A university course aimed at Linux kernel development
06-13, 17:00–17:35 (Europe/Prague), D0207 (capacity 90)

The Linux kernel is one of the largest and most complex open source projects in the world. It's constantly changing and evolving. Getting into Linux kernel development is not an easy task. The code base is complex, the documentation is lacking and behind the code development and the knowledge to contribute is mostly contained within the active developer community itself (who are the ones behind in documentation).

Starting in fall 2024 Red Hat will bring to Masaryk's University a for credit course aimed at students who want to break through the initial knowledge barrier and cross the gap between academia and the Linux industry. In this class we will cover Introduction to kernel development process, understanding of kernel subsystems and writing your own device drivers.

We will welcome you to be part of a course that is running for its 4th iteration in the US and tap into the tribal knowledge of the kernel community.

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