How to Build Collaboration and Influence Open Source Projects
06-13, 11:00–11:35 (Europe/Prague), D0207 (capacity 90)

Perhaps you’ve joined a project, maybe several. You’ve made a few commits and started to recognize the voices of project maintainers in the office hours. You might be contributing as part of a work assignment or as a passion project. Now you might have questions such as

  • How do I take my skills to the next level?
  • How do I propose and implement large changes to the project?
  • How do I become one of the maintainers?

In this talk, Michael will discuss the questions, providing examples gleaned from more than a decade of open source contribution. Michael will focus on skills you can develop to improve your effectiveness and presence in open source communities. Expect to walk away from this talk with new tools for driving change and a boost to your F/OSS enthusiasm.

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Michael McCune is a software developer creating open source infrastructure and applications for cloud platforms. He has a passion for problem solving and team building, and a lifelong love of music, food, and culture.

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