JCConf 2022

Ivan Ma

Ivan Ma is the MySQL User Group Lead in Hong Kong. He has over 20+ years of experience in enterprise system infrastructure and software technologies. He has certification on MySQL (DBA, Developer, Cluster), Sybase, Java and Solaris.

He Joined MySQL, is currently as MySQL Master Principal Sales Consultant, Asia Pacific with Oracle, responsible for pre-sales consulting, technical education, and product promotions.

Prior to joining MySQL team, he joined Oracle in System Team from Sun Mircosystems acquisition. Prior to Sun Microsystems, he was Principal Solution Architect with Sybase APAC covering APAC regions.


Deploying MySQL and Java application for Kubernetes
Ivan Ma

如今,使用容器運行可能更易於管理。 MySQL Operator 為 Kubernetes 提供了方便的 Innodb Cluster 部署。 編寫 Java 應用程序以連接到該服務允許在主節點上進行讀/寫以及將 READ 負載拆分到 InnoDB 集群上的只讀服務,從而提供更具可擴展性的架構。 本次會議將介紹 MySQL Operator for Kubernetes 的新功能,以及我們如何編寫 Java 應用程序以使用讀/寫或只讀節點連接到“服務”。

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