Applying Production Engineering mindset to RPM Packaging for fun and profit
06-15, 13:15–13:50 (Europe/Prague), E112 (capacity 156)

Production Engineers (Meta's equivalent, more or less, to Google's Site Reliability Engineers) tend to be a minority in engineering organizations, and when, like the presenter, they focus on distribution packaging, they tend to have to maintain a lot of packages that are directly or indirectly requested by others, whether fellow engineers or community members.

How does this scale? This talk will try and demonstrate how the PE mindset can be applied to RPM packaging, and some useful tools and frameworks that can be leveraged to make packaging more reliable and scalable

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Michel Lind (né Salim) has been a contributor to Fedora and related projects since almost its inception (circa 2004), and is currently active in the EPEL, Golang, Python, and Rust SIG, as well as incubating a Lua Packaging SIG.

In his day job he is a Production Engineer in Meta's Linux Userspace team, working on integrating Meta-developed open source projects in Linux distributions in general, and Fedora and CentOS Stream in particular.