JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

Julia in HPC
07-28, 16:30–18:00 (UTC), BoF

The Julia HPC community has been growing over the last years with monthly meetings to coordinate development and to solve problems arising in the use of Julia for high-performance computing.

The Julia in HPC Birds of a Feather is an ideal opportunity to join the community and to discuss your experiences with using Julia in an HPC context.

Note: We will host the BoF via Zoom and share the meeting link 15 min before start time in the #hpc channels of JuliaCon Discord and Julia Slack.

Michael is a group leader and research software engineer at the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart of the University of Stuttgart, Germany. His research focus is on numerical methods for adaptive multi-physics simulations, high-performance computing with Julia, and scientific machine learning.

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