Self-hosting/homelab meetup
06-15, 10:15–11:35 (Europe/Prague), A112 | Meetups (capacity 64)

We have various motivations: Some seek control over their digital privacy, some enjoy data hoarding, others want to host applications for their communities and some just like exploring the latest and greatest DevOps techniques. What unites us is our appreciation for silent humming of home-server fans in a closet, on a shelf, or in a random corner of our flat, buried under meters of cables and dust.

Let's meet in one room and share our self-hosted/homelab stories, experience and tips and tricks. It doesn't matter if you have one lonely Raspberry Pi, or a dedicated room with multiple racks, just come and join in the fun!

This year, the meetup will be organized as a series of several lightning talks. Feel free to join us at any time! :)

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Software Engineer working on Image Builder in Red Hat. Open source enthusiast that likes cooking.