Go language basis course
06-13, 10:15–11:35 (Europe/Prague), A218 | Workshops (capacity 20)

Come to learn Go programming language. Powerful compiled, strongly typed language conceived at Google with influence of Plan 9 that favors concurrency and ease of use. Currently core to most of the current container and cloud-native ecosystem components like Kubernetes, Openshift, Podman, Docker, Prometheus,... No prior experience is needed, although we will not cover general basic concepts of programming. Please bring your computer with any of Linux, Windows or Mac OS with you.

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Pavel is famous for his in-depth articles he writes on various technical topics for the Czech Linux magazine root.cz. He taught computer graphics at Brno Technical University and worked as a C, C++, and Java developer in various companies before he joined Red Hat where he was a quality assurance engineer in the OpenJDK team. In last several yeast he works as SW developer and tech lead using Python and Go programming languages to develop microservices for OpenShift Insights. He also teaches professional Java, Go, Python and Apache Kafka courses.

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