Nathan Shammah

I work for the development of open-source software for quantum physics research and its role in quantum technology transfer. I am also interested in the study of quantum information processing and light-matter interaction in solid-state cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED). My research focus is on open quantum systems dynamics, and the interplay between cooperative effects and dissipative mechanisms in many-body quantum systems. In particular, I investigate how fingerprints of the ultrastrong coupling regime between light and matter can be addressed. I am also interested in the characterization of the light-matter physics in physical devices, such as superconducting circuits and semiconductor quantum wells, for technology applications such quantum information processing and Terahertz light emission.

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QuTiP: the quantum toolbox in Python as an ecosystem for quantum physics exploration and quantum information science
Nathan Shammah, Alexander Pitchford

In this talk you will learn how QuTiP, the quantum toolbox in Python (, has emerged from a library to an ecosystem. QuTiP is used for education, to teach quantum physics. In research and industry, for quantum computing simulation.

Track 2 (Baroja)