Ahter Sönmez
  • The Inevitable Tech Incident: The Lessons We Just Can't Seem to Learn
Aisha Bello

Aisha is a Sr. Solutions Architect at AWS with a passion for diversity and inclusion in tech. She serves on the board of Trustees for the Django Girls foundation and co-founded the Python Nigeria community. Aisha is a PSF fellow, DSF member, co-host of DjangoGirls Podcast and winner of 2016 Malcolm Tredinnick memorial award. Aisha has helped organised a number of conferences including PyCon Nigeria and PyCon Africa.

  • Keynote: DjangoGirls: It takes a Village
Alex Henman

Head of Product Engineering at Beauhurst, a data platform of the high-growth companies, accelerators and funds in the UK.

  • Beyond faceted search
Andrew Aikman
  • Green Coding with django
Ashley Mathew

Ashley has spent 10 years as a software engineer, alternating between the Django and Rails environments. Most recently, she's been working on making infrastructure accessible to everyone at Aptible.

  • A Beginners Guide to Security Exploits in Action
Çağıl Uluşahin Sönmez

Çağıl Sönmez is a software engineer based in London. She has been working with Python and Django since 2008.

Currently she is working as a Lead Backend Engineer at Kraken Tech (part of Octopus Energy).

She is vice president in Django Software Foundation, co-organiser of London Django Meetup, Pycon Turkey, DjangoGirls Turkey, and a proud member of PSF.

  • Diving into the DSF Rhythm: A session on Django Governance
Carlton Gibson

Django Fellow (Retired). Programmer, podcaster, impresario. I work mainly on and with the Django web framework. When I’m not doing that it’s parenting, cooking, and philosophy. He/him

  • Yak-shaving to Where the Puck is Going to Be.
Chaim Kirby

Chaim Kirby is the President of the Django Software Foundation, an engineering leader with over 20 years experience in the health tech space building complex web applications, and an administrator of a python focused slack with over 40,000 registered users. Chaim is currently Head of Engineering at Budgie-Health. He's been working with Django since v1.1 and been a community participant since 2014.

  • Diving into the DSF Rhythm: A session on Django Governance
Cheuk Ting Ho

Before working in Developer Relations, Cheuk has been a Data Scientist in various companies which demands high numerical and programmatical skills, especially in Python. To follow her passion for the tech community, Cheuk is now the Developer Advocate at Anaconda. Cheuk also contributes to multiple Open Source libraries like Hypothesis and Pandas.

Besides her work, Cheuk enjoys talking about Python on personal streaming platforms and podcasts. Cheuk has also been a speaker at Universities and various conferences. Besides speaking at conferences, Cheuk also organises events for developers. Conferences that Cheuk has organized include EuroPython (which she is a board member), PyData Global and Pyjamas Conf. Believing in Tech Diversity and Inclusion, Cheuk constantly organizes workshops and mentored sprints for minority groups. In 2021, Cheuk has become a Python Software Foundation fellow.

  • HTMX vs WASM - more backend or more frontend?
  • Let's build a BeeWare app that uses Django
Daniele Procida

I am a Director of Engineering at Canonical, where I lead documentation practice. I enjoy helping organise community conferences for Python and Django, and helping people and open-source projects improve their documentation.

I am the author of the Diátaxis documentation framework, and unless I commit a noteworthy crime I expect that is what I will be best known for.

  • The programmer's imagination
  • Practical tools for documentation at scale
David Smith

David's an accountant by profession and has been contributing to Django since 2019.

Since that first commit to improve crispy-forms' Bootstrap4 templates, David has become maintainer of the popular django-crispy-forms package. In addition with 100+ commits to django/django he is also now a member of Django's Triage and Review team.

Major feature contributions to Django itself over the Django 4.x cycle include the switch to template based form rendering and improvements in form rendering accessibility which led to introduction of a new form template which will become the default from Django 5.0.

  • Good form: How Django’s form rendering improved during the 4.x series
Dawn Wages

Dawn (she/her) is the Treasurer for the PSF, repeat DjangoCon organizer across the world, Python Community Advocate at Microsoft and Django software engineer. She lives in Philadelphia, USA with her partner and three dogs watching Star Trek and noodling about inclusive tech.

  • Keynote: A New Adventure Is Born: How Open Source Dinos Unite
Emilio Carrión

Backend Engineer @ Mercadona Tech. Strong interest in data structures, algorithms, computer graphics and anything that is yet to be known.

  • TDD applied to Django API development
Ernesto Rico Schmidt

Polyglot Software Developer. Python and Go. Linux and Docker.

  • The evolution of a Website into a radio automation back-end.
Ester Beltrami

👋🏻 I'm Ester, a London-based web developer passionate about clean code, workplace culture, promoting inclusivity, and GraphQL. I work at Torchbox, where we develop and maintain the open-source content management system Wagtail. My focus is on building accessible and user-friendly websites and contributing to Wagtail.

I'm involved in organising PyCon Italia, where I contribute to the website and help plan the conference. I'm also a core developer of Strawberry GraphQL, which has given me the opportunity to explore my interest in GraphQL even further.

In my free time, I attend conferences and meet-ups to learn about new trends and connect with people who share similar interests. I enjoy exchanging ideas on various topics, such as clean code, new technologies, and creating a more inclusive workspace.

You can find me on:
- Twitter: @esterbeltrami
- Mastodon: @ester
- LinkedIn: beltramiester
- GitHub: estyxx

Check out my website ester.lol - I'll be adding my talks there soon (hopefully, when I find some time) 😄

  • Gender Bias in Tech: Examining Evolution & Persistence of Stereotypes
Felipe Hoffa

Felipe Hoffa is Snowflake’s Data Cloud Advocate since 2020. Previously he was at Google, as a Developer Advocate on Data Analytics for BigQuery, after joining as a Software Engineer. He moved from Chile to San Francisco in 2011. His goal is to inspire developers and data scientists around the world to analyze and understand their data in ways they never could before. You can find him on social media (@felipehoffa, LinkedIn), elsewhere around the web (YouTube, Reddit, StackOverflow, …), and conferences around the world.

  • Django for Analytical Workloads: Getting started with Snowflake
Iuri de Silvio

Computer Engineer working and scaling Python and Django more than I should, for 12 years already.

  • Caching everywhere
Karen Jex

Karen was a database administrator for over 20 years and was once described as “quite personable for a DBA”, which she decided to take as a compliment. Karen is now a Solutions Architect, helping customers to design and implement their (PostgreSQL) database systems. Outside of the world of databases, Karen loves cycling, mountain biking, skiing and spending time with her family in the mountains where she lives, and she’s doing a part-time PhD in Computer Science, related to Open Data.

  • Tuning PostgreSQL to work even better
Kátia Nakamura

Kátia is from Brazil 🇧🇷 Based in Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

She is a Django Software Foundation (DSF) board member since 2020 and she has been involved with Django and Python/Django community since 2015 when she attended the Django Girls event in Brazil that happened during the Python Brazil 2015.

She is part of the PyCon Balkan 2018 and 2019 organization team and a few Django Girls events as a coach in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Budapest (Hungary) and an organizer in Brno (Czech Republic), in Belgrade (Serbia) and in Porto (Portugal). ✨

Currently works as a Django Specialist and Sr. Framework Engineer at Fly.io 👩🏽‍💻

  • Diving into the DSF Rhythm: A session on Django Governance
Lauren Parsons

Hey, I’m Lauren! I’m a junior developer with a passion for Django and accessibility. I’m very new to the game so I know how overwhelming it can be to try to incorporate all of the best practices into your daily work. I want to talk it through from the ground up and show how even simple changes we make to our code, can have a big impact on our users. And how, with a bit of careful planning, we can make the web a better place for everyone.

  • Django Accessibility for Everyone
Laurent Tramoy
  • Mastering the Django ORM with PostgreSQL
Luben Alexandrov

Luben is an independent software architect at Perelik Soft, where he helps software development teams optimise their software development methodology. He has been developing commercial software for over a decade and has been contributing to numerous software projects, serving millions of transactions, some of them in the critical infrastructure. A programmer at heart with a background in Computer Science he is especially interested in how a better software engineering process could help teams deliver faster and better software without compromising their happiness levels.

  • Efficient Peer Code Review
Luis Laguna
  • TDD applied to Django API development
Marine Gandy

After completing a degree in English Language, Literature and Civilization, Marine decided to change careers and pursue web development. She discovered Drupal right when she began working as a PHP developer in 2015, and has since gotten more and more involved in the community.

She is currently the president of the French Drupal Association and a DevRel Engineer at Platform.sh.

  • Regex: Demystifying the Hieroglyphics
Mario de la Ossa

Mario has spent the last decade solving high-availability issues in places like Plex and GitLab, and most recently has been working on making infrastructure accessible to everyone at Aptible.

  • A Beginners Guide to Security Exploits in Action
Mykalin Jones

Hi! My name is MJ, I am the founder of AstroTutors / an instructor with over a decade of experience. I am passionate about teaching python, maths, physics, problem-solving strategies, and English. My personal interests lie in pedagogy, particularly that of programming, maths, and language. I, myself, am a student of French (C1), and Irish (A2). I am curious about how language impacts how we learn new skills and think about complex problems.
I completed my B.S. in Physics and continued with a Master's in Nuclear Science and Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. In 2019, I moved to France, where I completed another master's in Particle Astrophysics. It was during my education that I discovered my love of python and programming. The majority of my work was in computational physics.
Since graduating, I have become a full-time educator. I have taught over 100 students python in private and group settings. I've created my own curriculum for teaching python to children which I am constantly updating in attempts to figure out how to teach python in an optimal way that is engaging and impactful. Right now, I'm working on translating it into French!

  • Teaching Children Python-What Works?
Nicolas Noé

I'm a freelance software developer from Belgium with 15+ years of experience, specializing in projects and topics that have a positive impact (biodiversity, healthcare, NGOs, ...). Also, a proud daddy that's trying to learn and get excited about new things every day.

  • Django for life (sciences)
Nik Haldimann

Nik has been building websites since the 90s, some of them with Django since the early 2010s. He's
currently the CTO of Lindus Health, a London-based startup using lots of Django.

  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) through the ages and in Django
Paolo Melchiorre

[ˈpaːolo melˈkjɔrre]

  • https://www.paulox.net
  • https://fosstodon.org/@paulox
  • https://github.com/pauloxnet
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/paolomelchiorre/

I’m Paolo Melchiorre, a longtime Python backend developer who contributes to the Django project and gives talks at tech conferences.

I’ve been a GNU/Linux user for over 20 years and I use and promote Free Software.

I graduated in Software Engineering and I’m an alumnus of the University of Bologna, Italy.

I’ve been working in the web for 15 years and now I’m the CTO of 20tab, a pythonic software company, for which I work remotely.

  • All about djangoproject.com
Psalms Kalu

Psalms Kalu is an experienced Python/Django developer with over a decade experience in backend engineering, and is passionate about improvement of technology awareness and accessibility of IT education in his local community Abia State. He is the founder of the Python Abia community and
currently a member of the Board of Directors at Python Nigeria

  • Team Building in the Django Community: Strategies for Collaboration
Raphael Michel

Raphael is an experienced software developer who has been using Django as his favourite tool for web development for the last ten years. Over the years, he has created a number of Django-based applications, such as pretix, a fully-featured open source application for selling event tickets, or Venueless, a web platform for virtual events. As his day job, he is the CEO of a small software company that continues to develop and distribute these applications. Raphael has been involved with the Django community for a while and co-hosted DjangoCon Europe 2018 in his hometown of Heidelberg, Germany.

  • Building and scaling a live event platform with django-channels
Rudi Giesler

I have been working with Reach Digital Health for the last 8 years, creating open source solutions using Django and Python, to help our most vulnerable citizens live healthy and empowered lives.

  • Squeezing Django performance for 14.9 million users on WhatsApp
Sage Abdullah

Back in 2019, I participated in Google Summer of Code with Django, during which I implemented the cross-database JSONField that became available in Django 3.1. Now, I work as a Developer at Torchbox, building new features and improvements to the Django-based Wagtail CMS and its ecosystem.

Outside of the Django world, I maintain my project giscus, a comment system powered by GitHub Discussions. You can find me @laymonage on GitHub, Twitter, and other sites.

  • Best of both worlds: Next.js ❤️ Wagtail
Thibaud Colas

I’m a Wagtail developer and core team member working at Torchbox in the UK.

  • Best of both worlds: Next.js ❤️ Wagtail
Tim Bell

Tim has been a system administrator and, for the past 8 years, a Python/Django developer. He works for Kraken Technologies Australia, part of the Octopus Energy group.

Picture: Mark Hawkins for PyCon UK (adapted); CC BY 2.0

  • Do the holes in Swiss cheese leak abstractions?
Tobias Kunze

Tobias is a Python/Django developer with a heavy focus on Open Source projects: his pretalx system powers the schedule for this year's conference. He was an the organiser of DjangoCon Europe 2018 in Heidelberg.

  • Keynote: A speedrunning guide to software development
Tom Dyson

I'm the co-founder and CTO at Torchbox, the UK-based digital agency working (mainly in Django) for organisations who make the world a better place. I lead a global community of developers behind Wagtail, the open source product which was created by Torchbox and is now the world's most popular Python CMS, used by Google, NASA, Mozilla and the NHS, as well as universities, governments, artists, newspapers, charities, banks and startups around the world.

  • Use SQLite in production
Wilhelm Klopp

Wil is the founder of Simple Poll, one of the most popular apps for Slack, which he develops with his small remote team. Wil loves Django, so naturally Simple Poll was created as a Django app 6 years ago.

Over the past two years, he has been exploring how to improve his own Django development workflow with a side project called Kolo. Kolo is a Django middleware and VSCode extension that shows you everything your Django app is doing as it’s running, making it much faster to ramp up on unfamiliar code and understand whats happening.

  • Turning test writing into a consistently brief and pleasant experience