Keynote: From General AI to the Edge: Navigating the Future of Technology
06-13, 09:30–10:05 (Europe/Prague), D105 (capacity 300)

This presentation offers a comprehensive exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) and its trajectory from broad, foundational principles to specialized applications at the technological forefront. Starting with an introduction to AI and its evolution, the presentation transitions to discussing the applications and impact of AI, we spotlight the transformative effects on sectors such as healthcare, finance, automotive, and entertainment, while also addressing the ethical and societal implications that accompany widespread AI adoption.

Diving deeper, the presentation shifts focus towards the frontier of AI technology—edge AI. Here, we uncover the significance of bringing AI processing closer to the data source, highlighting the benefits of reduced latency and enhanced privacy, alongside the challenges faced in implementation. Through real-world examples, attendees will gain insights into how edge AI is being integrated into smart devices, autonomous vehicles, and industrial predictive maintenance.

Concluding with a look at future directions, we speculate on emerging trends and potential breakthroughs in AI, including the role of quantum computing and the importance of AI governance. Designed to be both informative and thought-provoking, this keynote aims to provide a holistic view of AI's current state and its boundless future possibilities, encouraging a dialogue on how we, as a society, can navigate the ethical, technological, and practical challenges ahead. This presentation is a call to action for professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts to reflect on the implications of AI advancements and to participate in shaping a future where technology amplifies human potential and addresses global challenges.

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Christoph Görn has 25+ years of experience in Open Source business and development. He co-founded a Linux service company in 1998, worked as an IT-Architect at IBM and a consultant for a 25 head company. After he researches the topic of AI Stacks with the Office of the CTO at Red Hat, he is now a Product Manager for Red Hat OpenShift AI. But first and foremost, he is a hacker for the #B4mad Network!

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Johan Robinson has +25 years of experience from the IT Industry working as a consultant on UNIX/Linux, storage expertise, backup & recovery expertise, disaster recovery, risk assessments, organization & team building. He moved into pre-sales, datacenter architect, and product owner. Together with some friends he had his own business specializing in building and selling virtualized datacenter solutions with a focus on high performance storage and products and strategies for companies to protect themselves from disasters or logical failures. For the last 8 years he's working for Red Hat, first by running teams of distributed storage specialists and private cloud specialists and now being the AI & Cloud Services Leader in EMEA, focusing on making customers enjoy Red Hat's OpenShift AI and Managed OpenShift platforms.