Miha Zgubic

Miha is a theoretical physicist by training and holds an MSci degree from Imperial College London. After completing his Masters, he moved to the countryside to pursue a PhD at the University of Oxford where he analysed the data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN searching for a rare decay of the Higgs boson. He now works as a Research Software Engineer at Invenia Labs, where he builds tools that accelerate research in electricity grid efficiency.

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Everything you need to know about ChainRules 1.0
Miha Zgubic

ChainRules is an automatic differentiation (AD)-independent ecosystem for forward-, reverse-, and mixed-mode primitives. It comprises ChainRules.jl, a collection of primitives for Julia Base, ChainRulesCore.jl, the utilities for defining custom primitives, and ChainRulesTestUtils.jl, the utilities to test primitives using finite differences. This talk provides brief updates on the ecosystem since last year and focuses on when and how to write and test custom primitives.