Cognitive Decentralized Edge to Cloud Orchestration (CODECO) - a Horizon Europe open source research collaboration project
06-13, 16:15–16:50 (Europe/Prague), D0206 (capacity 154)

CODECO is a Horizon Europe open source research collaboration project with sixteen partners (universities and companies). CODECO, short for Cognitive Decentralized Edge to Cloud Orchestration, is an innovative open-source framework, currently in development, aiming to boost Edge-Cloud infrastructure efficiency and infrastructure resilience. It focuses on optimizing application deployment and runtime within Kubernetes environments through cognitive and cross-layer orchestration, spanning data flow, computation, and network layers. CODECO provides a comprehensive view of data in the IoT-edge-cloud continuum.

CODECOs dedicated Innovation and Research Community Engagement Programme encourages collaboration among developers, SMEs, and research communities. This talk targets stakeholders keen on advancing Edge-Cloud orchestration. Attendees will grasp CODECO's principles, objectives, and key research contributions, recognizing its potential impact across various industry verticals. Attendees will come away with knowledge of open-source toolkits, training resources, and use-case deployments (across Smart Cities, Energy, Manufacturing, and Smart Buildings). This talk will highlight an example deployment of the CODECO framework in the smart city of Göttingen, showcasing impressive energy efficiency and the leveraging of AI via edge cloud devices to enable smart solutions (including smart buildings, infrastructure monitoring, and vehicular safety enhancement). This talk details the architecture and components of the framework.

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My name is Alka Nixon, Associate Research Software Engineer at Red Hat in Ireland. I've had the opportunity to be part of the CODECO project, a Horizon Europe open-source research collaboration, where I gained insights into cutting-edge technologies like edge cloud, AI, and IoT.

My professional journey started as an Assistant System Engineer at TCS, focusing on full-stack web development for two years. I completed my master's degree in Computing from the South East Technological University, Ireland, in 2023.

I'm a lifelong learner who takes pleasure in applying my skills to contribute to the ongoing technological advancements in my company.