Fedora RISC-V
06-14, 14:45–15:20 (Europe/Prague), E112 (capacity 156)

RISC-V is a new instruction set architecture which, unlike Intel's x86-64 or ARM, is open source.  It is rapidly being adopted by vendors from embedded to edge to AI.  You might even have a RISC-V core or two in your PC right now.

The speakers started porting Fedora to RISC-V in 2016, and this year we expect to complete Fedora 40, 41 and CentOS Stream 10.  Join this talk for a tour of the history of Fedora on RISC-V, where we are currently, and future developments in virtualization and platform standards.

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Richard Jones works at Red Hat on virtualization, V2V, Fedora and RISC-V.

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