RPM developers Meetup
06-13, 14:00–15:20 (Europe/Prague), A112 | Meetups (capacity 64)

With more and more macros, build scripts, and other tools being split out from RPM itself, a larger and more diverse group of people is working on RPM and all pieces involved in building packages. While this is very much intentional it also fragments the work into many small groups.

So let's meet up at DevConf and talk about what is going on, see if there are opportunities for more cooperation and exchange ideas! We as RPM upstream are very interested how (new) features are used and anticipated and if they are actually moving in the right direction. On the other hand are we happy to shared in what direction we think things should/might head and what we thought things might be used.

Please bring your own project/component/script/set of macros/packaging policy/... you are working on, dealing with or are planning to.

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