Upstream maintainers meetup
06-13, 10:15–11:35 (Europe/Prague), A112 | Meetups (capacity 64)

We invite you to join a meetup for upstream maintainers to share with each other the best practices and lessons learned in nurturing open source projects. We plan to discuss:
- Collaboration with your colleagues and other contributors (corporate or private) from all over the world
- Increasing awareness about your OSS projects by presenting, teaching and doing workshops, etc.
- Mentoring new contributors, growing your skillset, helping others become a maintainer
- Best practices for managing, leading projects and building communities
- Community health and what metrics are important for community growth
- Best practices with communication channels, tools and platforms that you use in your community

If you are a project maintainer, be ready to share your project's best practices, but also failures so we can learn from them. And if you are not a maintainer, don’t worry! You are welcome to join as well. Come and learn what it takes to be an open source maintainer and see how you, as a contributor or user, can help them or become one.

See also: Matrix Chat

Workdays: fiddling with LLMs, writing in python, and teaching git
Weekends: gardening, hiking, harvesting

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I am a community architect at Red Hat, where I work with open source projects related to Red Hat cloud native technologies and help them grow their communities. I enjoy a good cup of coffee and exploring cities on a bicycle :)

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