Alexander Pitchford

Currently working as postgraduate researcher in quantum control theory and optimisation algorithms. I am employed by the Mathematics Dept of Aberystwyth University. I am also associated with the Controlled Quantum Dynamics Group at Imperial College.
I am part of the Administration Team for QuTiP - the Quantum Toolkit in Python. I introduced the quantum control sub-library into QuTiP. Through this I also have close ties with the Theoretical Quantum Physics Lab at RIKEN

I spent the last 9 years doing undergraduate, then PhD Physics at Aberystwyth University. Prior to that I worked as a software developer / consultant in manufacturing simulation and finance process automation.

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Dept. of Mathematics, Aberystwyth University


QuTiP: the quantum toolbox in Python as an ecosystem for quantum physics exploration and quantum information science
Nathan Shammah, Alexander Pitchford

In this talk you will learn how QuTiP, the quantum toolbox in Python (, has emerged from a library to an ecosystem. QuTiP is used for education, to teach quantum physics. In research and industry, for quantum computing simulation.

Track 2 (Baroja)