, Data Rescue, IT Audit

  • FarmAI: Open Resources for Autonomous farming
Miroslav Suchy

Sinclair, Basic, Atari, i286, i386 Turbo, Turbo Pascal, Perl, Debian, Python, Red Hat, Satellite, RHEL, Fedora, RPM, Scratch, Micro:bit, ABRT, Copr, Packit

  • Indiana Jones and obsoleted projects
  • Kids Corner
Miroslav Vadkerti

Testing Farm architect. Open-source junkie. Senior Principal QE @ Red Hat.

  • Let the users speak! (Packit & Testing Farm & tmt Success Stories)
Mohan Boddu
  • Shifting Left in Podman with Copr, Packit and TMT
Mohit Gaur

Hello, I'm Mohit Gaur, a Software Quality Engineer on the Platform Engineering team at Red Hat.

I'm a lifelong learner, constantly experimenting with new tools and contributing to open-source projects. Sharing knowledge and empowering others to embrace technology's potential fuels my fire. Beyond coding, I find inspiration in brainstorming sessions and stimulating discussions.

So, whether you're looking for a quality engineer, a fellow traveler on the digital frontier, or simply a sounding board for your latest ideas, feel free to connect! My thirst for collaboration and conversation never runs dry.

  • Beyond Black Boxes: Guide to Testing AI-Powered Applications
Myriam Fentanes Gutierrez
  • Keynote: From General AI to the Edge: Navigating the Future of Technology
Nathan Scott

Nathan is the technical lead of the Performance Co-Pilot and Grafana engineering team at Red Hat.

He has spent over 25 years in various roles involving performance analysis, with a systems development background in tool chain and kernel software development. Currently completing the final research component of a Masters in Applied Artificial Intelligence at Deakin University, Australia, he is really looking forward to completing and having a break at the end of this year.

Nathan is an upstream maintainer for the htop (https://htop.dev) and Performance Co-Pilot (https://pcp.io) projects, and is also a long-time Fedora and Debian package maintainer.

  • Performance Co-Pilot TreeTop: predictive analytics for system performance analysis
Neal Gompa

Neal is a developer and contributor in Fedora, Mageia, and openSUSE, focusing primarily on the base Linux system components, such as package and software management. He's a big believer in "upstream first", which has led him all over the open source world.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Users Meetup
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, which image building tool is the fairest of them all?
  • Building Fedora Cloud Images with Kiwi Image Builder: A Comprehensive Guide
Neil Smith

Neil studied Computer Science at the University of Toronto and has over 20 years' experience in Technology. He currently is a Senior Manager at Red Hat managing the Container Tools team, he loves working with technology and using data to help teams improve.

  • Learn to use Jupyter Notebooks to analyze product user data in a Podman environment
Nicola Sella

Nicola is a free software enthusiast. He discovered free software at university, when he was studying physics. At that time, Nicola started contributing to the free software world through blogging and by helping build communities. With time, he developed his skills and became a developer. Today, Nicola is a Software Engineer at Red Hat, part of the RPM software management team.

  • Coffee enthusiasts Meetup
Nicolas Fränkel

Developer Advocate with 15+ years experience consulting for many different customers, in a wide range of contexts (such as telecoms, banking, insurances, large retail and public sector). Usually working on Java/Java EE and Spring technologies, but with focused interests like Rich Internet Applications, Testing, CI/CD and DevOps. Also double as a trainer and triples as a book author.

  • Evolving your APIs, a step-by-step approach
Nicole Wilker

Nicole Wilker is a reformed software engineer trying to make the world a better place one agile principle at a time.
Her mission revolves around removing roadblocks to provide you the best possible path on your agile journey. She has been running, coaching and mentoring agile teams as well as supporting teammates in Scrum, Agile and Lean. She thrives in the servant leader role and garners tremendous joy when helping other see their path, have their aha moment or succeed in whatever they are aiming for.

When she is not doing all she can for those around her, she can be found in the mountains of Colorado, snuggling with her rescue pup, taking walks with her amazing husband or cooking up a storm

  • Everyone else is just wrong
Nicu Mola
  • Detecting To-Be-Removed APIs for Kubernetes Upgrade Readiness
Nikolai Kondrashov

Nikolai Kondrashov is a self-taught software engineer working at Red Hat's CKI project, as well as Linux Foundation's KernelCI project. He's a computer nerd, and electronics enthusiast.

  • What lies beyond the kernel's email workflow?
Ondrej Babec

About me

My name is Ondrej, and I am passionate about almost everything that takes place in the world of IT. I spend most of my free time watching, fixing, or driving cars, so if you are a car or bike person, we will have a lot to talk about.

Besides that, I have a beard, and I am pretty tall, so I am easy to find. I am open to conversing with anyone and learning something new or giving anybody some advice.


I have been working at Red Hat as a Senior Software Quality Engineer for almost seven years. During those years, I have been part of several projects:
* Enmasse
* PatrIoT
* Debezium


Currently, I am primarily working on
* Debezium project, which I find very interesting, and I love working with the whole community around it.
* Skodjob project, this project was created some years ago by me and my colleagues David Kornel and Jakub Stejskal. It contains various tooling for long-running test environments on the Openshift environment and database performance tooling.

Other than that, I am still trying to find time to work on some of my older projects, like Rust MQTT, which was the first Async Rust MQTT client for embedded devices.

  • Effortless Change Data Capture with Debezium and Kubernetes
Ondřej Budai

Software Engineer working on Image Builder in Red Hat. Open source enthusiast that likes cooking.

  • Self-hosting/homelab meetup
Ondřej Kozina

I'm software engineer working for Red Hat in storage team. You can discuss cryptsetup and LUKS2 related topics with me.

  • Unlocking Security: Integrating self encrypting drives with LUKS2 format
Ondrej Lichtner

Principal SW Engineer @ Red Hat

  • DevConf warm-up run
Patrícia Salajová

Associate software engineer at RedHat, contributing to OpenShift CI.

  • Effective Cost Attribution in Multi-User OpenShift Environment
Patrick Martin

Currently Principal SRE at RedHat managing user facing applications such as quay.io & console.redhat.com. I have very high interest in Kubernetes cluster management and especially Openshift.

  • Automatically keeping your OpenShift cluster fleets up to date with confidence
Patrik Kopriva

I am an agile practitioner in Red Hat. I initially started as a Project Management intern and over the years worked my way towards a more agile-oriented role as a Scrum master and now helping agile transformation efforts in Red Hat.

  • Lego Lab: Experience the Möbius Loop Rhythm of Working...with Lego!
Patrik Polakovic

Associate Software Engineer, Community Platform Engineering, Red Hat.

  • CommuniShift Available!
Paul Holzinger

Software Engineer at Red Hat working on Podman and related container tools, with a focus on networking.

  • Podman networking deep dive
Paul Power

Associate Research Software Engineer at Red Hat

  • INCODE: A collaborative, open-source Horizon Europe research project, creating a programming platform for deployments on edge and IoT environments
Pavel Tisnovsky

Pavel is famous for his in-depth articles he writes on various technical topics for the Czech Linux magazine root.cz. He taught computer graphics at Brno Technical University and worked as a C, C++, and Java developer in various companies before he joined Red Hat where he was a quality assurance engineer in the OpenJDK team. In last several yeast he works as SW developer and tech lead using Python and Go programming languages to develop microservices for OpenShift Insights. He also teaches professional Java, Go, Python and Apache Kafka courses.

  • How to make Python faster: AOT, JIT and noGIL technologies
  • Go language basis course
Petr Šplíchal

Principal Software Quality Engineer at Red Hat working on improving testing tools and processes. Lately focused on tmt, the Test Management Tool, which aims to provide a comfortable and efficient way to develop tests and enable them easily and consistently all the way from the upstream project, through Fedora and CentOS Stream to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Petr likes listening, connecting people & interesting ideas, designing elegant solutions and automating tedious tasks. He loves silence, singing, playing the organ and leading the choir.

  • Let the users speak! (Packit & Testing Farm & tmt Success Stories)
Philipp Bergsmann

Philipp is part of the EMEA OpenShift Black Belt team at Red Hat, focusing on the managed cloud offerings. He has worked in the IT industry for about 20 years in various roles, from development to cloud infrastructure consulting. Over the last few years, Philipp has worked extensively on Kubernetes-related topics, planning and implementing Kubernetes platforms with various local and international companies.

  • Implementing DevSecOps in Production with Stackrox and Tekton
  • Unleashing Impact: Transforming Your Software Development Team with Outcome Driven Delivery
Rachel Sibley

Rachel Sibley is a Senior Principal Quality Engineer at Red Hat with around 20 years of experience in Quality Engineering, currently leading the testing efforts for the Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System working towards achieving Functional Safety Certification.

  • Leadership: Where people skills meet programmers
  • Leveraging RHEL’s strengths for Testing and Continuous Improvement
Radek Vokál

25 yeas in Open Source, 20 years at Red Hat.
From a package maintainer in Fedora to engineering manager all the way to product manager
Right now lead product manager for Red Hat OpenShift Observability

  • Welcome!
  • Wrap up and win win win
Radek Zavrel

Experienced in people management, project leadership, and customer interaction. A strong believer in the power of an open mind, vision, teamwork, encouragement, and motivation to drive success.

  • Oh, feedback
Rado Vrbovsky

Kernel maintainer, geek and artist.

  • A university course aimed at Linux kernel development
Rafael Minguillon

Technical Account Manager in Red Hat.

  • Enhancing Resilience in your OpenShift clusters with Ansible Event Driven Automation
Ralph Bean

Just a guy who likes to computer. I'm working on Konflux these days.

  • Introducing Konflux CI!
Rashid Khan

Senior Director Networking RH

  • Lets design a good manager for Opensource development (group discussion)
Renata Ravanelli

I'm Renata Ravanelli, a senior software engineer working with CoreOS at Red Hat/Fedora. I'm based in Brazil, where I work passionately on developing and enhancing CoreOS technologies.
I hold a degree in Computer Science and a specialization in Management and Strategy Business. Throughout my career, I've predominantly focused on infrastructure and DevOps technologies.
With over 10 years of experience in the Linux industry, my passion lies in open source technologies. I believe in the power of collaboration and transparency, and I am committed to harnessing the potential of open source to drive innovation and empower individuals worldwide.

  • Container Alchemy: Unleashing the Magic of Fedora/Red Hat CoreOS Customization with OSBuild Image Builder
Ricardo Noriega

Ricardo is a Principal Software Engineer working at the Red Hat's Office of the CTO in the Emerging Technologies organization. Ricardo is currently focused on the edge computing space, and he has been part of the MicroShift project since its inception, a lightweight Kubernetes distribution optimized for the device edge. He is a former member of the Akraino TSC and PTL of the Kubernetes-Native-Infrastructure blueprint family, and contributor to OpenStack, OpenDaylight and OPNFV.

  • Efficient Edge Computing: Unleashing The Potential of AI/ML With Lightweight Kubernetes
Richard Jones

Richard Jones works at Red Hat on virtualization, V2V, Fedora and RISC-V.

  • Virt-v2v - take out your VMware VMs to Linux
  • Fedora RISC-V
Rigin Oommen

Rigin Oommen is a senior software engineer in Red Hat with over 8+ years of experience at Red Hat, specializing in development. Recognized for his technical expertise and collaborative spirit, he consistently delivers innovative solutions.

  • Getting Familiar with building Backstage Dynamic Plugins for Red Hat Developer Hub.
Robert Krátký

Free software and documentation enthusiast.

  • Documentation and AI: A match made in heaven or hell?
Roberto Carratalá

Roberto is a Principal AI Platform Architect specializing in Container Orchestration Platforms (OpenShift & Kubernetes), Cloud, DevSecOps, and AI/ML. With over 10 years of experience in system administration, cloud infrastructure, and DevSecOps automation, he holds two MSc degrees in Telco Engineering and AI/ML.

  • Implementing DevSecOps in Production with Stackrox and Tekton
  • Managing MLOps at scale in OpenShift/Kubernetes
Roger Florén

Roger Florén, currently serves as the Principal Product Manager at Red Hat, specializing in Observability. His journey in the tech industry is marked by high performance and ambition, transitioning from a senior developer role to a principal product manager. With a strong foundation in technical skills, Roger is constantly driven by curiosity and innovation. At Red Hat, Roger leads the Observability platform team, working closely with in-cluster monitoring teams and contributing to the development of products like Prometheus, AlertManager, Thanos and Observatorium.

  • Best Practices for Effective Multi-Cluster Observability: Lessons Learned
Rohini Diwakar

Technical Account Manager - OpenShift & OpenStack

  • Openstack Director Operator walkthrough and usecase meetup
Rose Crisp

Meet Rose Crisp, an accomplished Senior Software Engineer on the Operator Enablement Team at Red Hat. With 15+ years of experience in software development, Rose has always been passionate about pushing boundaries and taking on new challenges. In 2019, while working for SAS Institute Inc, she leapt at the chance to work with a greenfield team that provided CI/CD services for application teams new to the concept. It was during this time that Rose discovered Kubernetes and fell in love with its world of possibilities. In 2020, she joined Red Hat to work with the Operator Enablement Team, where she has been a driving force in introducing Kubernetes operators and helping others passionate about Open Source and Kubernetes Operators. With a talent for teaching and a love of sharing her knowledge, Rose enjoys leading the Kubernetes Operator Framework workshops run by Red Hat. Get ready to be inspired by Rose's passion and expertise!

  • Developing your Level 5 Operator in 75 Minutes
Rui Ormonde

Senior Technical Project Manager at Red Hat, focused on process improvement, Jira automation, and readiness efforts related to major RHEL versions. Roman Empire enthusiast.

  • From Old School to New Age: Streamlining Red Hat’s Development Process and Paving the Way for Agile Innovation
Ryan Jenkins

Associate Research Software Engineer at Red Hat in the Waterford Research Interest Group.

Working on the Horizon EU Research project called AC3.

  • AC3 - A collaborative, open-source Horizon Europe research project focused on an AI-driven, sustainable, cloud-edge infrastructure.
Sahana Prasad

I work at Red Hat as a Senior software Engineer in the crypto team. I love all things crypto and security.
I'm involved in maintaining libssh and OpenSSL in Red Hat and Fedora. I'm a part of the QUBIP (https://qubip.eu/) project too.

  • Deep Dive into PQ Transition
Sally Ann O'Malley
  • Let’s Get Running with Containers!
  • Let’s farm out our image builds!
Sarah Julia Kriesch

Sarah Julia Kriesch is working part-time as a Consultant at Accenture and is studying her Master in Computer Science at the Friedrich-Alexander-University in part-time. She is enthusiastic about Linux, open source in general and mainframe platform stuff. She is openSUSE Member and is contributing as a Release Engineer for the architecture s390x to openSUSE. She is also one Founder and Co-Chair of the Linux Distributions Working Group at the Open Mainframe Project. Sarah wants to bring all Linux Distributions together for achieving collaboration, better support (for all) and better solutions (for all usable).

  • With Open Source Intelligence Data in Cyber Threat Intelligence for a Common Purpose
  • ROS on fedora IoT
Serhii Turivnyi

Currently, I am an associate manager, responsible for managing a team of engineers and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.
My technical expertise, and leadership skills, make me an effective manager who can drive results and deliver high-quality solutions.
I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills in my current role, and I am focused on building a strong team and delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive business growth and success.

  • Beyond Testing: CKI Strategic Approach to Enhancing Kernel Quality and Efficiency
  • Navigating Success. The Backward Planning Approach
Shailesh Chhabdiya

I am an OpenStack Enthusiast who is associated with Red Hat for 6yrs now.
I am in Customer Facing role who interacts with them and help in utilizing OpenStack smoothly.

  • Openstack Director Operator walkthrough and usecase meetup
Shardul Inamdar

Hello! I'm Shardul Inamdar, I'm a developer at Red Hat with a passion for teaching. I've helped hundreds of students learn to code and change their lives by becoming a developer. I have good experience in development and instructor roles.

My first foray into computers and programming was at a very young age, I used to spend most of my childhood in my dad's computer lab. Since then, I've made many websites, apps and chat-bots. But most importantly, I realized that my greatest passion is teaching.

Coming from a non tech Instrumentation branch to cracking a product based company like Red Hat, I have seen it all. From learning how to code to teaching 500+ students coding. I like to share my experience with the world.

  • Legacy Modernisation Simplified: The Strangler Fig Pattern for Micro services Migration
Shivansh Kuchchal

I am a distributed systems enthusiast with about 4.5 years of experience, currently working at Red Hat as a Senior Software Engineer. My first job, at KNNX Corp, focused on building Blockchain-based applications, which initially sparked my interest in the domain of distributed systems.

At KNNX Corp, I spent most of my time learning about consensus algorithms, the CAP theorem, Byzantine fault tolerance and more. My improved knowledge in this domain helped me climb the ranks quicker and I ended up leading a development team within just 1 year of joining.

At Red Hat, I work in the Subscriptions team. The product I'm currently working on attempts to bring together the big three cloud providers under one seamless platform. It demands extensive high-level design skills, which I honed during my previous role.

Apart from my professional life, I like to work on personal projects, just for fulfillment. I also like to cook, workout and write fiction.

  • Building Leader Election with Zookeeper, Go and Docker
Shrey Anand

Shrey Anand is a senior data scientist with over five years of experience in the field of AI / ML. He collaborates with the emerging technologies at Red Hat where he develops cutting-edge data science and generative AI solutions to solve complex business problems. As a strong advocate of open source, Shrey has made significant contributions to the community through his active involvement in various open source projects such as call for code, OS-climate, and Open Data Hub.

  • History of language models: Evolution, Frameworks, Deployment
Shreya Siddhartha

In spite of being a passionate literature student, I had always been keen towards technological advancements going around me. So, I read as much as I can aiming to acquire an understanding of how things work. In addition to that, I love to simplify, organise, and manage stuff; not just professionally! I truly believe this is what makes me a good technical writer. In upcoming years, my only aim is to never stop learning!

  • Educating Technical Writers: From Classroom to Community
Siteshwar Vashisht

Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. Upstream maintainer of OpenScanHub. Previously involved with fish shell, Sailfish OS, KornShell.

  • OpenScanHub - Static Analysis of a Linux Distribution
Soumyadip Chowdhury

Soumyadip is a Senior Software Engineer at Redhat with a passion for technology and knowledge sharing. With previous experience at HoiChoi Technologies and Bajaj Finserv, he brings a diverse background to his role. Soumyadip has actively participated in over 50 online and offline events as a speaker. His expertise extends to the domains of DTN (Delay Tolerant Networking) and Blockchain, where he has contributed by writing book chapters and journals. Soumyadip is known for his dedication to helping fellow tech enthusiasts enhance their skills, making him a valuable resource in the community.

  • Simplifying Cloud Native Chaos Engineering: A Deep Dive into Chaos Mesh
  • Maximize the Developer Experience with Backstage
Standa Láznička

I've worked for Red Hat for the past ~9 years. I've always been involved in authentication/authorization topics during that time.
I'm currently working in the OpenShift control-plane group, keeping my authn/z focus.

  • OpenShift WebConsole - Bring Your Own OIDC provider
  • The state of authentication in 2024
Stanislas Faye

I am a Technical Project Manager at Red Hat working as a Product Owner for NetworkManager, Nmstate and Ansible Network Role.

  • NetworkManager community meetup
Stef Walter

Stef Walter, Senior Director of Linux Engineering

Stef joined Red Hat in 2012 as an engineer working to make Linux integrated, discoverable, and usable. He has more than 20 years and 100 projects of experience working with open source. Among other things he led the RHEL Web Console “Cockpit” project, and became passionate about automating engineering tasks, integration testing and continuous delivery.

He now leads an engineering organization responsible for a large part of the RHEL including our AI accelerator enablement, CoreOS and container workflows.

Stef has lived all over the world. He now lives with his wife and 3 kids in Germany with his wife and three kids. Stef gets into the mountains as often as possible, flying, climbing, skiing, and trekking.

  • Keynote: What if you could boot a container?
Suriya Prakash

I'm Suriya Prakash, a Quality Engineering lead on the User Experience Engineering team at Red Hat.

With 9 years of Quality Engineering expertise under my belt, I've honed my skills in crafting automation solutions that empower teams and elevate software quality. From scaling test automation frameworks for fortune 500 companies to optimizing CI/CD pipelines for increased efficiency, I thrive on tackling complex challenges and delivering impactful results.

  • Authentication Showdown: Cypress vs Rest Assured vs Postman - Who Rules the Cookie Kingdom?
Sylvain Chen

Sylvain Chen is a Principal Consultant working at Red Hat. He has deep expertise in OpenShift, Ansible, DevOps, and software development. Currently, he mostly consults in Switzerland. He has spoken at Red Hat Summits, Ansible Fest, and other technical conferences.

  • Automating Kubernetes Operations with Ansible-Based Operator Development
Tales da Aparecida

Member of the cki-project.org, but also a half decent dancer

  • What lies beyond the kernel's email workflow?
Tatiana Krishtop

Tatiana is a passionate Senior Software/Reliability Engineer with 10+ years of experience. At Red Hat, she helps Telco partners install OCP + 5G workloads on available hardware and automate installation and testing. She believes automation is key to success and shares her expertise through blog posts.

  • Detecting To-Be-Removed APIs for Kubernetes Upgrade Readiness
Thomas Woerner
  • Automated deploying of IDM with SmartCard support
Till Maas

Till Maas is the engineering manager of the team that maintains NetworkManager and related projects like the Network System Role and Nmstate at Red Hat.
His open-source journey started in 1999, when he purchased a SuSE Linux 6.0 box. Since then he contributed to various projects with a focus on Fedora.

Till's mission is to inspire, challenge, support and care to lead to excellence and brilliance.

  • DevConf warm-up run
Tim Appnel

Timothy Appnel is a Senior Product Manager on the Ansible team at Red Hat. Tim is an old-timer in the Ansible community with over 12 years of experience with Ansible as a contributor, customer, consultant, evangelist, and “jack of all trades.” The synchronize module in Ansible is all his fault.

  • Introduction to creating automation with Ansible Development Tools
  • Ansible for fun and profit meetup
Tim Flink

Tim has been working as part of Fedora QA since 2011 and has been focusing on AI/ML, GPU acceleration in Fedora and using AI/ML in testing as of late. Tim earned his MSCS degree focusing in machine learning and computational lingustics in 2023.

  • Classifying OpenQA Test Failures in Fedora with AI/ML
  • Running an AI/ML Experiment
Timothée Ravier

Timothée Ravier is a Linux system and security engineer interested in safe programming languages and container focused operating systems. He is currently working at Red Hat as a CoreOS engineer. He maintains Fedora Silverblue and Fedora Kinoite, which are variants of Fedora focused on containers and Flatpaks. He is a KDE developer and helps maintain KDE Applications as Flatpaks on Flathub.

  • Customize your operating system like a container or start a new project without building a new distribution
Tomas Fiedor

Tomas is a wannabe scientist who tries his best in the field of performance analysis and testing. He is a member of the VeriFIT group from BUT FIT, Brno, and has cooperated with RedHat for some years. Currently, he cooperates on performance analysis of kernel.

  • Understanding Program Performance: When Academia Meets the Practice
Tomas Tomecek

Workdays: fiddling with LLMs, writing in python, and teaching git
Weekends: gardening, hiking, harvesting

  • A journey of iteration and role rotation for better collaboration
  • Upstream maintainers meetup
Uri Lublin

I'm a software engineer working at Red Hat on Virtualization and Confidential Computing

  • Its Confidential! (Clusters)
Urvashi Mohnani

Urvashi Mohnani is a Principal Software Engineer on the OpenShift Container Tools Team. She has spent the last few years working on open source container technologies such as Podman, Buildah, CRI-O, and Kubernetes. She has presented at various conferences including KubeCon, SCaLE, and DevConf and is passionate about sharing her work. She is a part-time lecturer at Boston University as well as a Co-Organizer for DevConf.US.

  • Let’s Get Running with Containers!
  • Let’s farm out our image builds!
Václav Pavlín

Builder of things, ex-Red Hatter, crypto enthusiast

  • Logos: Where privacy, censorship-resistance and permissionlessness meet
  • Co-located event: Logos Assembly: Brno (separate registration required)
Vadim Rutkovsky

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, emotional support human for OpenShift and OKD

  • Candy swap
Vanessa Martini

Vanessa is a Product Manager in the Observability group at Red Hat, focusing on both OpenShift Analytics and Observability UI. She is particularly interested in turning observability signals into answers. She loves to combine her passions: data and languages.

  • Best Practices for Effective Multi-Cluster Observability: Lessons Learned
Veronika Kabatova

Open source enthusiast who enjoys mentoring newbies, building communities around projects and convincing teams to do project management the right way - with documentation, testing, reliability and transparency in mind. Ex-kernel-CI lead, currently development pipeline architect. PyCon CZ co-organizer.

  • Leadership: Where people skills meet programmers
Victor Toso

Victor holds a BSc. Computer Science from the University of Campinas, Brazil and he has been working for Red Hat since 2014. He's passionate about Desktop and multimedia projects and has focused part of his career developing SPICE and hacking GNOME. Nowadays you can find him in #kubevirt-dev, discussing and fixing virtualization related issues in KubeVirt.

  • Device passthrough in KubeVirt
Viktor Malik

I'm a senior software engineer in Linux kernel engineering at Red Hat. My main focus is on the BPF technology, especially on its applications for system tracing and observability. I'm a upstream maintainer of the bpftrace tool. Also, I have a PhD in computer science from the area of static analysis and verification of software.

  • Observing all kernel functions: how hard could it be?
Vlastimil Elias

Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, IT systems analyst, architect and implementer, ML/AI enthusiast, Guitarist and Guitar effects builder.

  • Content is King Under The Mountain - bringing enterprise knowledge content to offline environments
Vojtech Juranek

Vojtech is a software engineer at Red Hat, currently working as a core developer of Debezium change data capture framework. He is interested in distributed systems and related areas.

  • Feeding ML models with the data from the databases in real-time
Vojtech Polasek

I am a blind software engineer working at Red Hat within the security compliance area. Naturally, I am trying to promote security and also accessibility for blind Linux users.

  • Enhancing Linux Accessibility: A Unified Approach
Yuri Oliveira Sa

In his professional path, Yuri Sa has always been involved in helping companies achieve the next level of automation in their infrastructure environment. Throughout his 15 years of experience, he worked in critical environments as a SysAdmin, SRE, and DevOps Engineer. One of his central beliefs is that all barriers between Developers and Operations teams should be removed; for that reason, he decided to contribute to open-source projects focused on observability in the past few years.

  • Auto Instrumentation for your NodeJS Application on Kubernetes.
  • Developing your Level 5 Operator in 75 Minutes
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek

I work in Red Hat on systemd, mkosi, and many other open sources projects. I'm a packager in Fedora, and have been in FESCo since Fedora 28.

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, which image building tool is the fairest of them all?
Zdenek Kabelac

Upstream lvm2 developer

  • Unleash the power of LVM2
Zilvinas Urbonas

Engineer with more than 10 years of full-stack experience in cloud native systems, with a focus on cloud infrastructure automation and cost optimization.

In my spare time, I enjoy running, jumping on a gravel bike, listening to podcasts and learning new things.

  • K8s workload autoscaling performance dimensions
Zita Pospisil Nemeckova

That one teammate who always onboards interns with a smile :)

  • How to onboard students on your project and find a perfect intern
Zuzana Miklánková

Software Engineer at Red Hat, maintainer of several database-related components for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, CentOS Stream. Contributor to the Software Collections Organization on GitHub.

  • The new era of packaging parallel streams in Fedora