Tuning PostgreSQL to work even better
05-30, 16:10–16:40 (Europe/London), Music Hall

PostgreSQL "just works" as a database for your Django applications, but with knowledge of a handful of configuration parameters, you can make it work even better!

Video: https://youtu.be/7CnqVoMxoeo

PostgreSQL is a popular database for Django applications. One of the things developers like about PostgreSQL is that it "just works". This is great news; it lets you focus on what you do best - developing applications.
On the other hand, the default PostgreSQL parameter values might not be right for your production database. Fortunately, you don't need to learn about all 365 PostgreSQL parameters to get the most out of your database. A working knowledge of just a handful of parameters could make a big difference.
We'll take a look at the most important PostgreSQL parameters, and give some rules of thumb for tuning them according to your use-case. You will come away knowing what these parameters do, why they're important, and how to set them so your PostgreSQL database performs at its best.
And then you can leave PostgreSQL to "just work", and you can focus all your efforts on developing your application.

Karen was a database administrator for over 20 years and was once described as “quite personable for a DBA”, which she decided to take as a compliment. Karen is now a Solutions Architect, helping customers to design and implement their (PostgreSQL) database systems. Outside of the world of databases, Karen loves cycling, mountain biking, skiing and spending time with her family in the mountains where she lives, and she’s doing a part-time PhD in Computer Science, related to Open Data.