David M Fobes

David Fobes (Ph.D.) is a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the Information Systems and Modeling group. Prior to joining LANL in 2015, he obtained a PhD in physics from Tulane University. At LANL, he specializes in development and implementation of algorithms for critical infrastructure systems, focusing on optimization of unbalanced multi-phase electric distribution systems, and post-event system evaluation and restoration, and has served on multiple projects for DOE and DHS in these areas. He is the lead developer of PowerModelsDistribution, a critical library for distribution system optimization relied upon by several ongoing projects, and has led and participated in a variety of other software development efforts in the infrastructure modeling space, including serving as Scrum Master and developer for a team focused on modeling the inter-dependencies between electric and natural gas infrastructure systems using co-simulation. He is an author of over 43 peer reviewed journal and conference publications, is a certified Scrum Master, and has received multiple awards for his infrastructure optimization works.

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Unbalanced Power Flow Optimization with PowerModelsDistribution
David M Fobes

With the recent advancements in power distribution, e.g., higher penetration of distributed energy resources (DERs), there is a significant demand for optimization tools to solve a variety of complex operational and planning problems, such as optimal dispatch, load shedding, and on-load tap changing. We have developed an optimization-focused approach to phase unbalanced power distribution modeling called PowerModelsDistribution, the design and usage of which we will introduce in this talk.