Let the users speak! (Packit & Testing Farm & tmt Success Stories)
06-13, 15:30–16:05 (Europe/Prague), D0207 (capacity 90)

Ever wondered if our tools are worth the hype? Well, instead of us blowing our own trumpet, let's hear it straight from the horse's mouth – our satisfied users! Join us for a session where a handful of our users take the stage to showcase their setups, leaving you inspired and itching to join the world of Packit, Testing Farm and tmt.

Prepare to be impressed as they unveil the secrets behind seamlessly integrating your own tests into projects you rely on, automating your RPM pipeline, and using one test definition across various systems. Whether you're a seasoned quality engineer or just dipping your toes into the testing pool, you'll walk away with fresh ideas and a newfound enthusiasm for the endless possibilities our tools offer. So, come and get ready for a delightful journey through the world of testing made easy!

Here are the tools involved:

Packit is an open-source project aiming to ease the integration of your project with Fedora Linux, CentOS Stream and other distributions.

Testing Farm is a reliable and scalable Testing System as a Service. It is commonly used as a test execution back-end of other services or CI systems.

The tmt tool provides a user-friendly way to work with tests. You can comfortably create new tests, safely and easily run tests across different environments, review test results, debug test code and enable tests in the CI using a consistent and concise config.

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Principal Software Engineer and Packit Product Owner at Red Hat.

Occasional teacher at Masaryk University, Brno CZ. Member and instructor of scout leaders. Python and non-formal education enthusiast.

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Principal Software Quality Engineer at Red Hat working on improving testing tools and processes. Lately focused on tmt, the Test Management Tool, which aims to provide a comfortable and efficient way to develop tests and enable them easily and consistently all the way from the upstream project, through Fedora and CentOS Stream to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Petr likes listening, connecting people & interesting ideas, designing elegant solutions and automating tedious tasks. He loves silence, singing, playing the organ and leading the choir.

Testing Farm architect. Open-source junkie. Senior Principal QE @ Red Hat.