Hendrik Ranocha

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Cluster of Excellence at the University of Münster, Germany. My research is focused on the analysis and development of numerical methods for partial and ordinary differential equations. In particular, I am interested in the stability of these schemes as well as mimetic and structure-preserving techniques, allowing the transfer of results from the continuous level to the discrete one.

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Adaptive and extendable numerical simulations with Trixi.jl
Michael Schlottke-Lakemper, Hendrik Ranocha

Trixi.jl is a numerical simulation framework for adaptive, high-order discretizations of conservation laws. It has a modular architecture that allows users to easily extend its functionality and was designed to be useful to experienced researchers and new users alike. In this talk, we will give an overview of Trixi’s current features, present a typical workflow for creating and running a simulation, and show how to add new capabilities for your own research projects.