Deep Dive into PQ Transition
06-14, 10:15–11:35 (Europe/Prague), D0207 (capacity 90)

As we stand at the cusp of the quantum computing era, the fragility of traditional cryptographic systems has become increasingly evident. To this end, Post Quantum (PQ) transition is already a reality. The National institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has finalized a few post quantum algorithms that can be widely implemented in software. While companies like IBM, Google, and others are invested in building successful quantum computers, other software vendors like Cloudfare, Chrome, and Mozilla have added support PQ algorithms. Specifically for software adaptation, open-source is at the core. In this talk we will introduce the QUBIP ( project - which is a project funded by the EU that is engineering the PQ transition. In this 2-part talk we will cover the following:Part 1 of the talk:
1. What is PQ transition and why is it relevant to the open-source community? What are it's challenges?
2. What are the opens-source components and standards involved?
3. Current status in Red Hat and Fedora.
4. Future plans.Part 2 of the talk:
1. Introduce QUBIP and it's goals.
2. Talk about the various partners involved and their specific roles.
3. Current status.
4. Future plans.
5. Demo of the working PQ algorithms in Fedora.

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Red Hat Principal Software Engineer

I work at Red Hat as a Senior software Engineer in the crypto team. I love all things crypto and security.
I'm involved in maintaining libssh and OpenSSL in Red Hat and Fedora. I'm a part of the QUBIP ( project too.