JuliaCon 2022 (Times are UTC)

The JuliaCon Proceedings
07-29, 17:10–17:20 (UTC), Green

In this talk, we will present the JuliaCon proceedings, the purpose, scope, and target audience of this venue. The proceedings are a community-driven initiative to publish articles of interest to the research and developer communities gathered by JuliaCon, they do not require application processing fees nor a paywall on article, making both producing and accessing the articles possible for all. We will then give a quick tour of the reviewing and publication process which happen transparently in

I am a PhD candidate at the Julia Lab at MIT.

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Mathieu Besançon is a researcher at the Zuse Institute Berlin, in the AI in Society, Science, and Technology department, associated with the MODAL-SynLab project and a member of the MATH+ Berlin Mathematics Research Center.

His research interests span solution methods and software in MI(N)LP and convex optimization and in particular the SCIP framework and Frank-Wolfe related approaches.

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Theoretical Physicist - Scientific HPC Advisor - National High Performance Computing (NHR) - Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC²)

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