Green Coding with django
05-31, 10:25–10:55 (Europe/London), Music Hall

An environmentally friendly approach to development in django (Green Coding with django), rarely does anyone consider the impact of application performance on our planet.


Green Coding is a technique of writing code in an environmentally friendly way. The audience will learn how this can be put into practice with Python and django.

This talk is aimed at django developers of all levels, teaching the audience the principles of Green Coding, how they can be incorporated into django, help ensure that applications are built to run efficiently to be environmentally friendly, and to leave with a changed mindset of being more efficient.

Applications can degrade over time, the common / cheapest answer to most performance based issues tends to be to apply more resources which is against the principles of Green Coding.

- What is Green Coding
- Why should we care?
- What can we do
- General developer habits (drinking lots of coffee….)
- Common Pitfalls in django with solutions
- Good practices to follow for green code in django
- Test suite performance (covers issues / solutions with FactoryBoy)
- Techniques for measuring application performance
- Questions

You will leave with a changed mindset & awareness of everyday activities in application development, writing Green Code with django, and good design principles that can be easily applied to current & future projects.